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Finally, those pesky kids are grown and can deal with life on their own... I'm headed for some warm water, some awesome diving, and an incredible journey ahead... with or without you guys. [Call on the VHF to:] Whiskey-Delta-Echo-8791

19 June 2018 | Coyote Point Marina
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24 September 2013 | Morro Bay, Ca.
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when in doubt... go diving.

09 October 2009 | Monterey
Capt Dennis
OK guys, (and gals), this is going to interest you I bet. When things look gloomy and most all of the crap is piling up without getting any smaller -what do you do?
Go diving.

The girls got certified officially at Monterey during their last 4 ocean checkout dives 2 weeks ago and this weekend, Penny & me are headed back again to dive with Curtis at some different places.

Now that they're C-carded, nothing should stop them or us from getting the perks of acard packing diver anywhere in the world. Of course this is just one more thing to check off the list of "THINGS TO DO BEFORE THE BOAT IS MOVED ABOARD". The list is long but one at a time they're getting crossed off.

Here's a pic taken the day of the last dive celebration. No one died or got hurt in this activity... LoL

Jaimie took to it like a natural 'fish'... and since Keith is already certified and seems to be a safe diver with half a brain (or more) I'm quite comfortable with my "little girl" diving with her 'honey'. Not that I won't worry or think about every dive they make without me, just that I'll be jealous that i'm not going along... LoL

I have the infamous "MY SPACE" page up and running as well although I won't be going there much, at least it's a working page in progress. If you're interested...

Vessel Name: s/v Blind Dreams (VHF) WDE8791
Vessel Make/Model: still looking to be a CAT owner!
Hailing Port: Oroville (?) to the Delta to the wide open ocean
Crew: Capt. Dennis, a new First Mate, and Doctor (almost) Jaimie
About: Just me, my new found friend & lover... and my daughter.
Extra: With dive gear, a dry towel, the grill cookin' with seafood ... what else could you possibly want? Oh, right... a curvesa and my violin & cello for entertainment.
Home Page:
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Capt. Dennis & Darling Daughter Jaimie

Who: Capt. Dennis, a new First Mate, and Doctor (almost) Jaimie
Port: Oroville (?) to the Delta to the wide open ocean