Sailing Centime

Heidi Love & Dennis Jud

22 October 2016 | Seattle, WA
21 October 2016 | Seattle, WA
18 August 2015 | Taha'a, Coral Gardens
17 August 2015 | Taha'a, Coral Gardens - part 2
17 July 2015 | Taha'a
16 July 2015 | Taha'a Part 2
15 July 2015 | Taha'a Part 3
06 July 2015 | Moorea
03 July 2015 | Moorea
02 July 2015
01 July 2015 | Moorea, FP
29 June 2015 | South Fakarava, French Polynesia
28 June 2015 | South Fakaava
26 June 2015 | South Fakarava, French Polynesia
23 June 2015 | Fakarava, French Polynesia
21 June 2015 | Fakarava Atoll - North
10 June 2015 | Makemo, Tuamotus
04 June 2015 | Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia
21 May 2015 | Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva


27 February 2015 | Still Heading towards the Equator
Dennis Jud / Heidi Love
1600 Local / 2100 GMT Dennis says: One more thing regarding my last post (Observations from my Midwatch: Part of what made that experience so magical is that the windvane that I struggled so much with installing, worked wonderfully. So, we were quietly sailing along all night with no consumption of electricity for the regular autopilot. Of course we were powering electronics for navigation and safety, but the autopilot is the big consumer. So, that is a wonderful thing! I still need to practice using it on reaches forward of the beam, but that will come with time. We are sailing beautiful now, unexpectedly, reasonably toward the Galapagos ... only slight off the rhumb line. The wind is supposed to back, so we will get lifted toward our goal ... hopefully!

Heidi says: I feel so very tiny out here in this vast ocean, roughly 500 miles from our start with nearly five hundred more to go. Yet when I look at the hundreds of stars, the golden orange half moon, the soaring and gliding shearwater birds that stayed with the boat all night, and the spectacular show of a pod of 15 to 20 dolphins jumping with their whole bodies and tails high out of the water I feel connected and not alone at all. I am very grateful to the people who have touched my life and for those sailing with me in spirit. Thank you.

For Eileen and Mark's family (our buddy boat): Wavelength is directly behind us, sailing well and sharing smiles and stories on the radio every day. Yesterday they dodged whales and fishing nets, and today they saw a marlin. Eileen says this is one of the smoothest, nicest passage sails - very comfortable.
Vessel Name: Centime
Vessel Make/Model: 43.6 LOA Shearwater 39
Hailing Port: Portland, Maine
Crew: Heidi Love and Dennis Jud
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