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20 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
19 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
18 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
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Rainy Day in Pittwater

20 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
After dinner last night, we watched the end of the movie, Clash of the Titans. I don't remember seeing it before. Headed to bed around 10 pm. It was raining and overcast so no sighting of the big full moon. Also, wanted to see the blue asteroid that was out in space. Could not see any of that from Sydney. We got up around 7. Actually woke up a few times. Mark got up around 4 am and I was able to stretch out on our bed, until he returned. He said he pulled the plug on the dinghy as it was getting filled with rain water. I didn't hear any big rains but he did. I actually remembered a couple of dreams. We both got up and had cereal with banana for breakfast. Caught up on wifi. Then Mark started working on the starboard engine with the leak. He needed one more part that was on order at the Yanmar dealer on shore. He headed to shore, thru the light rain, to pick up a gasket. I cleaned up the kitchen. Our paint job on the kitchen counter and dry locker looked so good! I didn't want to put anything on top of it. We will have to re-arrange things. Decided to give the new paint a little more time to cure. Mark spent the rest of the morning working on the starboard engine. He successfully replaced the gasket. Then he ran the engine checking for leaks. The engine looked good. Yeah! I went thru our cds and dvds. I put aside the ones that we will ship home. That helps with the de-cluttering on board. We made a couple of phone calls. Then cooked lunch. Afterwards, Mark decided he needed a nap. I did some work on my pc and continued reading my book. Once Mark got up, we took the dinghy to Winnererremy Park to drop off some trash. Then took a walk for exercise. The park has a walkway decorated with rock carvings, the crab was Mark's favorite. Of course, it tried to rain some. Mostly, we had a nice long walk around the entire park. It ended up being a totally overcast and rainy day. The wind was not as huge as yesterday. Salon temperature was in the mid 70's today and higher when I turned on the stove. I was ready for a hot drink when we got back to the boat. Mark suggested popcorn and a movie. The movie was The Man of the Year, which neither of us had ever seen. It was entertaining. Dinner was leftovers from our freezer. We are attempting to empty out the fridge and freezer. Looks like our rainy weather will last a few days. There is the cyclone, Oma, which already hit Australia and headed to New Caledonia, but is expected to head back to the Brisbane area this weekend. Maybe that is what is bringing the rain this way. Many thanks for the emails & messages received today. Not sure if we are going to watch another movie this evening. The sun set behind solid cloud cover. The wind is howling some. We can see lights from other boats as well as the houses on the shore.

More Boat Work & Walking

19 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
Spent our evening working on the paper work for the broker. It was 10 pm before we knew it, so we headed to bed. Slept in till after 8. Woke Mark up around 4 as I could hear tinkles of rain. He went up and brought in the rest of the cushions. Both of our bodies are hurting from our long walk and boat work yesterday. We set our devices to charge but the sun was not really shining. Too many clouds in the sky this morning. Mark started working on the shore power receptacle and chord project. However, he was missing a piece or two. That meant another long walk to the Miter 10 store. He removed the American 110 power cables which of of no use here in Australia. I started moving out all the things from our dry locker and counter, around the sink. And did some sanding ahead of adding a new coat of paint. By this time it was around 11 am. We got in the dinghy and headed to the Winnerremy Park beach. Threw out the power cables that we never used as we have enough solar power on our boat. We didn't have to drag the dinghy too far up the beach as the tide was going out. Mark secured the line to the park bench. The security line was too short to lock it. Yet, this is a very safe place and we have not had to worry about someone stealing it. Walked up thru the play area and out thru the park to the road. Then we walked the half mile out to the shop. One of the things on Mark's list was an electrical outlet tester. This shop did not carry any. Cliff one of the Miter 10 workers helping Mark, suggested that we walk over a street to an electric shop. He said there was a short cut to the store but we didn't find one yesterday. We ended up walking many blocks around to get there yesterday. To the point, he walked up around to the next street with us, and showed us the short-cut through the back of a bussiness. We found the shop and it was very close to Coles, grocery store, and Whitworths marine store. Mark found what he needed. Then we had a conversation with the shop manager talking about the Ducati motorcycle that was parked out front. It was similar to Mark's bike, which I do believe he misses a lot.
Walked back to Miter 10 and bought the rest of the things we were looking at. Then walked back to the park. Stopped at the Flying Fox cafe for lunch. They had a bacon and egg on a bun with a drink for $10. Mark enjoyed some chips and a latte as well. They even have free wifi, but it kept dropping on my phone. Was able to make a couple calls before we left. One interesting thing is the number of birds around the park. They are watching when someone leaves their table and all fly in for any leftovers. It was quite the sight. The magpie birds picked up big things and flew away with them. We walked back to the beach and pulled the dinghy back into the water. The water level was down quite a bit. It was tougher today. Finally got in and headed back to the boat. It looked like it could rain any time. The wind was gusting to 30 knots. Not sure where that was coming from. We started with the painting. The dry locker got a new coat of paint and we touched up some other areas. It really looks great. Will wait another day before we put anything back. Mark worked on the outlet and was successful installing it and the new shore power cord. I cleaned up and vacuumed after he was done. The wind decreased as the day progressed. Decided to get in our afternoon shower before the heat of the day disappeared. Our water was warm but the wind made me cold. Took a short nap afterwards. It started raining lightly. We had our towels and swimsuits out, so we brought them back in. The rain didn't last too long. Don't think it added up to much. Thankfully, the breeze is steady but the gusts are diminished. We watched a dragon boat out practicing. Then a life saving rowing boat just went by. They do use these boats at the ocean to rescue swimmers. The sky is still pretty dark and the sun is no where to be seen. Thanks for your emails and messages. Love hearing from you. Will check tomorrow's weather as they talked about a higher chance of rain. Mark wanted to repair some of the cracks in the gel coat. Still need to figure out what to do with everything on the boat, in our effort to clean up and de-clutter.

Boat Broker & Long Walk

18 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
Happy President's Day to everyone! If you're from Canada, Happy Family Day! We watched the movie, Clash of the Titans, but didn't get to watch the whole thing. I was falling asleep and we decided to head to bed after 10 pm. We woke up just after 7. Made up the bed in our cabin. Mark got our vitamins. He had cereal & banana while I had a protein shake for a change. The sun was shining and the big gusty breeze had calmed. There was condensation on our salon windows. The salon temperature was 77 degrees. Our deck was wet with dew. Hopefully, no more bird droppings today. We finished cleaning the boat and getting her ready for a visit from Marcus. Mark went to the yacht club dock and picked him up. We talked a lot of our cruising trip. Then gave him the tour. We still need to get the documents from the importation before we can move forward with listing our boat. It was noon before Mark took Marcus back to shore. Mark returned and we got ready to head to shore for lunch. I liked Beco's Cafe. We dinghied to the public dock and walked up the hill. Made a stop at the post office, next door to the restaurant. There were different people running the cafe today. I got them to tweak my order similar to last time. The two ladies at the table next to us asked about my meal as they didn't see it on the menu. They ended up ordering it too. Mine was very good. Mark had the egg and bacon roll with fries and a latte. Then we decided to head back to the dinghy to drop off a box we bought at the post office. It will be used to ship a few things back to Jax as we de-clutter the boat. Then we dinghied to the park. We passed by a small sailboat that went aground just off the channel as they were heading to a mooring ball at very low tide. There were only a few people there. Mark and I walked thru the empty children's play area. I was waiting for Mark to try out the zip line, but he said maybe on the way back. We both got on a modern looking see-saw. It worked well with the two of us. Mark used Google Maps to find a hardware store called Miter 10. We had a ½ mile walk to get there. They had a lot of very friendly staff. They helped Mark with his purchases. Then I asked about a grocery store in the area and was told it was only a couple of blocks away. It ended up being much further than that. There were two grocery stores in a small mall. We didn't buy much but my bag seemed to get heavier and heavier as we walked back to the park. By the time we arrived at the dinghy, I was exhausted. The wind picked up and there were choppy waves hitting us as motored into the wind back to our boat. Got back to the boat by 5:30 pm. Then Mark took the dinghy back to shore and picked up some material from Marcus. There was a group of about a dozen kids on paddle boards hand paddling around our boat and back to their canoe club. It was very interesting to watch. Mark arrived and I helped him hoist the dinghy. Then it was another well deserved sg&t time. The wind dropped so there was a steady breeze but not the high gusts as before. We were both worn out. It was the longest walk we have undertaken in a very long time. Mark identified a few more boat projects. We will be working on them tomorrow. Thanks for today's emails and messages. Great to hear from you!

More Boat Work

17 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
We spent time online, last night, researching places to stay in Melbourne. Listened to some talk radio. Then it got too late to watch a movie. It was after 10 pm before we knew it. We were both ready to head to bed. I woke up around 5 and could not fall back asleep. Decided to get up. Played some pc games & did some reading. I got to see the deep orange sky above the hill to the east of us, with the sun rise. It was wonderful how it reflected on the water around our boat and the other boats on moorings. Not many people around at that early hour. Eventually went back to sleep. Got to sleep more before Mark woke up. He said it was Sunday and we should sleep in. So, that was good for me.
We each had cereal and fruit for breakfast. Then got some wifi updates. Got to see a lot of people walking their doggies out in the park. The high tide water washed over the spit but they were still walking in the shallow waters. It was entertaining. Our first boat project was to defrost our fridge. Moved everything out to cooler bags. Then boiled the kettle, a few times, to thaw the ice around the freezer. Cleaned everything out. Then put everything back in that we chose to keep. The rest was thrown out. By this time it was lunch. Decided to take a shower before we headed to shore for lunch. Mark suggested the park cafe, but I wanted to go back to Beto's. Dinghied across the channel to the Newport Wharf. Dropped off our trash in their bin. Then we walked up the hill and across the street, only to find the restaurant closed early on Sundays. So, we headed over to The Newport Complex that we walked around yesterday. There was a huge line up for the burgers. Our timing was great. We actually found a table in the pizza cafe. We shared a pizza with some extremely spicy pepperoni. They had some wonderful live music on their open stage. We both drank a lot of water. Our mouths felt like they were on fire. My sister, Chris, would have loved it! Lots of people there. But not many other businesses were open in that area. We got a walk in and headed back to the dinghy. The local kids loved to jump off the dock into the water. There were several other small boats tied up next to our dinghy. Headed back to the boat. We made a few phone calls. Mark decided he needed a nap. I started going thru some more of our storage tubs and cleaned up the shelf beside our bed. Mark had a short rest on the settee in the salon. Then I decided to get the metal polish out and clean up a few things inside the boat. Then I took my stool and cleaned and polished all the stanchions. Mark got into the dinghy when I finished and polished the chain plate & turnbuckles on both sides of the boat. It was already after 6 pm and Mark was ready for his sg&t. I stuck with water since I haven't been drinking enough water these days. Had some leftover nachos and nuts. The sun was extremely hot during the day. There was an endless line of boats going in both directions today. Saw several dragon boats out on the water. Also, many tiny optimist sailboats being towed in and out. Even a group of young kayak enthusiasts, being towed back to the dock across the bay. They managed to tip over two of them. The last one was swimming back to shore when the driver came out and picked him up. Many of the boats took short cuts thru the anchorage near our boat. The result was a rocking boat from the wake. Thankfully, tomorrow is Monday and they should all be back at work. Thanks for your emails and messages. Appreciate hearing from you. We talked about going back to the park bbqs for dinner. I told Mark I was just too tired. The wind picked up and the breeze coming in the hatches is cold to me. It is currently 80 degrees in the salon. We are getting the odd big gust of wind. We are now facing more to the east. The sun is sinking in the west. Maybe we'll get to see some color again tonight. Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with the broker that we will be using to sell our boat.

More Boat Work & Exploring by Land & Dingy

16 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
Started watching the movie, The Green Lantern. I was falling asleep watching, so finally gave up around 10 and went to bed. It was nice and quiet overnight. Slept well. We both were up around 7. Mark attached the tens machine to my thigh. I am finding that it does help me. He came back in 20 minutes, having finished his breakfast of cereal and banana. I got up and dressed and also had cereal. Added some canned pineapple that we bought in French Polynesia. Checked out the internet for a little while. Then Mark started the repair of the anchor locker bulkhead. He cleaned out the broken pieces. Then added another piece of wood. He glued it, screwed it and fiber glassed over the top. I worked on repairs to the fender covers. Not sure why the material gave out in places. I also added a small rope to the bottom of two of the fenders. My fingers are sore from hand sewing. Take a break to start this log and have a drink. It was hot outside when I first started my sewing in the cockpit Mark was out in the heat on deck. He put grommets on a white panel that I had sewed up back in Jax. However, he didn't have much to tie it off to, so he gave up trying to use it as a sun protector. Lots of boats went by the channel or cut thru our anchorage. Some resulted in waking our boat. Could hear lots of kids yelling and laughing on the beach. Many birds around. Some of them make sounds equal to a child crying. Headed to lunch at the restaurant across the bay. Mark selected a cafe called, Betos. I had chicken burger with bacon & avocado and a small salad. Mark had egg & bacon on a bun. Plus dessert was a custard tart with his latte. Then we walked around the few stores in the area. There was a very large outdoor eatery with several cafes. It was a very busy place. One section called The Pavilion has an outdoor stage and the whole place had a great view of the water. Lots of people celebrating occasions. Quite the place. We had an expensive gelato. Then noticed the sports bar area. They were showing a horse race and some surfer competition. We also noticed they had a gaming room. I started with $20 and my machine doubled. I was happy and cashed out! Mark gave them $10. So, we cashed out up!! Dinghied back to the boat. I cleaned the starboard steps all the way down. The bottom step needed some scrubbing. Mark decided to have a nap. When I was finished, I joined him. Fell right to sleep. Got up and Mark decided to hoist the dinghy and use some bleach on the bottom which was discolored. It took several tries but eventually it came clean. Nice job. I was helper. Decided to take leftover burgers with veggies and head back to the Winnereremy Park to the bbq's. Prepped the meal and loaded our bag into the dinghy. Beached the dinghy and Mark tied the painter to one of the benches which had two young men sitting on it. Lots more people in the park today as it was Saturday. No one was using the electric bbqs. We grilled some potatoes and added the burgers and veggies. While we ate, we watched a family play cricket with a toy bat and tennis ball. I was almost ready to volunteer to play too! Would have like to bat one of the pitched balls! The temperature was lovely. Hot with the sun but more cloud cover today made it bearable. We enjoyed our time at the park. A pair of very colorful birds landed on our table being chased by a bunch of kids trying to feed them. The birds were very tame and put up with the kids touching them. Then walked the beach and over the bridge towards the boat ramp. There was a deep enough river/stream under the bridge. So, we took the dingy around and thru what looked like mangroves. There was a tree fallen over the stream, so we could only go so far. Really enjoyed this place. Headed back to Charabia. Mark scrubbed a bit on the back of the bridge deck as we hoisted up the dinghy for the night. At least that protects the dinghy from any more water stains. It's after 7 pm and the sun is ready to say good bye for today. There is a bit of a breeze, but it's a pleasant 82 degrees in the salon. Will pick another movie to watch. Lots of boats around us but not sure if there is anyone on board any of them. Loved our time on shore today. Thanks for your emails and messages today. Really appreciate your news.

Boat Washing & BBQ

15 February 2019 | Pittwater Bay
Watched the movie, Short Circuit after dinner last night. It was entertaining. Headed to bed after 11 pm. Somewhere in my deep sleep, I woke Mark up as our anchor alarm went off.. He went up and turned it off. There was a disruption in the satellite connection to our gps. It thought we had moved several hundred feet from our location. No one was around. He ended up turning it off and came back to bed. I woke up before 5 and could not fall asleep. I got up and headed to the salon. Did some reading on my current book called, A Painted House, by John Grisham. It was just starting to get light out. I went back to sleep and slumbered away. Eventually we got up after 7. Didn't do much this morning. Got on the wifi and read some news. Answered a few emails and then got ready to head to shore. Dinghied to the Avalon Sailing Club and pulled the dinghy up on the small beach area beside them. Then climbed the high hill. Met David at the Forage Cafe. I had eggs, bacon and broccolini which was similar to yesterday's lunch. I really like that meal. Mark had egg, bacon & toast with a flat white coffee. David had a smoothie and coffee. We had a lovely visit. David is traveling to Europe, soon, to do some famous walking trail. We stopped at the mini mart to buy Mark some cereal as he is out. A small box cost us $7. No other grocery stores around. We walked down the hill to the dinghy. Then we headed back to the boat. Helped Mark hoist the dinghy into the davits. Then Mark started the engines. He hauled the anchor while I drove. Then slowly motored over to the Royal Motor Yacht Club for some fuel, but mostly for water. They let us wash down our boat. But other boats came by and wanted our spot, so we pushed the boat further up the dock. Our hose did not fit the tap connection. I asked the fuel attendant if I could borrow a hose on the dock. He said go ahead but just put it back when we were done. I carried it over to where our boat was tied up. Mark attached it to the dock tap but it was missing a piece at the end. One of the boaters at the dock came to our rescue and lent us the missing piece. We were able to wash down our boat. There was still so much of the Aussie dust still on our deck and in all the cracks and crevices. It really helped to wash the exterior. I returned the piece and also asked if they would like our spare mop. We will not need it going forward. They were very happy for our kindness. I thanked them for helping us. We untied the lines and left the dock just as another large power boat came to get fuel at the pumps behind us. It was a short motor from the fuel dock. We managed to anchor in-between several boats on mooring balls. Not sure if we are allowed to anchor here, but no one complained thru the day. Had some lunch. Then Mark took a short nap. I made some calls to my sisters and received many updates. Then I woke up Mark from a very deep and restful nap. Mark launched the dinghy. We got in and headed out to the end of the bay to explore. There was a canal at the end with mega million dollar houses overlooking their boats and the water below. It reminded us of the neighborhoods in Queens Harbour, where we used to live. We beached the dinghy and pulled it up to higher ground. Then walked into a park that had several gas bbq stations and seating areas. There was quite a large kiddie playground at one end. And a cafe further over. We checked out the Flying Fox cafe to see what they offered and to ask them about their hours of operation. Since we already had lunch, Mark had a coffee and we both had an ice cream. The day had warmed up nicely. They had free wifi which was wonderful. Winnererremy was the name of that area.
We headed back to the dinghy and made a stop at the Bayview Boat ramp and walked the park. We located their restrooms at the far end of this park. To flush the toilet, I had to pull on a long chain. Worked well. Bathroom had running water but no soap or dryers. Then we walked past the many vehicles with boat trailers. The far end of the park was a sandy doggie beach. There was a dispenser with plastic bags for picking up after the dogs. We noticed several people with tennis rackets that they used to hit balls out into the water or along the beach, for their doggies to chase. Very clever! Headed back to the dinghy and back to the boat. We got some good walking exercise in today. We decided to put together some food to bbq over at the park. We had burgers, slices of potato and a medley of vegetables. Mark added two slices of his fresh bread. We put together our drinks. Loaded up two canvas bags and headed back to Winnererremy Bay. Beached the dinghy. Pulled it up far enough to tie it off to the bench that was closest to the water. Then carried our bags up to the bbqs. We had our choice of 8. There were a few people at the table next to us. Then two other large groups of mostly teenagers showed up. The free bbq grills worked great. Enjoyed a lovely dinner sitting by the water looking out at the mass of boats in the distance. What a beautiful area. Our table was shaded under a large tree so I was glad I had my sweater with me. Finished our dinner and head back down to the dinghy. Dragged it back into the water. At least it was downhill this time. Dinghied to our boat. The sun was just setting but we could not see much color in the sky compared to last night. It may just be that the hills were blocking our views. I had to say that I was tired out from all of today's activities. We will work on more boat projects this weekend. If the weather is good, I can see it being a constant line of boats heading by. Today was hotter than yesterday but still it is much cooler temperatures on the water. Our salon temperature is 80 degrees. And yes, we had good wifi coverage. Thanks for your emails and messages. Will post some pictures to Facebook.
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
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