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03 June 2013 | Semmes/Ribeiro home
16 July 2012
11 July 2012
06 June 2012 | Moxie Cove
06 June 2012 | Round Pond Harbor
06 June 2012 | Glenn & Cheryl Allens at Moxie Cove
12 June 2011
12 June 2011 | Allens
12 June 2011 | Yacht Tender
26 July 2009
26 July 2009
26 July 2009
26 July 2009
26 July 2009 | Round Pond
26 July 2009 | Round Pond
16 July 2009 | Round Pond Harbor

Spring Meeting/Dessert Social

03 June 2013 | Semmes/Ribeiro home
June 15 at 6PM
Don't miss it, the Spring Meeting and Dessert Social at Dick & Judy's
June 15th at 6PM
Come ready to discuss spring and summer plans, share ideas and thoughts about CBC and the upcoming boating season, and most of all come with your favorite dessert to share with the rest of the crew.

Springtime in Round Pond

03 June 2013
It is springtime here in the Round Pond area, frost one day and summer the next. Boats are getting uncovered and going in the water. This past weekend it was summer and many boats were cruising up and down the sound checking out their engines, shaking out the sails, while captain and crew tried to stay cool. Summer is gone now but the activity continues. Sea Breeze has been out sailing and looking fine as well as some fine sailing on the Cora Jane. Evergreen is in and dressed but hasn't had her shakedown sail yet, won't be long. Lobster boat are going in and some are out setting traps, the Robes fleet is in and, as always, looking just fine.
So, I say, let's get out on or near the water and enjoy this beauty that we all share.

Cocktails at Moxie Cove

23 July 2012
Come by boat or come by land for a gathering at Moxie Cove 5PM on the 25th. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage and munchie.

Hugh Williams Memeorial Cup Race

23 July 2012
Fling is in the lead on the way home.

Hugh Williams Memeorial Cup Race

23 July 2012
Morning Light takes an early lead out of the Harbor followed by Fling, Old Squaw, Sea Breeze, and Sonrisa.

2012 CBC schedule

16 July 2012
Cabadetis Boat Club 2012 Schedule

June 23, Sat Spring Meeting/Dessert Social at Glenn and Cheryl Allen’s 13 Shore View Drive off Moxie
Cove road, Round Pond .

June 16,Sat *CLC YMCA Boat Auction (9AM) and Nautical Yard Sale (8AM-1PM)

July 11, Wed Dinner/Overnight at Christmas Cove , boat or drive over. Contact: Cheryl Stromeier (563-6477) or Peggy Bergey (563-3361)
July 14, Sat Cookout Cup Race followed by Cookout at Don and Ann Stevenson’s in Round Pond 1111111111111(529-5504)
July 15, Sun Rain Out Race Day

July 21, Sat Hugh Williams Memorial Cup Race followed by Beer & Brats @ Ray Slabaugh’s in Round Pond (529-5616) Please RSVP by Thursday.

July 22, Sun Rain Out Race Day

July 25, Wed Cocktails at the Allen’s/Edmonds, boat or drive over. 5:00 PM (529-4003)

Aug 4, Sat *Friendship Chowder Cup Race

Aug 8, Wed Raft up in Greenland Cove for cocktails/overnight. Contact: Dick Semmes or Judy Ribeiro (529 4206)

Aug 18, Sat Cruise/Drive to Port Clyde for lunch then Maple Juice Cove for the night. Contact: Peggy Bergey (563-3361)
Aug 19, Sun Cruise home

Aug 26, Sun *Pemaquid Dixie Bull Race followed by shore cookout

Aug 29, Wed Raft up in Greenland Cove for cocktails/overnight. Contact: Dick Semmes or Judy Ribeiro (529 4206)

Sept 1, Sat Dearborn Cup Race
Sept 2, Sun George Bergey Memorial Poker Run Event. Contact: Ann Stevenson at (529-5504) or
Annual Lobster Bake at Muscongus Bay Lobster. Sign up with Shari Cunningham (529-5825)
by Friday, August 31.
Sept 3, Mon Rain Out Race Day

Sept 8, Sat Cruise to Harbor Island for cookout and overnight. Contact: Bob and Phyllis Loney (529-2310),
Sept 9, Sun 8:00 AM Safety at Sea Demonstration then Cruise Home from Harbor Island

Sept 19, Wed Raft up in Greenland Cove for cocktails/overnight. Contact: Dick Semmes or Judy Ribeiro (529 4206)

Sep 22, Sat Annual Meeting and potluck supper at Bill and Sandy Thomas's, 365 Shore Road, Bremen (529-2009)

Oct 6, Sat Closing at the Anchor Inn, cocktails and/or dinner.

2012, Jan. 5, Sat. Elaine Shuman Memorial Yankee Swap at Cheryl Strohmeier’s in Damariscotta (563-6477),

1. Before all races and cruises there will be a 10 AM captains meeting in the Anchor Inn parking lot.
2. Anyone desiring to learn more about racing or get involved as crew should go to at the captains meeting at 10 AM and they will be guaranteed to get on a racing boat.
3. The race committee is always looking for a committee boat for the races. Contact the race chairman Paul Cunningham (207-529-5825) if you would like to volunteer.
4. If anyone anytime would like to head out to Harbor Island, Greenland Cove or any other place for lunch or an overnight just start calling around, put out an email or post on Facebook to see if someone might want to join you.
5. * Non CBC events
Vessel Name: cbc
Hailing Port: Round Pond, ME
Crew: Members from Round Pond and Beyond
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Who: Members from Round Pond and Beyond
Port: Round Pond, ME