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19 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
18 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
18 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
16 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
15 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
14 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
13 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
12 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
11 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
10 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
09 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
08 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
07 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
06 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
05 April 2018 | Kaunakakai, Molakai
04 April 2018 | Honokahua Bay - D. T. Fleming Park
03 April 2018 | Honokahua Bay - D. T. Fleming Park
03 April 2018 | Honokahua Bay
02 April 2018 | Lahaina, Maui
02 April 2018 | Lahaina, Maui

Yard Work Complete!

19 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
Happy Birthday, to my sister, Chris! We were Up early. The boat yard crew were busy painting the props and places where the supports touched the boat. The prop shaft arrived early, but the yard had to send someone to pick up the prop bearing part. I documented all the provisions under the settee and we stored all the boxes. Mark did some research on the next leg of our adventure. It will depend on the wind direction and current. We took a break and headed out for lunch. When we returned, the parts were here. They replaced the seals in both sail drives. Additionally replaced the shaft and bearing on the starboard side. Mark installed the two props. Charabia is back together and ready to hit the water tomorrow. We headed to Walmart and picked up some of the provisions that were on our list. We stopped for a bite to eat and then drove to the marina for our showers. The breeze was cold. Unloaded everything and packed some additional boxes under the settee. Will make a final run for all the perishable foods, prior to leaving. We should be launched early tomorrow. Mark will take the boat over to the marina, while I drive the rental car. We got a little rain today, but mostly it stayed dry until the boat work was completed.

A Little of Honolulu's Charm and Lots of Luck!

18 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
Up early as the boat yard crew starts early. The noise level is enough to wake up anyone. After breakfast, Mark started working on running new cable for the wind instrument, since that was what the experts at Raymarine suggested. It pretty much took all morning to feed the cable thru all the various areas on the boat. Plus another visit by Mark into our settee storage locker. In the end, that was not the cause of the wind instrument not working. So that meant it was in the display unit itself. After some research, Mark found 4 in stock at West Marine. I worked on going thru our storage boxes of provisions and adding them to a spreadsheet. This will help in determining what else we need to buy for the next leg of our adventure. We stopped at McDonald's for lunch so Mark could use their wifi to do more research on wind instruments. We selected breakfast foods. I haven't had an egg McMuffin in a very long time. Mark got the breakfast meal. They said it would include hash browns and a drink of his choice, which he selected coffee. I checked the bill and they charged for the meal plus an additional 59 cents for his coffee. I went up to order us an ice cream and asked why there was an extra charge. Apparently, our order came with a medium coffee instead a small, which was the reason for the extra charge. She talked to the manager who came over and promptly refunded our whole meal! I was not expecting that. Then she proceeded to give us two free ice creams. What a lucky day so far! We drove to the only West Marine in Honolulu. It took time to get someone to take our order. Then there was only one unit in the store. It was supposed to include the cable to connect the old Seatalk to Seatalk NG (next generation). However, there was no cable in the box. Mark figured he could either manage or order another cable, so we bought the unit with a good discount. Another lucky part of our day. While we were heading to the check out, our lady had to call the police because another customer was caught shop lifting. The thief ended up getting out of the store via their emergency door just before the police showed up. We think the guy was one of the many homeless people that live close by the water front. They have makeshift homes all along some streets. It was so sad to see that. We expected much more from Hawaii. We headed back to the boat and Mark installed the new unit, minus the one cable to make it work. He just ordered the cable and it will be shipped to the marina by Tuesday. We headed over to shower, stopping at the Brick Oven for a very delicious pizza for dinner. They even had free wifi and several big screen tvs with various basketball games playing. Then we headed to the marina for our showers and back to the boat. Mark parked the car beside the boat and as I went to climb up, I noticed that we didn't have a ladder at all. Mark located a stack of tall ladders by the office but they were all chained together. There is a boat on the other side of the drive way with a couple that we have not seen here before. They were painting the hull of their boat in the dark with a spot light shining...and they have our ladder. The General Manager told us earlier that he observed me climbing down using the step ladder and was worried that I was going to fall off. So, he won't be happy that they took our ladder. They had another similar ladder, which Mark dragged over to our boat. When he started to climb, it looked pretty unstable. He found a couple pieces of wood and secured it enough so that we could climb up. Life in a boat yard! Since it's after midnight on the East Coast, we would like to wish my sister, Chris, a very Happy Birthday!!

Good news Bad news!

18 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
Up early. Our work crew were out by 7:30, removing the seals from the sail drives and putting on the first coat of bottom paint. They noticed that the starboard sail drive needed a new prop shaft and bearings. So, that is on order. They still are optimistic that they will be done all work by Friday(that's the good news, the bad is the cost of the new parts and overnight shipping). Mark took the instrument panel apart and trouble shot the depth sounder issue. That was successful. Mark observed the workers taking the sail drives apart and replacing the seals. The port sail drive has the seal replaced and is ready for Mark to add the propeller. Mark also replaced the diverter valve under the kitchen counter for the water maker. We drove to downtown Honolulu for lunch at Nico's right at the water front. Then stopped at Pop Fishing & Marine store as well as West Marine. It was mid afternoon when we returned to the boat. We were surprised by the yard crew replacing our small ladder with a roll-up stair case that is used with airplanes. It makes climbing up to the boat so much easier. Mark replaced the pump for the starboard shower, which we purchased at West Marine. He also, worked on sealing the starboard escape hatch which is located in the starboard head and leaks a little when we have big waves. Then we tackled adding a coat of paint to the bottom step at the back of each hull. We gathered our shower gear and headed to the marina. Along the way we stopped at a Five Guys for dinner. It was an overcast day and I thought it was going to rain at any time. However, we did not see a drop. After our showers, we stopped at McDonald's for their 59 cent ice creams. Mark said that that is the best deal on this island. I took advantage of their nice restrooms and dried my hair with the hand drier. The Hawaiian island NW of Oahu, Kauai, was flooded in several areas. Our salon temperature is 82 tonight. It's quiet outside compared to yesterday. There was a marina crew doing some sand blasting last night and it was noisy. We are looking forward to getting a good night's sleep.

Charabia on the hard!

16 April 2018 | Phoenician Boat Yard
Up early. Had breakfast and readied Charabia for the short motor next door to the Phoenician boat yard. Headed into the haul out area and found a small fishing boat being launched. Mark backed out and we motored just outside. There were small swells crashing into the rocks at either side of the entrance. Mark spoke to the foreman and he said to look for their crew who were headed to the dock. We motored back into the haul out area and I handed all four lines to two of the crew. The foreman arrived with the travel lift and positioned the slings in the correct area to lift us. Mark and I actually stayed onboard for the ride. The crew used a fork lift to gather supports for the boat to be stored on land, just in front of the work shop. They proceeded to pressure wash the bottom. It actually looked okay. After lunch, they sanded the bottom paint and readied Charabia for the new paint job. Liz as kind enough to pick us up and take us to the Hertz rental place. However, we couldn't find it using Google Maps. We finally had to call to verify the location, which happened to be in a Midas Muffler shop. No signs any where. How strange. Mark and I ran a couple of errands and then headed to the marina. Took a shower. Then we walked the dock to Steve & Liz' boat where we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and good company. We are just back on the boat. Someone is running something noisy, so hope we can fall asleep okay. There was a good breeze blowing today. The sun was hot when it peeked thru. Salon temperature is 82 degrees.

Four Lagoons & a Formula 1 Race!

15 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
Mark slept in more than I did today. Started breakfast and by the time it was ready, he got out of bed. Not sure if he caught my cold. Mine seems to have mostly gone away, thankfully. We walked up to the restrooms and continued walking the path thru all the resorts. Each one had its own lagoon and beach area. All were so very beautiful. Ended up all the way to Ko Olina Station. Took the shuttle bus back to our marina and came back to the boat. We got in a huge amount of walking which is easy exercise specially when you are on a boat. Mark spent some time adjusting both engine's v-belts. He also marked the lift points on both side of the deck in preparation for tomorrow's haul out. Caught up on emails and phone calls. Took many pictures today. Had a snack before walking back up and taking the shuttle bus. I had made a reservation for 3 pm at Monkeypods' restaurant. There were fewer patrons today, so we had our choice of table or sit at the bar. The bar was closer to the tv, so that's where we sat. The management was kind enough to set one of the tvs to espn2 for the Shanghai Formula 1 Race. Kylie was not working this time but Raven took great care of us. We stayed thru the end of the race and it was a surprise ending. Took the shuttle back and walked our beach once again. There were fewer people around. It was a hot sunny day. At times it looked like it would rain, but we did not see any rain. The wind has been gusting all day. It cooled us off when we needed it. But now, I am feeling rather cool as the sun has already set for the day. We will be heading to the showers shortly. Then getting to bed earlier than usual as we need to be out of our slip by 7:15 am tomorrow. Our haul out is scheduled for 7:30, next door at the ship yard. Please send good thoughts that this yard does a great job with Charabia.

Big Lotte Win for Brooke Henderson!

14 April 2018 | Ko Olina Marina, Oahu
Decided to use the marina bbqs for dinner last night. We carried everything over there. Started by grilling some vegetables. Then Mark added two burgers. Had to dodge some rain, but otherwise, had a lovely dinner. Chatted with several crew members of a very large sailing vessel, Sea Dragon, who arrived in our marina. Today, we both slept in. Had a late brunch type breakfast. Decided that we would walk over to the Gulf Club and watch the finals of Lotte. We stayed at the 7th hole until Brook's threesome played thru. She was leading by two strokes at that time and ended up winning by 4 over the second place golfer. She had to endure several sprinkles of rain as well as some very fierce gusts of wind. We walked back to the boat before the tournament was over. Had some lunch when we got back. Then took life easy for a change. Decided to hit the showers, but had to wait in line once we got there. Walked back to the boat along with some dark skies and rain. Then watched the movie, The Game, which was lengthy and enjoyable. Mark made us a pot of popcorn. We had quite a bit of rain this evening. We agreed that the weather is truly not typical of Hawaii. Tomorrow, we will head out to watch the Formula 1 Race. Then Monday, early, is our haul out!
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
Charabia's Photos - Upgrades
Photos 1 to 79 of 79 | Main
Port Chainplate
from the outside
Inside Chainplate
Starboard chain plate: Inspected and re-bed chainplates
Screen for Movie Projector
New Main Sail
New Galley Faucet
New Faucets in both Heads
Deck Flood Lights & LED Steaming light Install
Flood Lights at Night
New electrical panel for outdoor lights
Cockpit & Aft Flood LED lights
Underwater LED Lights
Re-upholstering: Helen did a great job re-covering the seats & cusions around the main table
Re-upholstering - another view
New Microwave: Also had to install a new larger inverter to handle the load from the microwave.
Re-Finished main saloon table
Re-wiring Solar Panels: Spliting off the 5th panel and putting it on it
New Standing Rigging: Took a lot of trips up the mast
New Turnbuckel
Sta-Loc fitting at end of new forestay
Triming the furler extrusion: Done while repacing the forestay
Attaching the new forestay: Thanks to Jim for all the help!
New Water Pumps Install - both engines: Had to use an air powered impact wrench to get one stubborn bolt out.
Installing new water pumps: Water pump is at the very bottom of the engine and the only access is from the top...
Installing Non-skid in the Cockpit
Non-skid in cockpit
More Non-Skid
Hull Repairs
New  Drouge
Charabia just out of the water
Re-bed aft rub rails
New 3 blade feathering props
Fresh anti-fowling paint
New fuel vent
Repaired anchor kick plate
Replaced Rudder Bearings: Thanks to Jim, Chris & Helen for the help getting the rudders off and back on.
Saildrive Out
New Diaphragm: This I hired a mechanic for - Replace rubber diaphragms on both sail drives and installed new motor mounts on both engines.
Installing new vent
Polishing Crew: Thanks to Helen & Chris for all the hard work!
Mast head maintenance
Plumbing for Watermaker
Watermaker - top view
Watermaker front view
Watermaker Thruhull #1
Watermaker Thruhull #1 outside
Watermaker thruhull #2
Watermaker feed to water tank
New head installed: with larger bowl
New Head Pump
Removing old flooring
New Flooring - main saloon
New Flooring - stairs
More New Flooring
New Trampoline: It was a real bear to strech the new trampoline to fit
Radar Mount
Installing Radar
Radar install helper
Radar under the cover
New Boat Graphics and New Sail Cover
Radar Mounted
Radar Working!
2nd  New Head Installed: Including modified lid to open in the limited space.
Cleaned up Under Sinks
Winch Maintenance Underway
Splicing double braid rope for the Drouge contol line
More Splicing
Almost done
Finished Splice with whipping and themble
Replaced Main Halyard: The end of the main halyard is tied off at the top of the mast so it took a trip up the mast.
Repairs to the new Sailcover
Added 3rd Reef Control Line
Replacing steering cables
New Steering cables
New chart table repeater for instruments : Old one literally burned out cutting off power to the rest of the Raymarine instruments so really had to replace it.
Wiring for new repeater: Of course new repeater is SeatalkNG the old is original Seatalk so had to install a mini NG network with the converter to talk to the existing devices.
Replaced rusting bolts on the deck lights: Ok not really an upgrade but needed maintenance
Mast climb helper!