SV Challenge

01 February 2009 | Laconia, NH

Back in the US

01 February 2009 | Laconia, NH
CCCCCooollllld and snowy
Hello friends. Richard and I are back in the US for a while visiting and straightening out our own little financial fiasco. At the request of many(including my husband) I am giving this new web-site a go. Thanks to all of you who gave positive feedback to our previous site. This venue looks to be a bit more limiting but the technical troubles should be significantly reduced. So...
We've been in New Hampshire and thoroughly enjoying our stay with my parents. Visiting with friends, family, Marley, and Cheetah has been the highlight of our time here. Every time we're here we are reminded just how lucky we are to have the love and support of so many. Thank you!
The weather is a nice change and Richard and I are making the most of the winter wonderland. We've been skiing, both x-country and downhill, snow shoeing, and I think we're going snowmobiling this afternoon. As long as we're dressed for it, the cold is a non-issue and the snow is beautiful. Snow shoeing last night reminded me of night sailing with the peace and tranquility only Mother Nature can provide.
I know this is brief, but I've got to start somewhere...there will be more to follow.
Vessel Name: Challenge
Vessel Make/Model: Amel Super Maramu
Hailing Port: Dover, DE
Crew: Captain Richard, First Mate Joan
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Who: Captain Richard, First Mate Joan
Port: Dover, DE