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21 August 2019 | Jacksonville, Florida
20 August 2019 | Jacksonville, Florida
19 August 2019 | Jacksonville, Florida
18 August 2019 | Jacksonville, Florida
17 August 2019 | Fairmont, West Virginia
16 August 2019 | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
15 August 2019 | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
14 August 2019 | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
14 August 2019 | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
12 August 2019 | Markham, Ontario, Canada
12 August 2019 | Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
11 August 2019 | London, Ontario, Canada
09 August 2019 | London, Ontario
08 August 2019 | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
07 August 2019 | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
06 August 2019 | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
05 August 2019 | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
04 August 2019 | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
04 August 2019 | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
02 August 2019 | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Sea Princess Sea Day 9 - 05/22/19

24 May 2019 | Savu Sea
Woke up around 7 today. Mark said our toilet was not flushing, yet again. He told our cabin steward who informed him that the whole floor was having issues. We got dressed and went to the dining room for breakfast. Shared a table with 3 other parties. Two sisters from NZ, plus two couples from Australia. The guy beside Mark, talked his ear off and asked many questions about our trip. Mark was wearing his Formula 1 t-shirt and that was part of the discussion with the two sisters. Enjoyed some eggs, bacon and fruit for breakfast. Enjoyed our conversations. Then headed to our cabin and brushed our teeth. Then headed upstairs and walked on Deck 12. It is a walking track around, but one section is deemed a smoking section. It's not very brilliant, that we are breathing harder with our fast pace and then have to endure the smoke from that section. Plus on the port side mid ship, we could smell something unpleasant, like the sewers backing up. Mid morning, we could see islands out from our balcony. Then when we were upstairs, we could see the islands on both sides of our ship as we walked. Again lots of people walking today. It was a sunny day with few clouds. The high was well into the 80's with 20+ knots of wind. Checked out the big sale in the dining room. I could have saved some money on the world cruise t-shirts I bought the other day. We did not find anything worth buying. However, the prices were really good. After walking we headed to the Princess Theater for an astronomy lecture. It was over just before lunch time. Lunch was Deck 14 Lido. I had a lot of cooked veggies, plus some turkey, they were carving. Also, added some rice and a small quiche. Mark ate a pastrami and cheese sandwich, plus a quiche and some veggies. He had an apple dessert, while I didn't have any desserts at lunch. Came back to the room and relaxed. Watched some tv. Then changed into our swim suits and headed to the Deck 12 pool for some water volleyball. Mark kept his shirt on as yesterday, he got burnt some, despite using sunscreen lotion. We played with six on each side. The other side beat us as our team kept hitting the ball out of bounds. However, we had a lot of fun. Then I changed and headed to Cafe Corniche to play cards. Lots of tables were set up and full. I found two people I had played with before. We decided to play Euchre. Another lady joined us so we played a few games. It was fun. I left right around 3 pm and headed back to the pool on Deck 12 for the Ryder Cup mini golf session. We had to chip shot into three rings in the pool. I actually hit one of the rings so my score was 4 while Mark missed all his shots and got a score of 5. Headed back to our cabin. We only had an hour or so to get ready for the formal night dinner. I walked over to our laundry room and ironed my dress. Mark wore his suit and a long sleeved shirt, but was very hot. We arrived at the dining room around 5:30. Only Ian & Beverly were there. We went ahead and ordered and then Gregory & Maxine joined us. Lots of good conversations around the dining table. Tonight was surf & turf. We asked for the filet only and received two pieces of well done meat. It was really good, with veggies and potatoes. We both had dessert tonight. Mark had coffee. Then we headed back to our cabin and changed into our shorts. Then found an empty chaise lounge on Deck 14 to watch the movie, Johnny English Strikes Again. Added some popcorn. I actually fell asleep some. When the movie was over, we headed to the sports bar for game night but there was only one other couple attending. We played some games, including pool, darts and checkers. Couldn't get their wii machine to work. Then headed to the Princess Theater to see tonight's singer, Nathan Foley, with the Sea Princess orchestra. Lots of good music for sure. Once it was done, we climbed the stairs back to our cabin. We will be up early tomorrow as it is our next stop at Komodo Island. Thanks to everyone that sent us Garmin messages. It was great to hear from you. Keep the messages coming!
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
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