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Finally, those pesky kids are grown and can deal with life on their own... I'm headed for some warm water, some awesome diving, and an incredible journey ahead... with or without you guys. [Call on the VHF to:] Whiskey-Delta-Echo-8791

19 June 2018 | Coyote Point Marina
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working on OTHER peoples' boats!

01 October 2013 | S.F. Ca
Capt Dennis
Well, sometimes opportunity knocks in mysterious ways and this is just another mystery it would seem. A friend of mine has a boat, a Pearson 424 (old, really old... lol) and just doesn't have time to do the work quick enough to actually make much progress so I said, "Hey, I can do that for ya..." and so the story begins.
I work a few days and take a few off for my stuff but this is a major refit job. I'm jumping in right in the middle. The past couple of days were met with engine installation (A NEW Yanmar!), electrical replacment, raw water strainer relocation, new hoses, lots of new paint inside the engine compartment and a fresh propane storage locker.
There's a LOT more to do so I'm thinking this might be 'job security' in my book! lol
I was able to meet Wayne and his wife and Bill (friend of the group) onboard Capricorn Cat, who are leaving in a day or two for Mexico and the Baja-Ha-Ha race event! (Lucky bastards...) anyway. That cat of theirs is a sight to behold... certainly deceiving from the outside but a mansion from the inside! Awesome work and a handful to maintain as well I'm sure and it sure looks like Wayne keeps it in mint condition. I could only hope to achieve his level of detail attention. This is what you dream of one day obtaining... freedom.
Anyway, here's a shot of Cap Cat for ya.
Vessel Name: s/v Blind Dreams (VHF) WDE8791
Vessel Make/Model: still looking to be a CAT owner!
Hailing Port: Oroville (?) to the Delta to the wide open ocean
Crew: Capt. Dennis, a new First Mate, and Doctor (almost) Jaimie
About: Just me, my new found friend & lover... and my daughter.
Extra: With dive gear, a dry towel, the grill cookin' with seafood ... what else could you possibly want? Oh, right... a curvesa and my violin & cello for entertainment.
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Capt. Dennis & Darling Daughter Jaimie

Who: Capt. Dennis, a new First Mate, and Doctor (almost) Jaimie
Port: Oroville (?) to the Delta to the wide open ocean