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16 January 2018 | Playa Mata de Cana
15 January 2018 | Playa Pan de Azurar
14 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
13 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
13 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
12 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
11 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
10 January 2018 | Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica - heading to Papagayo
09 January 2018 | Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica - heading to Papagayo
08 January 2018 | Punta Balsa
07 January 2018 | Almost at Isla Ladrones
06 January 2018 | Gulfo de Montijo
05 January 2018 | Bahia Arenas
04 January 2018 | Gulf of Panama
03 January 2018 | Taboga Island
02 January 2018 | Balboa Yatch Club
01 January 2018 | Rio Chagres
31 December 2017 | Shelter Bay Marina
30 December 2017 | Shelter Bay Marina
29 December 2017 | Shelter Bay Marina

Waterfalls & Networks Talking

26 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
Decided to take a tour of the Waimea Valley, so we headed out around 9 am. There were a few slow downs along the way, with one big accident. The parking lot was full, so we parked in a further lot, as did everyone that followed. We walked up to the Visitor's Center. It cost us $12 each to enter the area with a 3/4 mile walk to the falls. The paved path aligned with beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. Such amazing sights. The falls were tiny compared to Niagara Falls. Absolutely enjoyed the cooler air in the higher altitude with the hot day. It was a lush valley that surrounded the falls. The swimming area below required everyone to wear a life jacket. We chose not to take our swim gear and good thing as it was cold and the water was colder. I could feel the energies of the water, the trees, flowers and vegetation in Waimea. A babbling, rock lined stream followed us as we walked the trail. Took lots of pictures along the way. Headed back via West Marine in Honolulu. Stopped along the way for a quick bite. Also, remembered to stop for fuel at the exit before Ko Olina, since Ko Olina has no gas stations. Met Steve & Liz for happy hour at Roys, which is the restaurant inside the Golf Course. They had great prices on drinks as well as appetizers. Enjoyed our get-together. Noticed some very small golfers beside the driving range behind us. Mark bought an adaptor cable at West Marine so our two networks to talk to each other. This means we can get the lat/long and other information from the gps displayed on the repeater at the navigation station. Today was a perfect day. Nice and sunny with beautiful blue skies and no rain. The wind is still howling in the rigging but only around 12 knots. The Trade Winds were blowing all day. We stopped at some beaches with big surfs and many surfers in the water. I spoke to some surfers in the parking lot. They had already been out in the water for several hours and loved surfing. One strange happening was when a lady driver in a small car, was driving behind us with her four-way flashers on and honking her horn...Mark pulled over to the shoulder and let her pass. She repeated this process for each car that was in front of her when she could have just passed the cars. Not sure what her problem was, but thankfully, she turned off in a different direction. We still have one more section of Oahu to explore, which is the coast line east of Honolulu.

Wind Instrument Success!

24 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
Up early. Mark gave a lot of thought to why the wind instrument was failing, despite the new wind display and wiring throughout the boat. Mark climbed the mast early to calibrate the wind instrument but that didn't get it working. The only other thing it could be was the electrical wire between the top and base of the mast. We didn't have enough wire for that distance which was over 50 feet. So, Mark went in search of wire this morning while I caught up on laundry. Mark got was he was looking for at the fourth stop in Honolulu. The laundry finished and thankfully, I had our dolly, as I would not have been able to carry it all back to the boat by myself. I stopped to chat with the marina boat salesman who I met along my walking when it started sprinkling. I didn't want the clothes to get wet, so I headed back to the boat. Mark arrived before I finished putting everything away and making the bed in our cabin. Then we headed to McDonald's for their 2 for $4 egg and bacon biscuit. Free wifi is hard to pass up. Plus their 59 cent ice cream cones are really yummy. After we got home, Mark climbed the mast and connected the new line to the wind instrument's transducer. I pulled the wire down thru the mast. Then Mark climbed down and connected the wire thru to the junction box under the settee. That meant removing 7 boxes of provisions from under the settee, so Mark could squeeze in and make the connections. And it worked, Hurray! Then he needed to finish things off at the mast head, so that meant a third climb up to day. Good thing he has a great helper. The wind was blowing gusts over 20 knots, which vibrated and pounded thru the mast. It was threatening rain the whole time. Plus the two charter catamarans were cleaning their boats with music blaring and it was difficult to hear Mark. So, I got off the boat and asked the one boat to turn down the music, which he did. I was walking back to the boat and snapped a picture of Mark from a farther away distance. I took several more pictures as well. Mark was exhausted, as was I. We walked up for an early shower. I find that when we wait until later, the breeze makes me so cold. Once back at the boat, Mark had a nap out in the cockpit. Just finished dinner and I am not sure we would stay awake thru a movie. We'll see. Tomorrow we plan to do some touring. Just wanted to mention that our marina has a lot of fish in the moat, or at least that is what I call the four feet of water outside the main dock. We always see schools of tiny fish and sometimes one lonely barracuda. Also, something like parrot fish. Today, we saw a huge turtle. All of a sudden the turtle rose up and swam really fast, scaring all the fish which scattered to get out of its way. We didn't know that turtles could swim that fast!

Touring Historical Pearl Harbor

23 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
Up early. Drove to the Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor. It was sprinkling on the way. I think we got the last parking spot in their huge lot. Walked to entrance. No charge to get in. They showed a half hour movie recapping what happened on Dec. 7th, 1941. We were at the end of the huge group and found they were lacking enough seats, so we stood. Once the movie was over, we walked out to the dock where a boat was waiting to take us to the Arizona Memorial. It was a short ride over. The wind was howling to the point that a few people lost their caps. We saw one of the ship's crew save one using a fishing net and returned it to one of the tourists. We walked into the main area which is open at the top, with one cut out area, with a part of the Arizona ship below. We also saw some of the wreckage sunk below the water line. On the one side you could actually see pools of oil that are still escaping from the wreck. Then there was a walkway thru to a wall that listed all those who perished. It was not a long stop. I actually touched a piece of the ship that was sticking out of the water beside the memorial. When the boat returned, we walked over to the Bowfin Submarine and Museum and toured both. Also, took a lot of pictures. They did a wonderful job putting together all the displays from that fated day. We had head sets that described the different areas of the submarine. We headed back to the boat, stopping along the way for lunch at Outback. They had free wifi, so I sent out some pictures. We stopped at a post office which was in a nice building but we couldn't find the entrance. One door on either side led into the bank of post office boxes. But they put up a solid wall where the actual post office resided. You had to go outside and around the building to find the entrance. We waited in a long line since it was during the lunch hour. Also, this location didn't open until 10 a.m.! Drove back to the marina and picked up a couple of deliveries at the marina office. Then headed back to the boat. Mark worked on the wind instrument. There were mixed results. Mark thinks it's still an issue with the wiring. He climbed the mast twice, once to get the wind indicator off the top of our mast and again to return it. He tested it on deck using a test cable and it worked fine. However, when he re-attached it, it still fails to work. I was tired after he climbed the mast twice. We took a break and walked up to the showers. Came back and had a light dinner. I think we will be watching the rest of a Harry Potter movie. Mark may be making a pot of popcorn to go with it.

Touring Oahu!

22 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
Enjoyed a long night's sleep. Decided to pack up our snorkel and swim gear and head out to the West side of Oahu. We stopped at McDonald's for their free wifi and did some research. We followed the West shore as far North as we could go. We stopped at several beach areas. Talked to some people that were snorkeling and they told us some good locations for turtle and dolphin sightings. So, we took notes and may take Charabia over there after we leave. Many mountains in the distance. We could see lava imbedded in the greenery. I love all the different big trees with colorful flowers in bloom. The sunny day included low hanging clouds over the crater area. It was a beautiful view. The beaches were gorgeous. Our beach walks were wonderful. I kept remembering to stand in the sand and twist my feet, which made me sink deeper in the sand. We were again surprised at how many squatters were lined along the beaches. We then headed to the North shore and falls at Waimea Valley. Apparently everyone was heading there today as the road was gridlocked, so we turned around. Had lunch at Maui Mike's which included different choices of their rotisserie chicken. It was a small restaurant and we were surprised that they did not have a restroom or free wifi. We walked across the street to Walgreens, as I said the Florida stores all have restrooms. The check out lady said their restroom didn't work. I think this is related to the large homeless population which they want to keep out of the restaurants and stores. We drove back to Ko Olina and got into our swim gear and took our snorkels to the very crowded lagoon close to us. We wanted to snorkel the west side. We found it more shallow than the east side. There were lots of rocks and fish. The water was not that clear since the waves were crashing at the entrance and the push and pull of their might was really felt. We got back to the boat around 5 pm. It was a lovely yet tiring day. Mark did a lot of driving today. We will tour Pearl Harbor next. We plan to be on Oahu thru the end of this month.

Boat Cleaning Part 2 & Honolulu Traffic!

21 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
We slept in some for a change. After breakfast, Mark put the dinghy in the water, and pulled it around the starboard side, so he could clean the hull. He removed the marks from the boat life slings. I assisted. The starboard stairway and deck were also cleaned. Mark was able to add another week to our car rental. After lunch we drove to Honolulu. The traffic on the other side was grid locked. An event at the Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge peaked my attention. I totally loved meeting Bonny, Ivana, Ling and Grant. Three different flavors of mediumship were given to me. Many blessings to all of them for their enlightening words. Mark spent his time at West Marine, Pops Marine, Napa and McDonalds, while waiting for me. Then picked me up and we headed back, making a few stops along the way. We sat in that grid locked traffic because their 7-lane H1 high way was reduced by three lanes. No sign of construction workers, just less lanes. The sun was shining but there was a light rain as we trudged along. Then we stopped at Home Depot, before looking for a gas station. It took many miles of driving to find one. This is the first gas station in Hawaii that accepted our out-of-state credit card at the pump. We ate dinner at Ramen Ya. I was ready for their cooked veggies. We also checked out Foodland grocery store. They had some great buys in items like shelf life milk. Drove back to the marina. Carried some of our bags to the boat. Then we walked up and showered and collected the rest of our purchases. We had a long day. It's too late to watch a movie so we may just call it a day.

Back in the water!!

20 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
Up early which was good as the Phoenician Boat Yard crew was ready to launch us. The boat lift and crew arrived. Mark paid our bill and I exited Charabia. Took lots of pictures from the ground as they positioned the slings and removed the supports. Then the crew painted the bottom of the sail drives which sitting on rubber blocks on top of large concrete spacers while on the hard. The crew did a fabulous job!! Mark got the engines started and I walked back to our rental car and drove to the marina. It was the first time driving a car since October! When I got to the marina, I called Mark using our handheld VHF and caught the lines as he stopped at the fuel dock. We filled up our diesel tank, two jerry jugs plus the dinghy gas tank. Then motored to J11. Of course just before docking, the winds picked up with a big blow. Mark backed in Charabia perfectly. Got me to the dock so I could secure the aft line and then reach the front line and secure it as well. Once that was done, we got a pail of soap and water and scrubbed the deck. From the sanding and basic yard dust, we really had to scrub every inch to get it clean. Mark also got the sling lines off the port side. We decided to clean the starboard side tomorrow as we were exhausted. Ran a couple of errands, including getting a bite to eat and came back and rested. Met Steve and Liz for dinner. Had a lovely time. Mark wanted to watch a movie. We selected a Harry Potter movie that we have never seen before. I kept falling asleep and finally Mark was tired enough to go to sleep. We are so very happy to be back in the water. Despite the high cost, the Phoenician Boat Yard did an incredible job. Everyone treated us very nicely and they accommodated all of our requests. Thanks to the entire crew at Phoenician for completing the job and getting us back in the water today!
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
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