Chapter 1.5 aboard Chapter Two

30 July 2015 | Los Angeles

30 July 2015 | Los Angeles
So if my parents are entering Chapter Two with their sail around the world, does that mean by joining them, I'm entering Chapter 1.5? Since I'm almost 30, I suppose this serves as an opportunity to have a mini quarter life crisis and change things up completely, for the short period of 4 months. The biggest benefit? I essentially get to hit pause on everything, including my job, and come back to a great company, and a great place to live with my Aunt Tami and Uncle Gary in Oklahoma. Basically this means I have an excuse for 4 months for not finding a wife and having kids.

I'm not sure what to expect over the next 4 months, but I know my family on the boat has never been happier. At the very least, I hope to learn the ropes of sailing (pun intended) and make a small difference in the lives of some Pacific Islanders. The mission of the sail, after all, is to raise awareness for global warming, with a side mission of helping children in remote areas check eyesight and provide glasses. So at least my quarter life crisis has some kind of world benefit. That's how I'm justifying it anyway.

updates may be few and far between, but I'll try and document as much as I can. Mainly just because as I approach 30, I'm starting to lose my memory. With this, I can at least remind myself what I've done. Wish us luck!
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