Sailing Centime

Heidi Love & Dennis Jud

07 May 2015 | Disregard last
04 May 2015 | Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia
17 April 2015 | "Smooth Sailing"
13 April 2015 | "An ant on a toothpick"
09 April 2015 | "The Farthest Away from Land on Earth"
06 April 2015 | "A journey of 1,000 miles..."
31 March 2015 | Underway at 210M at 6 knots
30 March 2015 | We're off!
30 March 2015 | We're off!
26 March 2015 | Isla Isabela
19 March 2015 | Magical
03 March 2015 | Galapagos
01 March 2015 | Crossing the Equator
28 February 2015 | Heading towards the Equator - 158 nautical miles; 280 to Galapagos
27 February 2015 | Still Heading towards the Equator
26 February 2015 | Heading towards the Equator
24 February 2015 | Heading towards the Equator
23 February 2015 | Isla Contadora, Las Perlas Islands
15 February 2015 | Marina Isla Viveros
13 February 2015 | Isla Del Espiritu Santos, Las Perlas Islands, Gulf of Panama

Centime for Sale

22 October 2016 | Seattle, WA
Centime - 43.4 LOA Shearwater 39
After our 5-year, 19,000 nautical mile odyssey from Maine to the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Hawaii and Alaska, we are putting our beloved Centime up for sale. She is an amazing cruiser for those like us who dream of adventure. We will miss her dearly.

Centime is a true bluewater beauty ready to sail the world. Made in South Africa and custom designed by world-renowned naval architect Dudley Dix, she is highly capable of navigating rigorous weather. Stunningly elegant and artfully crafted, Centime offers traditional lines above the water and a fast modern fin keel and sleek underbody. Her classic design starts with her clipper bow and follows through her graceful sheer, classic tumblehome, horseshoe cockpit and champagne-glass stern. Her cabin is well appointed with Corian countertops, numerous oval bronze ports and a bright interior. Handcrafted features abound, made from Burmese Teak, holly, birds-eye maple and mahogany.

Fully outfitted for safety, ease of handling and extended passage-making she offers a robust stability curve and can be easily managed from the cockpit. Maintained to exceptionally high standards and outfitted for world cruising she possesses a reliable Volvo engine, large water and fuel tanks, solar panels, wind generator, a high-capacity watermaker, autopilot, self-steering wind vane, AIS, SSB, satellite phone and has been recently refitted with over $70,000 of equipment and upgrades.

Shearwaters have won the Cruising World's Design Awards and Annapolis Boat Show's "Best Traditional Voyagers" and "Best Cruising Boats." Once you sail Centime you will understand why the former editor of Cruising World chose her sistership, Ithaka, as her own private yacht.

"After seven grueling months of boat shopping, when we stepped aboard this vessel, we had the good sense to buy her on the spot." Benadette Bernon, on s/v Ithaka, Centime's sister ship.

Centime is listed at $175,000 with Swiftsure Yachts in Seattle. For more information or call Pete McGonagle at 206 378 1110.

Centime for Sale #2

21 October 2016 | Seattle, WA
Centime - 43.6 LOA, Shearwater 39

Snorkling Coral Gardens

18 August 2015 | Taha'a, Coral Gardens
East of Bora Bora in French Polynesia lies the lush island of Taha’a. She is a high, green tropical island of volcanic origin, surrounded by a circular lagoon, fringing reef and numerous small islands called “motus.” We snorkel through a pass between two motos where the wild South Pacific enters the calm lagoon, bringing in cool water and nutrients to feed this abundant ecosystem.

Entering the pass at the far end, the current sends me drifting over an undersea garden. There are thousands of reef fish of every color. Schools of yellow, black and white striped butterfly fish swim up to me as I enter, like it’s a Disney movie. Iridescent blue juvenile damselfish that grow into bright yellow adults (how does that happen?) dart in and out of purple coral. Orange and white clownfish, Nemo’s cousins, swim through two and three-foot wide bright pink anemones. Artistic Picasso fish have cream-colored backgrounds painted with pastel pink, blue and green markings. Bright blue-green parrotfish with pink stripes and lime highlights look at me with their yellow eyes like they are in love, or at least posing for a photo.

With the clear water and natural abundance it is ten times better than swimming through the New England aquarium. Dennis and I linger and drift, and then repeat the process, until we shiver and head back to Centime for hot showers and soup.

The candid photo below illustrates how Dennis feels about this experience.

After the Coral Garden drift snorkel (see above)

17 August 2015 | Taha'a, Coral Gardens - part 2
...I captured this candid shot of Dennis after our snorkel - pure bliss.

Taha'a Part 1

17 July 2015 | Taha'a
Heidi/Full Moon
Tonight there is a Polynesian party on the more remote island of Tahaa. The music is in full swing with energetic drums, guitars, ukuleles and singing. Hips are swaying on the young and old, on Polynesians and international travelers. What started as a banquet with many kinds of fish in delicious sauces, and fresh local fruits and vegetables, has erupted into a frenzy of dancing: beautiful women with gyrating hips, their long dark hair entwined with bright flower crowns. The men, muscular from hard work, keep the beat on drums and pounding feet, some twirling sticks of fire. We eat, drink, dance and sing until 1:00am when the Polynesians carry home their young sleeping children.

Taha'a Part 2

16 July 2015 | Taha'a Part 2
Heidi/Full Moon
See above
Vessel Name: Centime
Vessel Make/Model: 43.6 LOA Shearwater 39
Hailing Port: Portland, Maine
Crew: Heidi Love and Dennis Jud
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