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18 January 2018 | Marina Papagayo
17 January 2018 | Marina Papagayo
16 January 2018 | Playa Mata de Cana
15 January 2018 | Playa Pan de Azurar
14 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
13 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
13 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
12 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
11 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
10 January 2018 | Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica - heading to Papagayo
09 January 2018 | Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica - heading to Papagayo
08 January 2018 | Punta Balsa
07 January 2018 | Almost at Isla Ladrones
06 January 2018 | Gulfo de Montijo
05 January 2018 | Bahia Arenas
04 January 2018 | Gulf of Panama
03 January 2018 | Taboga Island
02 January 2018 | Balboa Yatch Club
01 January 2018 | Rio Chagres
31 December 2017 | Shelter Bay Marina

Auto Tag - 08/19/19

19 August 2019 | Jacksonville, Florida
Woke up around 8. We both slept well. Then showered and dressed. Jim, Mark and I headed out for a walk. There was a good breeze to keep us from sweating this morning. Temperatures reached upper 80's today. Enjoyed breakfast before driving to the DMV to get our license tag for our new Jeep. Thankfully, Jim, made us an appointment, so we didn't wait very long at all. There were several others complaining about their long wait. I didn't think there were that many people waiting. We had an excellent person to work with. It took about half an hour to process our request. We also paid for the TR6 tag which was owing. John also noticed that Mark's license did not have the star beside the number which means that Mark will have to update it when it get back to Jax. We made a stop at Walmart for a few things. Then we met Jim & Deb at the Outback restaurant for lunch. I noticed some pictures on the wall that reminded me of our drive thru the Australian Outback. Lunch was very good.
Mark and Jim installed the new tag on the Jeep. Then we headed to our storage units in separate areas. Mark remembered the pass codes. He also took some Home Defense to spray inside both units. No sign of bugs, which was excellent. In-between, we took a short drive to our house. Everything looked great. There wasn't anyone around. It was bittersweet to see our home after being away for so long. Our renters will be moving out at the end of this month. The clouds were darkening in the sky and it looked like it would rain at any time. It started raining by the time we got back to Jim & Deb's street. We stopped at Publix and Mark was able to find his Digestive Advantage. Picked up a few groceries, plus an umbrella. Enjoyed some down time. Watched some tv, catching up on several Below Deck episodes. Helped Deb make some delicious pizzas for dinner. Wrapping up our first day back in Jacksonville. We will only be here for a few days, before driving back up to New York state. Thanks for your emails and messages. Enjoy your day!

Back in Jax - 08/18/19

18 August 2019 | Jacksonville, Florida
Our alarm woke us up around 6:30 am. We got up and showered and dressed. Then headed to the lobby for breakfast. Mark made some waffles which he didn't care for. He changed to a toasted bagel. I had eggs and a toasted bagel. Then we packed up our bags and headed to the car. Mark drove most of the way today. We stopped a number of times so we could stretch our legs, pick up a coffee, fuel stops as well as meal stops. Most of our weather was sunny and hot, but we had a few times with showers. Thankfully, it didn't last long. The traffic was steady for a Sunday. It was backed up a long way around Charlotte. There were a couple of other places with accidents. This added to our long day on the road. Mark connected my phone to the car's system and paired the devices using Bluetooth. We were able to listen to some YouTube channels which passed the time more quickly. We kept seeing signs for Deer Crossing areas. We were surprised to actually see a large deer running on the side of the hiway as it headed up the hill in West Virginia. We drove south thru North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and finally, Florida. We arrived in Jacksonville around 8 pm. Took Hiway 295 around to the Dames Point Bridge where we could see our house across Mill Cove. It was raining lightly and already getting dark. I was really missing my house at this point. We drove over to Mark's brother's home. It was so good to see Jim & Deb. It feels like we have been away forever. Enjoyed our visit with them. We were exhausted from the drive. Thanks for the many emails, messages and phone calls. It is good to be back in Jacksonville!

Back in the USA - 08/17/19

17 August 2019 | Fairmont, West Virginia
Woke up early and it was pouring rain. Decided to sleep a bit longer. We showered and got dressed. Finished packing our things. Enjoyed breakfast with Jacquie. Mark did a check on our vehicle, including the tires. Then we said our good-byes to Jacquie as we left just around 10:15. Picked up our cousin, Andrew, who lives close to the Dixie Mall. Then headed to the Pickle Barrel at Sherway Gardens for an early lunch. Joe & Sue joined us. As did my sister Fran. Another cousin, Steven, joined us later. It was great to see everyone. Thanks for joining us on our last day in Canada. We left the restaurant around 1pm. The QEW was grid locked in places Everyone would speed up and then slam on their brakes. We seemed to crawl along as it took us 2 ½ hours to drive to the Peace Bridge at Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, NY. We stopped, briefly, at the Duty Free shop. It took us another hour to cross the bridge as it was solid traffic. We had the advantage of two lanes. At some point they opened more lanes which helped. We finally got to the wicket. Due to our temporary license tag, the customs agent wrote down our VIN number and checked to see if it was legal. No issues found. We were cleared in. I asked him why the flags were all at half mast and he said it was in honor of some judge who just passed away. We were not charged a toll fee to cross the bridge. I don't remember not paying in the past. We continued our drive to I90 and headed west to Erie, Pennsylvania. It cost us $3.15 for our drive on the NY Thruway. Then we headed south on Hiway 79. Mark was ready to stop around 8pm, but I said we should go a bit further. We stopped for fuel along the way. I was checking on hotels for tonight, down the way. I drove for an hour while Mark selected a hotel. We ended up at Fairmont, West Virginia. I was surprised at the steady traffic along the way. Maybe it was due to it being a summer weekend. We ended up stopping at a Microtel. It was quite the tiring day for us. Tomorrow's drive will be even longer, but we will be back in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Thanks for your emails and messages. Enjoy the rest of this weekend.

Goodyear Lunch - 08/16/19

16 August 2019 | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Slept thru until after 8 am. Got up and dressed. Had breakfast. Then Jacquie, Mark and I took a walk around the neighborhood. The sun was shining and warm. I really didn't need to wear a sweater. The temperature reached 25C today. I thought it was supposed to be cooler. We headed back and showered. Then got dressed for our planned lunch with our Goodyear friends. We arrived around 11:30. Glen and Jacquie did a wonderful job organizing this get together. Thanks so much to Glen, Jack, Jean, Vince, Margaret, Terry and Jacquie for attending our lovely lunch at Symposium. We had such a great time. Mark picked out some pictures from our sailing adventure and we had a captive audience as we both chatted about our some of our key stops. It was almost 3 pm when we left. Stopped at Longos for a few groceries. Enjoyed some down time. Mark was researching our route for tomorrow and Sunday. We have one last Canadian get together for lunch tomorrow. Helped Jacquie prep for dinner. It was turned out very delicious. We have dessert heating in the oven. Watching some of the Toronto Blue Jays game against Seattle. At least they have a commanding lead. It's really hard to believe that our time in Canada is coming to an end. We are planning to get our Florida License plate and then drive back to West Point, New York, for a Rice football game. Thanks for all your emails and messages. Love hearing from you.

PCYC Visit - 08/15/19

15 August 2019 | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
We enjoyed sleeping in until 8 today. Showered and got dressed. Then enjoyed a lovely breakfast. Mark was working on getting our Florida license tags, only to find that they needed at least 2 weeks to process our request. We don't have enough time before our 30 day temporary tag expires. So, we will be driving back to Florida on Saturday. Also, worked on getting us some US healthcare. I spent the rest of the morning running a load of laundry. Thankful to have clean clothes. By the time the dryer was done, it was time to head to the Port Credit Yacht Club for lunch with our friends, Joe & Pat. It was like stepping back in time to when we were members there. Lunch was delicious. Enjoyed walking the docks after lunch. We even remembered where our sailboats were moored. They had replaced the main docks and everything looked in such great shape. There were several flocks of Canadian Geese flying in the V-formation overhead. We were wondering if they were heading south for the winter. We toured the pool area to find several people in the pool. It was very overcast and looked like rain was heading our way. We made it to our cars before the rain started. Thanks, Joe & Pat for our special time together. Took a short ride out to the boat storage area. We got to see Tom & Charmaine's Lis Tigre sailboat, still on the hard. Headed back to Jacquie's home. Drove thru some heavy rain and traffic. We enjoyed some snacks with a glass of wine. Then headed to the restaurant, Piatto, for a delicious dinner. Watched some of the Cleveland - NY baseball game. Then watched the last half of the movie, The Green Mile. We were fading by 11 pm. Thanks for the many emails and messages. We plan to enjoy our last few days in Canada!

More Visits - 08/14/19

14 August 2019 | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Woke up around 7 am. Headed to the shower. Got dressed and left Jacquie's before 8 am. The traffic on the QEW and Gardiner Expressway was bumper to bumper. Now, we know why we left Toronto! It took us a long time to get to the Bay Street exit. We followed it up to the old City Hall and Nathan's Philip Square. Mark found us an underground parking garage close to Eggspectation. We were late so we rushed to the restaurant only to find there was more than one in this area of Toronto. Tom & Anna were kind enough to head to our restaurant. We enjoyed a lovely visit and a very nice breakfast. Left the restaurant just after 11. Walked thru the restaurant into the building where we parked our car. Drove thru Toronto to the Don Valley Parkway. We caught up with a lot of traffic which stopped half way to the 401. Then west on the 401 to the Bayview Village mall. Yim & Howard were already at Oliver & Bonacini when we arrived. Kathy was a bit later as the subway had an issue and apparently stopped for quite a while. Enjoyed our lunch together. We are so very thankful for everyone coming to meet us. It's so great to re-connect with everyone. Headed back to Mississauga. Again, the traffic was horrible on the 401/403. Arrived back around 4 pm. Enjoyed meeting up with Fred, who used to work for Mark's dad at Goodyear in Toronto, many moons ago. He joined us and Jacquie for a delicious bbq dinner. Watched some of the movie, Geostorm, on tv before it got late. Yes, our days are passing by way too fast. We have our vehicle papers now. Mark will check, tomorrow, to see if we can register it in Florida, online, so we don't have to drive back to Jacksonville. Thanks for the emails and messages. Enjoy your day!
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
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