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18 April 2015 | Bimini - South End
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16 April 2015 | Great Bahama Banks
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31 March 2015 | Nassau
30 March 2015 | Athol Island

Ashore in Amsterdam - 06/25/19

25 June 2019 | North Sea
Alarm was set for 6 am. We woke up and looked out our balcony. We were inside the harbor and our ship was turning around before docking at The Netherlands port of Ijmuiden. We got dressed and walked up to Deck 14, Lido, for breakfast. We shared a table with Ron & Beverly, who are in the next cabin to ours. Ron was still not feeling well with his cold. We headed back to our cabin to pack up for our day in Amsterdam. It was supposed to be in the 90's today. I took a sweater, just in case the weather predictors were incorrect. We headed to shore via Deck 5. They scanned our Sea Princess cards and we walked down the ramp. Mark managed to be in the photo with the lady that was walking ahead of him. They always take pictures when we arrive at a new port. However, we decided that we don't need any more Sea Princess photos, so we usually decline. Got right on the shuttle bus provided by our ship and enjoyed the hour plus drive into Amsterdam. We saw some sheep, horses and cattle along the way. Lots of traffic. They drive on the right side of the street. We were deposited along the waterfront downtown. There were several river cruise ships tied up at the docks. Mark had tried to buy us tickets to the Van Gogh Museum, but it wouldn't accept our credit card. Our bank had changed our phone number to an old phone number. Not sure why. We walked over to the main central train station, which was a hike. We had to be careful not to cross paths with the mega number of bicycle riders. Apparently, they don't stop for pedestrians. There were bikes parked all over. What a sight. We purchased tickets on the Hop On Hop Off canal boat. We walked the length of the terminal and thru a tunnel to the dock. We stopped along the way to find the restrooms. The public toilets cost 70 cents (.70 Euros) to use. I am shocked that all the Europe countries do not have free toilets. We boarded the canal boat and got free wifi on board. There were no available tickets to the Van Gogh Museum. Mark spent the hour ride, trying to get our credit card attached to the right phone number. We were told to just go to the museum and see if they have any tickets for today. We got off the boat and walked several blocks to the museum. They had a ticket machine with a few tickets still available which we bought. There was the main museum, Rietveld building plus Kurokawa Wing, a second building, that makes up the Van Gogh Museum. The Kurokawa Wing housed the Exhibition Section featuring his picture with the sunflowers. Mark said that was his favorite. We had to check our bag first. Then, of note, was that you cannot take photos in the museum. Security kept coming by to check each of the rooms of the four floors. However, we noticed people taking photos using their cell phones. So, I also took a few pictures. There were lots of tourists visiting the museum today. And so many paintings to check out. Enjoyed our time there. Just could have used another day as our time was too short. Visited both buildings before retrieving our bag and heading back to the boat. We selected a different dock to re-board. There were only two stops to get us back to the central station and our return shuttle bus. However, with heavy traffic on the canals, it took us an hour to get back. We were late for our bus, but it was not a problem. We grabbed a snack in the terminal, as we walked back to the waterfront. It took over an hour to get back to the ship. As this was a port area, there was no port terminal to go thru. So, not duty free or shopping in the area outside the ship. We just presented our Sea Princess cards to board the ship. Yes, they did scan our bag. We headed up to Deck 14, Lido, for a drink and snack. We found some tacos and salsa, which is all we needed. The desserts were not available, which was good as we just would have eaten one. We headed back to our cabin. Mark took a nap while I worked on putting more of my puzzle together. We dressed for dinner and headed to Deck 5 dining room for dinner. Only Ian was there. Beverly, Greg and Maxine, joined us. We talked about our day at shore. We enjoyed our dinner time together. Our ship departed the dock around 6 pm.

Then we decided to attend the early comedian show in the Princess Theater. The Movie Under the Stars is a repeat of one they showed already. The comedian was from England. He was really funny. He picked on several people in the audience, so we were glad he didn't pick on us. We laughed a lot. We noticed several ships out on the water. We are now sailing in the North Sea. There were at least two different oil rigs. Despite the sun shining, the visibility was poor. Very hazy. Also, the temperature out on the water was much colder. Head up to Deck 12 as Mark wanted to get a couple of bags of popcorn. Then back to our cabin. We have one sea day before arriving in Warnemunde, Germany. Will start researching things to do. There is a ship train ride to Berlin, but it takes 3 hours to get there. It would be nice to see some of Germany. Thanks for your emails and messages received today. Still cannot believe that our sun stays lit until after 10 pm.

Sea Princess Sea Day - 06/24/19

24 June 2019 | English Channel
Slept until after 8. Woke up and got on our wifi until Mark woke up. Got dressed and walked up two flights of stairs to Deck 14, Lido, for breakfast. We had been climbing a lot of stairs, plus walking more for exercise. After a light breakfast, we came back to the cabin. Mark updated the Garmin at the front of our deck. Watched a little bit of the news channel and then headed down to Deck 7 to walk. It was cold outside. I did wear a sweater and Mark added a long sleeved shirt. It was overcast so we didn't even take our sunglasses. Had a good long walk. Then headed up to the gym, which is on Deck 12 at the aft of the ship. I stayed longer than Mark. Met up at the cabin. Could see lots of different freighters and car carriers on the water today. Also, passed by a Celebrity ship. Very overcast with rain at one point. It seemed colder after the rain. Our tv showed 64 degrees. We headed back to Deck 14, Lido, for a late lunch. Too cold to play water volleyball. Mark said he still has a bit of a scratchy throat. We walked down to the library but the tables were full of passengers putting together puzzles, so I picked out one smaller one and brought it back to our cabin to work on. Mark rested. Then we headed to Deck 7, Sports Bar for our Ryder Cup challenge. We both got the same score today. Stayed until all players were done before headed back to our cabin. Showered and got ready for dinner.
Headed to the dining room at 5:30. Ian, Beverly, Greg and Maxine were already seated. Enjoyed our dinner and time together. We were done our meal much faster than usual. I think it's due to less people on the dining room. There are many other choices for dinner. Once we were done eating, we headed to the Princess Theater to see Sarah's second performance. Mark commented that it wasn't as good as her first one. I thought it was very entertaining. Walked to the back of the ship, stopping to check out the view of France on the starboard side of our ship. Also, visited with another American couple. Then we attended the Dancing With the Stars show in the Vista Theater. Six passengers were paired with crew members. It was well done. So many laughs! Everyone enjoyed the show. The sun had not yet set. We headed up to Deck 14, Lido, for a hot drink. I sampled a gluten free dessert that was very dry. We each took a glass of water back to our cabin. I still need to post some pictures on Facebook, when I get done with this blog. The sun is just set around 10:30 with a beautiful pink strip of the color on the horizon off our balcony. Heading to bed shortly, as we will be up and off the ship in Ijmuiden, Netherlands. We have shuttle tickets, meeting at 8 am. It takes an hour to drive to Amsterdam. Mark is booking us on the canal water shuttle which will take us to the Van Gogh Museum. Thanks for the emails and messages. Enjoy your day!

Sea Princess Sea Day - 06/23/19

23 June 2019 | Bay of Biscay
Slept in until almost 9am since we stayed up well past midnight last night. It was daylight until 10:30 pm last night, which didn't make us feel tired enough to sleep. Watched some tv and played some games. Our ship was listing side to side. I was worried about falling out of bed. Got dressed and walked up to Deck 14, Lido, for breakfast. Another cloudy, dreary and cold morning on the Atlantic Ocean. We are heading north with the coast of France to our starboard, right side. The seas are calmer than last night. After breakfast, we walked on Deck 7. Then I went up to the gym. Mark headed back to our cabin. There were not many passengers in the gym which was nice. I walked the treadmill and worked out on several of their machines. Then headed back to our cabin. We watched some news on tv. Headed back to Deck 14 for a late lunch. We did some more walking out on deck. We were both wearing sleeves as the breeze was cool. Went out to the front deck on our level and took some pictures while Mark got a Garmin signal. When I looked up to the deck above, it was the bridge and the captain was visible. I waved and so did he! After lunch, it was cold enough to bypass water volleyball. Then we headed to the bottom of the atrium for today's Ryder Cup challenge. Mark beat me by one stroke. It's always entertaining to watch everyone else. There were a few people that got a hole in one today. I worked on a puzzle in the library. Then headed to our cabin and showered. We completely forgot our freebee cocktail party. Headed down to dinner at 5:30pm. Had a lovely time with our dinner mates. The other rushed off to get a seat at tonight's Princess Theater show. We took our time and then found the theater full. So, we headed back to our cabin. Mark wanted to watch the internet highlights from today's French F1 race. Hamilton won once again. Mercedes is doing well this year. We plan to attend the 9:30 show tonight. We have one more full day at sea before we arrive in the Netherlands.

Sea Princess Sea Day - 06/22/19

22 June 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
Slept in today. I checked out the internet while Mark caught a few more zz's. Got dressed and headed up to Deck 14, Lido for breakfast. Then got some exercise walking on Deck 7. I worked on a puzzle for a while. Met up with Mark back in the cabin. Watched some tv. Then headed back to Deck 14, Lido, for a light lunch. Talked to Captain Tony just outside the Horizon Court. We skipped brunch in the dining room since we didn't want to eat too much. We walked some more. It was colder today. So, there was no sweating for us. Once we finished our rounds, we headed to the gym to work out on their machines. Then headed back to our cabin for a rest before attending the Ryder Cup challenge. I ended up beating Mark by one stroke and matching the low score for today. What fun! We showered and got dressed up for tonight's dinner. Watched some of the movie, The Space Between Us. Then headed to dinner on Deck 5. Ian, Beverly and Greg and Maxine were already seated by the time we got there. Enjoyed our time together. Decided to check out a Fact or Fiction Trivia gathering in the Vista Lounge which was entertaining. Then we stayed to watch a second show with Simon Cotter, the Canadian comedian. Mark agreed that it was a better show this time. I spoke to Simon at the end of the show and he said he was from Toronto. Then we decided to check out the evening entertainment with Sarah Carter. She played a violin and mostly played some Irish songs, ending up playing The Devil Went Down to Georgia. The weather has changed. The seas are over 8 foot in height and the boat is really rocking back and forth. Plus, it's raining out. We have not seen any rain in a very long time. Mark checked out the results of today's French F1 qualifying and Hamilton has the pole for tomorrow's race. Not sure we will get to see the race on our tv. We are currently off La Coruna, Spain, but far enough offshore, that we cannot see land. We saw several freighters on the Atlantic today. It was very overcast with just a hint of blue in the sky. The sun finally set after 10 pm. It was very misty with the rain, so no sunset visible.

Ashore in Cadiz - 06/21/19

21 June 2019 | Cadiz, Spain
Woke after we passed Gibraltar on this Summer Solstice day. Could see land to the port side of us. Lots of lights on shore. We did not get dressed to check out Gibraltar on the starboard side of the ship. We headed back to sleep. Woke up just as we were coming into the Cadiz harbor. The sun was just coming up. We docked at the port area of the old part of this city. Took our time getting up. We were not in a rush as the local shops wouldn't open until 9:30. We headed up to Deck 14, Lido for breakfast. Not that many people around as it was almost 9. It was nice to have a table to ourselves. We headed down the gang plank around 9:30. Stopped at a Information booth and the lady gave us some good suggestions on things to do in this city. We walked thru the narrow streets to the Botanical Gardens with lots of trees and flowers, plus a lovely waterfall, which was located near the water. They have a walled area around the entire city with a path along the edge. We followed the yellow path out to the fort, only to find that it was locked. We stopped a local gentleman but he really didn't speak English well and could not answer our questions on when the fort would be open. It was called Castillo de Santa Catalina Cadiz. We found out later that it opened by noon but we were already at the other end of town and didn't walk back to check it out. The beach area was small and not that much water due to a low tide. There were plenty of dinghies tied up on moorings, but all were on dry land. Not sure what the tidal range was. We walked the beach over to the far side. Lots of kids in the water. Not sure if this is their summer holidays. The breeze was cool so not sure I would have wanted to join them. There was one hotel on the beach with their own private umbrella chairs, but no one using them. The far side had a causeway out to another fort, but the information lady told us that the causeway was broken due to some bad sea conditions and did not recommend walking out there. It was called Castillo de San Sebastian. We walked back thru the city to the center square. There was a fruit and vegetable market going on. Lots of people around the town. We checked out some of the shops. As we worked out way over to the port area, we stopped at a barber shop so Mark could get a hair cut and beard trim. There was one person already in the chair, but it took quite a while before it was Mark's turn. Inexpensive at 15 Euros. We walked thru many more streets before arriving back at the port. We stopped at the Duty Free shop but we didn't buy anything. It was an easy walk back to our ship. The port area was huge and could accommodate many other large ships, but today, it was only us. We dropped by our cabin first, then headed up to Deck 14, Lido for a late lunch. We shared a table with a couple from NZ. Enjoyed our conversation. Then headed back to our cabin. Decided that our bodies needed some massage so we changed into our swimsuits and headed up to Deck 14 hot tubs. We had our choice of 3 as there were no passengers using the pool or the hot tubs. We walked the deck and headed back down to our cabin. Showered and decided to have a nap. It was 5 pm when I woke up. We barely had enough time to get dressed and head down to Deck 5 dining room for dinner. Ian almost didn't make it as he took a bus tour to Seville. Enjoyed our dinner and our conversations. Our ship departed Cadiz as we ate our dinner. The wind is around 25 knots and feels pretty cold to me. Decided to check out the Canadian comedian named Simon Cotter. The show was entertaining as he touched on the humor of several different topics, mainly about old people. We headed up to Deck 12 where we bypassed tonight's movie called, Book Club. As this is the longest day, with the sun setting around 10 pm, we figures that the movie screen would be affected by the sun. However, Mark didn't want to miss out on a bag or two of popcorn. Headed back to our room. Mark took our Garmin out to the front of our deck and it was plenty windy and cool. It's pretty moderate wave heights. Our ship is very stable as we move along at 17 knots. The sun is almost thinking of setting. Thanks for the emails and messages. It's always great to hear from everyone! I just posted several pictures from Cadiz.

Sea Princess Sea Day - 06/20/19

20 June 2019 | Mediterranean Sea
Slept until 8:30. Watched some tv. Then got dressed and headed to breakfast on Deck 14, Lido. It was much breezier outside. Cloudy at first. Took a couple of laps on Deck 7. Then headed back to our cabin. Mark still has a scratchy throat. We went out on the nose of the ship, on our Deck 11, so Mark could get a gps fix on our Garmin and letting it upload tracking information to the satellites above us here in the Mediterranean Sea. Just opening the door was a challenge. We closed the inner door first. I could not push open the outside door. The breeze was not only strong but much colder. We decided that we would not be playing water volleyball today. As we walked the sun came out and that made a bit of a difference in our temperature. Of note today, we crossed the Prime Meridian, which runs thru Greenwich, England, so our longitude is West and no longer East. I went to the library and worked on another puzzle. Then met up with Mark after the noon bells rang with the Officer of the Watch giving us an update. We will be passing Gibraltar at 1:30 am. Decided to head to the main dining room for lunch today. They told us it would be set up for brunch. We sat with two other couples as well as one lady, whose husband didn't want to join her. They had many offerings from breakfast to dinner. We could join the line up and select from the buffet or order off the menu. We decided to order off the menu. Then went up and checked out dessert. Walked the deck a few more times. I went back to the library and worked on another puzzle as someone took over the one that I started this morning. Spent about an hour and headed back to our cabin. Our Ryder Cup challenge was earlier today in the casino. Mark did pretty good but I did not. Oh well. Got a bit more walking exercise. Then headed back to our cabin. Showered and got ready for dinner. Everyone showed up for dinner at our table. Had a lovely conversation with everyone. I decided to eat light as I was still full from our brunch. I even stayed away from dessert. Mark and I headed to the Princess Theater for tonight's big band entertainer, Kenny Martyn. It was entertaining. The 7 members of the Sea Princess band did great job, too. Headed back and checked the laundry room. No one was in there, so we grabbed our laundry bag and started the two washers. Watched some tv while we waited for the clothes to wash. Then started both dryers. It will be done soon. At least last time, they dried pretty fast. We can see white caps on the water. The sun has just set after 9:30.
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
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