Family adventures to not-so-distant locations aboard our Beneteau Oceanis 350

01 November 2007
06 October 2007 | Kenosha, WI
28 September 2007 | Kenosha, WI
23 September 2007 | kenosha, WI
16 September 2007 | Kenosha, WI
11 August 2007 | Saugatuck to Kenosha
10 August 2007 | Saugatuck, MI
09 August 2007 | Saugatuck, MI
08 August 2007 | Saugatuck, MI
07 August 2007 | Saugatuck, MI
06 August 2007 | Saugatuck, MI
05 August 2007 | Kenosha to Saugatuck
30 July 2007 | Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
17 June 2007 | Horseshoe Island, Peninsula State Park
12 January 2007 | Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
02 August 2005 | Kenosha, WI

01 November 2007
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October Sail

06 October 2007 | Kenosha, WI
The whole family was out for a sail this afternoon... we even brought the dog. On land, it was a very warm afternoon... 88 degrees and sunny, but once we got out on the water, the hot and humid air mixed with the 56 degree water of Lake Michigan and produced a foggy and cool afternoon sail. But the winds were perfect, about 12-15 kts out of the south, the fog dissapated as we got a couple of miles off shore and we had a fantastic afternoon on the water as a family. I was really relishing every minute of it as one never knows how many more days like this we will have when it gets to be October.

I have posted some more pictures at
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Just Hangin Out

28 September 2007 | Kenosha, WI
Ethan and I spent the day on the boat together. It was just the two of us and there was absolutely no wind, so we just hung out most of the day. We tried to go to the Dinosaur Museum, but it was closed due to the addition of more dinosaurs. So we went to "Common Grounds" and had a tea and a biscuit, then visited the Kenosha Public Museum. We have been to this musuem many times, but the kids never seem to tire of it. There is one section containing lots of hands-on stuff for the kids and they always enjoy that. After a romp at the park by the marina, we retired to the boat for sundowners and a swing in the hammock. I have rigged a hammock up on the foredeck of Charis and the kids all fight over who gets to swing.... so Ethan was especially glad to be the only kid on board today. While Ethan swang, I sanded and applied a coat of Sikkens to all of the woodwork, so things look a little more shipshape.

Ethan chose his favorite dinner... a breakfast of waffles and ham. Then Ethan talked me into spending the night on board. I was rathar looking forward to a good nights sleep at home, but I could tell it meant a lot to him, so I conceded and we enjoyed a night aboard.

It was very nice to spend the day with Ethan all to myself... and I know he enjoyed spending the night on the boat with his Dad.
Vessel Name: Charis
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 350
Hailing Port: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
Crew: Kirk Mies
About: My wife Renee, and our children, Erik, Emilie, Elisabeth, and Ethan
Extra: "Charis" (khar'-ece) is a Greek word which refers to God's unmerited favor or grace; the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life.
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Who: Kirk Mies
Port: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA