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Sea Princess Sea Day 11 - 05/24/19

24 May 2019 | Bali Sea
Slept until 7 am. We watched some tv news before heading to Deck 14 Lido, for breakfast. I selected some vegetable quiche with bacon, rice and roasted tomatoes. Mark had some french toast and baked potato and bacon muffin, for a change. We headed back to our cabin, but our room had not yet been cleaned. Most days the cabin staff knows when we go to breakfast and they use this time to clean our cabin. We picked up our sun glasses and hat and headed to Deck 7 to walk the deck a number of times. Took a break half way thru and walked around the atrium area. Mark did some research on the ship's wifi and ended up buying it for 24-hours. He tried to change the coverage, but there was a huge line up at the internet cafe. We finished walking and then headed to the Princess theater for the daily astronomy talk. Today's session was delayed with the mega number of people leaving from the Singapore talk. It was enjoyable. Donna, the astronomer, highlighted thru history, the ladies that studied the stars and made incredible discoveries. Most of their discoveries were given over to the head of their astronomy department, instead of themselves. Women were not recognized in this field until the end of the 1800's. It was lunch time. We headed to Deck 14, Lido for lunch. I had lot of cooked vegetables, some beef and some chicken too. Mark said I shouldn't detail our food. They have a huge selection of hot and equally of cold foods. I have pretty much stayed away from the salad bar and fresh fruits, although I enjoy trying the fresh fruit. We headed back to our cabin and changed into our swimsuits. Our water volleyball was played against the Jody, our cruise director and several other young people in her department. We played the first game against them and won easily. Then we had to switch off with other passengers that wanted to play. The staff only played for half an hour. Then we had enough players for two teams to play against each other. I left a bit early and changed out of my wet suit. Then headed to the Cafe Corniche to play cards. Learned a new game and I am not sure what it was called but it was similar to Phase 10 with three regular decks of cards. It was fun, but the hour went by too fast. Our Ryder Cup challenge was in the casino which was very close to the card playing cafe. It was an interesting challenge. Mark and I got the same score of 3 strokes. Fun to watch everyone else! Mark got to see some of the Motor GP race and was hoping to see some Formula 1 but no luck. They had an Australia Rules football game on instead. We headed back to our cabin. Watched some tv. Mark spent some time uploading our blog files. Once back in our cabin, he continued to select pictures to add to each day from all the pictures we took along the way. It will take more time to get them all posted. Not sure how much more wifi we have on our coverage. We showered and got ready for dinner with Greg & Maxine and Ian & Beverly. We keep changing which seat we sit in, which is fine with us. Mark and I had a pineapple and banana cold soup that tasted like a milkshake, He had the pork chops while I had chicken. We each enjoyed a chocolate mouse dessert. Then we headed back to our cabin as we have recently watched tonight's movie, which was the second Mama Mia movie. We will head down for tonight's British Invasion live show in the Princess Theater.
Thanks for the emails and messages received today. Not sure what's happening with our Garmin, as it looks like the messages don't send, but apparently, they got sent five times. Mark is trying to reset the Garmin, plus I deleted some of multiple messages to see if that will help or at least it will take up less space on my phone. One more day at sea and then we will have our next stop in Singapore. Enjoy the Memorial Holiday weekend. Sorry to hear about the tornado destruction in Jefferson City. We saw pictures on our tv news.

Sea Princess Komodo Island

24 May 2019 | Komodo Island
The alarm woke up early today, around 6:30. Mark left our curtains open and I could see light outside around 6. We were still moving into the anchorage close to Komodo Island. By 7 am, we were anchored and they were lowering some of the tender boats into the water on the port side of the ship. We had a great view from our balcony. Walked up to Deck 14 Lido, and ate a light breakfast. Then back to our cabin to get ready to head to shore. Our tour tickets instructed us to show up at one of the atrium bars at 8:15. We got there and Mark went to ask a question, only to be told that we had to go sit in the Princess Theater, along with all the other tour groups and wait about half an hour to get the tender to shore. The tender held 90+ passengers. You have to understand that the majority of passengers are seniors and not able to move very fast. Everything takes a very long time. It was bright sunshine and already well over 80 degrees. Sitting inside the tender, with a hatch open in front of us, letting in the hot sun, but no breeze, since we were moving so slowly. The full moon brought lower low tide, so the tender in front of us had a difficult time getting the passengers off, as the tender parked beside a set of cement stairs. People were having trouble climbing up the stairs. It may have been a bit better with our tenders. There were a few tents set up on the dock, and they were handing out cups of water. Then a very long walk up the dock to shore. We were each given a bottle of water. We had brought some water off the boat. I was glad to have lots of water. We were able to visit the restrooms on shore. However, I found that my toilet did not flush. There was a tap running into a huge square tub of water with a large plastic cup. I figured out that the water was there to be added to the toilet in order to flush it manually. It worked. I came out and found a long line, so I told them that they had to scoop the water out and into the toilet to flush it. The floor was pretty wet. Not the best facilities.
Our group gathered with three local tour guides. They explained a few of the park island rules. One key rule was to not talk or move when we were close to the komodos. Apparently, that attracts them. They had an area set up which was actually a spring with a little bit of water, where 6 komodo dragons were situated. A few of them were walking around and as they walked, they stuck out a very long tongue and made a hissing sound. Some of them walked a bit and then returned closer to the other dragons. Apparently, they are cannibals. The female lay about 30 eggs but when they hatch, the newborns head up high into the surrounding trees, in order to not be eaten by their mother or any other dragons. Lots of information was relayed on the 1300 dragons that live on that island. They are planning to stop tours from visiting this island at the end of this year. The walk was lengthy. We were supposed to climb up a hill to see the views, but everyone was hot and tired and they didn't want to climb. That was fine with us. We got to see some very different vegetation. I really loved the bushes of hot pink colored flowers. There were several yellow flowers. Plus lots of butterflies. We could hear birds up high in the trees, but did not see any of them. We did see a few deer. They were brought to the island and populated in order to provide food for the dragons. We didn't see any of the island pigs or the possums that are also living on the island. The dirt path was easy enough for us to walk, but some passengers had issues walking. We were sweating pretty good as it was sunny and hot as we walked along the path. Many stops along the way with more information given by the guides. Once the tour was done, we walked towards the dock where the locals had set up some tents selling things. They had pearls and other jewelry as well as komodo dragon carvings and magnets plus t-shirts. You had to spend quite a long time with the young sellers before they lowered their asking prices. However, we got inundated with the many sellers trying to make some money. Some of them followed us to the pier and hounded us as we waited in line for the next tender. We had to wait while a lady was loaded into the tender from a wheel chair. She fell or fainted, we heard of a few incidents. I told Mark we should sit on the top floor. He thought it would be too hot in the sun, but I said at least there would be a breeze and good view of the ship. It worked out very nicely. The tide changed and was coming in fast which also turned the boat around. We were shielded from the sun but the ship which made our time on the tender very comfortable. We got off the ship and headed to the dining room for lunch. We shared a table with one couple we met a couple days ago, and met a lady and a couple from Perth. Had a good conversation going while we enjoyed lunch. I had the beef and veggies. Mark had the club sandwich. We each enjoyed a dessert. We had to admit that we were beat. Headed back to the cabin and enjoyed an afternoon nap. I think we could have just stayed in bed until tomorrow, but I didn't think we would sleep well tonight, if we didn't get up. Watched some tv. Then showered and got dressed for dinner.
Our dinner mates were already at our table when we got there on time. For some reason, they like to arrive early. Enjoyed beef with veggies for dinner. We both had a dessert. Mark chose the apple dish while I had the creme bruele. Then we rushed up to Deck 12 to watch tonight's Movie Under the Stars, which was Aquaman. It was long but entertaining. After the movie finished, we were both tired out, so we headed up the Lido deck to get a drink. I had some fruit and a piece of some cobbler. Mark had a piece of chocolate and peanut butter layer cake. Then we headed down to our cabin. Watching tv, catching up on the news. Thanks for the many message we received today via our Garmin. Mark will set us up for the ship's wifi. We can upload our blog files and research our upcoming ports of call.

Sea Princess Sea Day 9 - 05/22/19

24 May 2019 | Savu Sea
Woke up around 7 today. Mark said our toilet was not flushing, yet again. He told our cabin steward who informed him that the whole floor was having issues. We got dressed and went to the dining room for breakfast. Shared a table with 3 other parties. Two sisters from NZ, plus two couples from Australia. The guy beside Mark, talked his ear off and asked many questions about our trip. Mark was wearing his Formula 1 t-shirt and that was part of the discussion with the two sisters. Enjoyed some eggs, bacon and fruit for breakfast. Enjoyed our conversations. Then headed to our cabin and brushed our teeth. Then headed upstairs and walked on Deck 12. It is a walking track around, but one section is deemed a smoking section. It's not very brilliant, that we are breathing harder with our fast pace and then have to endure the smoke from that section. Plus on the port side mid ship, we could smell something unpleasant, like the sewers backing up. Mid morning, we could see islands out from our balcony. Then when we were upstairs, we could see the islands on both sides of our ship as we walked. Again lots of people walking today. It was a sunny day with few clouds. The high was well into the 80's with 20+ knots of wind. Checked out the big sale in the dining room. I could have saved some money on the world cruise t-shirts I bought the other day. We did not find anything worth buying. However, the prices were really good. After walking we headed to the Princess Theater for an astronomy lecture. It was over just before lunch time. Lunch was Deck 14 Lido. I had a lot of cooked veggies, plus some turkey, they were carving. Also, added some rice and a small quiche. Mark ate a pastrami and cheese sandwich, plus a quiche and some veggies. He had an apple dessert, while I didn't have any desserts at lunch. Came back to the room and relaxed. Watched some tv. Then changed into our swim suits and headed to the Deck 12 pool for some water volleyball. Mark kept his shirt on as yesterday, he got burnt some, despite using sunscreen lotion. We played with six on each side. The other side beat us as our team kept hitting the ball out of bounds. However, we had a lot of fun. Then I changed and headed to Cafe Corniche to play cards. Lots of tables were set up and full. I found two people I had played with before. We decided to play Euchre. Another lady joined us so we played a few games. It was fun. I left right around 3 pm and headed back to the pool on Deck 12 for the Ryder Cup mini golf session. We had to chip shot into three rings in the pool. I actually hit one of the rings so my score was 4 while Mark missed all his shots and got a score of 5. Headed back to our cabin. We only had an hour or so to get ready for the formal night dinner. I walked over to our laundry room and ironed my dress. Mark wore his suit and a long sleeved shirt, but was very hot. We arrived at the dining room around 5:30. Only Ian & Beverly were there. We went ahead and ordered and then Gregory & Maxine joined us. Lots of good conversations around the dining table. Tonight was surf & turf. We asked for the filet only and received two pieces of well done meat. It was really good, with veggies and potatoes. We both had dessert tonight. Mark had coffee. Then we headed back to our cabin and changed into our shorts. Then found an empty chaise lounge on Deck 14 to watch the movie, Johnny English Strikes Again. Added some popcorn. I actually fell asleep some. When the movie was over, we headed to the sports bar for game night but there was only one other couple attending. We played some games, including pool, darts and checkers. Couldn't get their wii machine to work. Then headed to the Princess Theater to see tonight's singer, Nathan Foley, with the Sea Princess orchestra. Lots of good music for sure. Once it was done, we climbed the stairs back to our cabin. We will be up early tomorrow as it is our next stop at Komodo Island. Thanks to everyone that sent us Garmin messages. It was great to hear from you. Keep the messages coming!

Sea Princess Sea Day 8 - 05/21/19

24 May 2019 | Timor Sea
Woke up early and looked out to see it was just starting to get light. It was only 6 am. Went back to sleep and got up around 7 am today. Early for us. Watched some tv and then got ready for breakfast. Walked up to Deck 6 to the dining room for breakfast. I had some yogurt, papaya and two fried eggs with bacon. Mark tried the pancakes with bacon and hash brown. Sat with three other couples at a table by the window. Had a great visit with all of them. Headed back to our cabin to brush our teeth. Then climbed up to Deck 12 and walked the deck. After 2 laps we went to the atrium and checked out their sale. Mark bought another 2019 cruise golf shirt for $22. I didn't find anything. Dropped it off at our cabin. Then walked another two laps around Deck 12. Then Mark attended the Astronomy lecture. I went to add my ticket to the opal drawings. But first they did a lecture on the different types of opals. It was interesting. Then they went to the Effie store. They were letting everyone check out the opals with 30% discount. Their prices were really high. By this time, Mark joined me and I gave up waiting for the draw. Headed up to Deck 14 for lunch. I had rice, veggies and a little beef. Not much else that I really liked. We sat in a 2-seater table close to the window. The rest of the seats filled up. By this time we were all finished and headed back to our cabin. We got changed as Mark wanted to play swimming pool volleyball. We played against each other. My team didn't play very well. Luckily, we had someone outside the pool to chase the balls that were badly hit out of bounds. We played until 2 pm. It was direct sunlight as we played. The water was not even 5 foot deep. Playing was a challenge. I joined two of the guys from yesterday and again played 500. I had some very nice cards and my team won. Stopped playing at 3 pm as I was meeting Mark after his astronomy lecture on using the stars to navigate with someone from NZ. I was still in my bathing suit and cover. Chatted with some of the Ryder Cup challenge participants. It was held in the atrium, where were had to go down a set of stairs and around a marker. Lots of fun. Headed back to cabin. Showered and got ready for dinner. Mark enjoyed some of the wine that Sea Princess gave us. Then we headed to dinner just before 5:30. Gregory & Maxine were already there. Ian & Beverly were eating at the upscale steakhouse. I had some blueberry soup, which Mark had the Pea Soup appetizer. Then I had the chicken with extra veggies. Mark had the veal scallopini. We enjoyed a dessert. Mark had some coffee. Then we headed to the pool area to watch the movie, Instant Family. It was so-so. Had some popcorn to go with it. The stars were visible for the first time. The full moon was behind some clouds. We could see lights around, like boats. It was nice and warm tonight. Then walked up and hit the casino. I gave them some money but Mark played and didn't lose anything. Then we were just in time to see the nightly show. This one was with Jeff the juggler, from the other night. We sat in the second row. The show was entertaining. Decided we had enough for today. Headed back to our cabin. Watched some tv. Thanks to everyone for sending us some satellite messages.

Sea Princess Sea Day 7 - 05/20/19

24 May 2019 | Timor Sea
Up after 8. We slept well. It's nice and quiet here, so we are able to sleep well. Our bed is very comfortable. The only issue is that at times, if I am too close to my edge of the bed, it feels like I could fall off the edge. We got dressed and Mark selected Deck 14 for breakfast. I had yogurt and two fried eggs with some rice and bacon. All tasty. Mark had an omelet with ham and hash browns. It was around 9 am and the Lido deck was full of passengers eating their breakfast. Everyone must have slept in today. After breakfast, we headed back to our cabin. Brushed our teeth and picked up our sunglasses and hats and headed up. Walked around the deck some. Then shot some baskets. It was much hotter and more humid this morning, so we were sweating by the time we gave up. Walked inside to the atrium where they had a sale on World Cruising gear. I bought 2 t-shirts. Mark didn't want any. Mark went to the Navigation in Ancient Oceana lecture. It was all about how the ships navigated before sextants were invented. I went to the gym and walked around 2 miles. We came back to the room. Then Mark headed to the Astronomy get-together. Mark was the only person attending with Donna, the Astronomer. I watched some tv. Then headed up to Deck 12 for lunch, on my own, for the first time. I joined Paul, who was by himself. Had a good chat. Then he headed to the Olympics get-together. I headed to the Corniche Cafe for a card game. Teamed up with Jim, Ross and one other guy and played 500. We did well. Our games ended by 3 pm. Mark also attended the Captain Cook Part 2 documentary. He caught up with me as I was walking to our Ryder Cup get-together just in front of the Princess theater. Two people, one was Paul, got a hole in one. I may have beaten Mark by one stroke. Neither of us did well. I hit the ball too hard. It was entertaining. Then we headed back to the cabin. We changed into our swimsuits and headed to the back of the ship. Joined two people in the hot tub, from Brisbane, and had a very nice conversation. The heat made me sweat. We left the hot tub and joined many others in the cold pool. Thankfully, it cooled me off. We dried off and walked back to our cabin. Showered and got dressed for dinner. Got to our table on time, but both other couples were already seated. They changed the seating arrangement, which was nice. Everyone got time to talk during our dinner time together. I had some tofu, noodles and veggies dish, while Mark enjoyed the beef, noodles and veggies dish. We each had a dessert and Mark had some coffee. We got our waiter to take a picture of our table. We walked down to the casino and played a penny machine. Mark got his money back. I made $5 which made me happy. We walked up to the Princess Theater, after stopping along the way to listen to some of the other entertainers. We sat in the front row. Spoke to the couple that we sat next to. They were from Brisbane. They are also getting off in England. Then doing a home exchange with two different places, one being France. That's such a great idea for a vacation. The entertain was Andy Joy. There were 6 or 7 orchestra members joining him. He played the flute, piano, clarinet and accordion. He sang and got the audience to also sing with him, many familiar songs. Enjoyed the show. Then waited for the crowds to empty out before we headed up and out. Mark wanted to get a drink on Deck 14, plus some dessert. We had noticed earlier that they were doing an Asian theme, together with lots of decorations including an ice sculpture. There were plenty of passengers enjoying their meal or dessert. Walked back to our cabin. We checked out our balcony view and there was nothing on the horizon. The full moon was up but behind clouds. It would not be a good star night with all that light. The air was still hot. Thankfully, we have plenty of cool air in our cabin. Watching tv and relaxing in our cabin for a change. The movie under the stars was not something we wanted to watch. Mark missed out on his popcorn tonight. Thanks for your messages. Good to hear from you. We were talking about getting some wifi while on board. Our dinner mates said the coverage was very slow and expensive. Not sure what we will do. If we get some wifi, we could download the blogs that we have created each day on this Sea Prince World Cruise!

Sea Princess Sea Day 6 - 05/19/19

23 May 2019 | Timor Sea
Up after 8 am. We both slept well. Woke up a few times but fell back asleep. Watched some tv while we got dressed. Walked up the stairs to Deck 14 Lido, for breakfast. We each had omelets. I added a yogurt and some fresh pineapple. Mark had a hash brown, plus a mini quiche. No coffee for breakfast. We took our waters back to our cabin. I went to the gym. Watched Waters World and Judge Jeanine's show on Fox News on the tv at my treadmill. Walked around 3 miles. At first, I walked next to a guy who really stunk. So, I got off and moved over a few treadmills. Then I had to pee, so I found the restrooms and got a glass of water with orange slices. Finished walking and found my way back towards our room just as Mark was coming back to our deck. I was sweating from my walk. It was too hot in the gym. Shot some baskets in the basketball court. Played a game of Pig, and I won. Also, played some shuffle board on Deck 7. That was fun. Then Mark and I walked down the stairs to attend the Astronomy Lecture at 11 am. It was all about the many Aussie women who helped out. Some worked for 40 Pounds/year. After the lecture finished, we had lunch up on Deck 14, Lido. Lunch was some chicken, beef, veggies with cherry cobbler for dessert. Mark had a hot dog and fries, plus some dessert too. Tried to find an open card game to play, but all were full. So, I went to the Library and found some cards and Mark and I played some rummy. Participated in the Ryder Cup with around 40 other guests. Mark got 3 and I got a 4 score. One lady got a hole in one. Jonah hosted the session in the Legends Sports Bar. Came to our cabin and changed into our swim suits. Then headed to Deck 12 at the back of the ship and joined one Aussie lady from Hervey Bay, in the hot tub. Then she left and two people joined us. It was getting too hot and crowded, so we headed to the swimming pool. Then headed back and stopped to watch the pilot boat come and pick up the pilot plus some guests that were exiting the cruise due to family crisis. Our ship came to a stop to allow them time to reach us. It was hot and muggy today. The sun made a few appearances but it was a mostly cloud covered sky. Played a little ping pong with Mark. Then headed back to our cabin. Showered and got dressed for dinner. Headed to dinner at 5:30 and Ian, Beverly, Gregory and Maxine, were already seated. Dinner was some type of quiche, chicken and veggies, plus some dessert too. Mark had the quiche, veal, mashed potatoes and veggies, plus dessert and coffee. Headed to Deck 12 to try to get a lounge chair for tonight's movie, Hearts Beat Loud. All the loungers were taken as there was a Cir-de-Soleil show. Once it was over, the people headed to late dinner and vacated the cushiony lounge chairs. So, we got to sit on two. The movie was not that good. Mark got us some blankets and popcorn. I fell asleep shortly after the movie started as I was nice and warm and tired out from today's activities. Woke up for the ending. Checked out the pokies and Mark won $10. I gave them $10. Then walked over to the Princess theater for tonights' Disco - Blame it on the Boogie Show. We actually sat in the front row. It was entertaining as we knew almost all the words to the songs. The show was only 30 minutes in length. Waited for most of the theater to empty before we left our seats. It was almost a full house. Headed up to Deck 14, Lido, to get a drink of water and coffee. Mark had a creme brule and I had a piece of cheesecake. It was almost 11 pm when we got back to our cabin. Created this blog and watched some tv. Ready to head to bed any time. Thanks for the Satellite messages received today. We may buy some wifi so we can post our blogs.
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
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