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Finally, those pesky kids are grown and can deal with life on their own... I'm headed for some warm water, some awesome diving, and an incredible journey ahead... with or without you guys. [Call on the VHF to:] Whiskey-Delta-Echo-8791

19 June 2018 | Coyote Point Marina
01 October 2013 | S.F. Ca
24 September 2013 | Morro Bay, Ca.
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Yard Sale Delight

27 May 2009 | house
Capt Dennis
OK, here's the quick story. Got several items listed on Craigs List and have some people interested in a few big ticket items around the shop like lathe & milling machine so they should be leaving soon.

FCC license (the official copy) arrived yesterday evening in the mail.

Trans has a problem and will need to be checked this weekend again, that means drop it out and check the front drum clutch seals, and then back together and back in on Saturday.

Houseboat is un-officially sold, at least the guy says he wants it and is collecting funds to make the buy. Whooo Hoooo.!! Thats another $30K+ for the cruising kitty. Nice...

June 1st is fast approaching, so I'm getting anxious to see some pics and find out if I'm flying out to Fort Lauderdale to check out the 65 Mac. Word has it sometime the first week of June it's scheduled to arrive from the Bahamas.

Next month early I'm headed down to Point Richmond to check out a few traded in Beneteau's at the yacht brokerage. Just in case.

More updates later

Vessel Name: s/v Blind Dreams (VHF) WDE8791
Vessel Make/Model: still looking to be a CAT owner!
Hailing Port: Oroville (?) to the Delta to the wide open ocean
Crew: Capt. Dennis, a new First Mate, and Doctor (almost) Jaimie
About: Just me, my new found friend & lover... and my daughter.
Extra: With dive gear, a dry towel, the grill cookin' with seafood ... what else could you possibly want? Oh, right... a curvesa and my violin & cello for entertainment.
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Capt. Dennis & Darling Daughter Jaimie

Who: Capt. Dennis, a new First Mate, and Doctor (almost) Jaimie
Port: Oroville (?) to the Delta to the wide open ocean