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11 October 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
27 July 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
03 April 2016 | Rebak
03 January 2016
31 December 2015
30 December 2015
29 December 2015
28 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Diving Day
27 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Sunset beach
26 December 2015 | Koh Lipe
25 December 2015 | Rebak
22 December 2015 | Langkawi - touring around
22 December 2015 | Langkawi by Ski
21 December 2015 | Telaga
20 December 2015 | Telaga Harbour
18 December 2015 | Rebak
12 December 2015 | Rebak
07 November 2015 | Rebak Marina and Boat Yard
20 April 2015 | Langkawi - west Malaysia just a few miles from Thailand

Back to Charmar

11 October 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
A quick trip on the way to a conference in Phuket.

Great to be back on board for ten days.

Of course the "obligatory" bottom scrub, the barnacles seem worse at Rebak this year, but come off easily.

Out to Telaga for a few days on anchor and some relaxation. Wet season but the weather is good to us, a good rolly swell from the Andaman sea on the way back, not used to such swell in Asia!

Always good to be on Board, and Charmar stays nice and clean up here.

July - a Birthday and a cruise

27 July 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
Start of Monsoon but good
Arriving the 1st July with Lachlan and Kirsty in tow for the first ten days we did all the touristy things and some work and maintenance as planned.

Langkawi Skyrail, motorcycling the island, the bat caves and fish farm, the jetski tour, the caves and the pregnant maiden lake.


On anchor at Telaga back to Rebak, back to Telaga wonderful.

Start of the Monsoon but the weather was kind with some storms and squalls as expected but quite cool at night for the time of year.

One 60 year old lady on board had requested a cruise for her Birthday and really enjoyed it along with the related celebrations, dining, day spa etc. Some photos will come along in due course.

A shortened Trip

03 April 2016 | Rebak
Back in Rebak for a maintenance and general boating.
Trip was shortened due to health reasons and became just an 8 day stay.

New Year's Day

03 January 2016
Up and about a little later than proposed but Dianne's wish to be sailing on New Year's Day was fulfilled as we set across the bay from Telaga to Rebak on a stiff reach with the continuing strong breezes, flat water and beautiful sailing at 8 knots with just one sail.

A great sail across the bay and into Rebak where the cleaning up starts in earnest and many little "projects" to be done before pina coladers on the beach, well it is Friday evening after all ;-)

New Year's Eve

31 December 2015
Up early to get away before the breeze comes in but before we are under way it is starting to build.

Raise the anchor and depart through the north east channel much to Dianne's chagrin as we strike tide against wind and water breaking over the bows.

Zig zagging out between the rocks and islets we find water of 14 metres down to 8 metres but of course the bombies look much closer through the clear and clean water!

One kit surfer out doing amazing speeds and of course the ever present longtail or two.

As we get clear and set for Telaga the wind has piped in to 15 -20 and progressively builds. As the tide turns and wind comes around gusting to 25 we pick ups 7 - 8 knots just under the Genoa sailing close hauled. It is very pleasant and we sail then right through to Telaga.

We motor in and Aidan competently and patiently takes us to the fuel dock only to find out (after being asked how much fuel we wanted and did we have a booking) that the fuel dock was "broken" - despite it filling up a couple of power boats with petrol a little later. Fortunately two gerry's totally refilled the tanks.

We take the opportunity to clear customs and immigration, the Harbour Master had 'retired' for the day. We then go to the outer harbour where we anchor up and have a quiet drink and plan for the evening events.

This takes us to Telaga Tapas bar for a juice and some Tapas plates and we intend to go to Cenang Beach to eat the main meal. We taxi to Cenang which is getting busy and head for the beach which is full of activity with parties, groups and entertainment. Fireworks, bonfires set up and tissue balloons floated off under the heat and glow of fireblocks. Ours crash landed as it had a small hole burnt in the side by the expert we bought it off in trying to get it going!

We enjoy the beach from one end to the other, never did have that dinner, and wound up at an "oldies" function at one end with live band and reasonable drinks.

Dianne and Chris packed it in at about 1:30am and Aidan stayed on to go back to the party bar he had been at earlier. We headed off but getting the munchies stopped for a kebab before getting a cab. Eventually getting back to Charmar at about 4:30am.

Aidan called as pre-arranged at about 5:30am as he was in a cab on the way to the dock. We collected him in the dinghy and he had self admittedly "overserved himself" but had a great time. As went back past the anchored boats we encouraged him not to continue to blow the paper hooter he had collected along the way!

So a good New Year's Eve was had by all. We all crashed back into bed, some for longer than others!

Koh Lipe - easy days

30 December 2015
Another day in paradise at Koh Lipe, taking in the sights and enjoying the atmosphere.

Went and cleared immigration for return to Telaga the following day planning an early start.

A great evening seafood barbecue of crab, fish and prawns finishing the day with massages.

Koh Lipe - Relaxation Day

29 December 2015
An easy day on Charmar with a late start, after a fairly late night the night before.

Dianne and Chris did snorkelling between Charmar and the beach and it was Aidan who stayed on board for a while - then when we returned we all headed for the beach where we went to new and undiscovered areas, a walk through the village to Pateja, a visit to Home Bar, coffee at the "usual" coffee and banana pancake cafe, then later a very nice dinner!

A long walk home, well it does become longer when you take the wrong track! and end up back at 'Home Bar' lounging with music and pleasant beverages!

Koh Lipe - Diving

28 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Diving Day
Monday on Koh Lipe - Sunset Beach was a great anchorage.

With the new Solar Panel pushing out 12 amps and better during the day and the Wind Generator pushing out 5+ during night in the stiff prevailing breezes and topping up the solar during the day the amp nazi was well content!

Aidan and Chris had booked to go on a "longtail" to visit dive sites so left early in the morning leaving Dianne for a quiet day onboard in the very pleasant conditions.

The morning proved overcast and windy so not ideal conditions but Chris got a couple of dives in and Aidan some snorkelling and a little diving. The water was clear and the coral and fish life quite good.

So nice to get back into beautiful clear waters and nice snorkelling and diving. Lower Malaysia and even Langkawi does not have the pristine clear water like just a little further up.

Around the Batan group of Islands there is good snorkelling and diving and plenty of marine life, morays, rays, sailfish and plenty of coral reef species and floaties in the water. Possible to see whale sharks etc.

We returned early afternoon (when the sun came out and the wind died off!!!).

Being full moon the tides were high and the currents quite strong but good for drift diving and snorkelling.

Dianne went snorkelling off Charmar to the beach in the afternoon and found some nice grounds to cover and a long term submerged purse complete with credit cards and watch still running - but it had been there some time as it had marine growth all over! We subsequently saw many longtails take snorkellers to this area and wondered that it had never been seen before.

Dinner on Koh Lipe "Walking Street" was great to sample the local fare and finish up with the essential Thai massage!

Sunset Beach Koh Lipe

27 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Sunset beach
Early morning we were up and as the anchorage was quite restless and busy decided to move around to sunset beach at the northern side of Koh Lipe. We found anchorage in about 15 metres behind a reef and hooked in.

It turned out to be just a short walk to "walking street" Koh Lipe and the busy side of town and there were close by bars and cafes and a dive shop.

Had a very pleasant day in and around Koh Lipe - nothing other than a tourist island but we foot visited all the places we had been to on the quick visit the prior evening.

Back to Kuah - Boxing Day

26 December 2015 | Koh Lipe
Boxing Day saw us head back to Kuah. We had ordered motor bikes for an early start but ended up with a car so we headed down the main road for Kuah town where we cleared Harbour Master, Customs and Immigration before returning to old Kuah town for some breakfast and the trip back to Rebak on the ferry.

After an early start we were back at Rebak by 1100 so decided to clear the Marina and head for Koh Lippi, Thailand. Ended up motoring and motor sailing most of the way and used the opportunity to make water but had a pleasant passage arriving late afternoon in time to clear immigration, a simple and straightforward process with a 100 Bhat surcharge as it was a public holiday.

Took the opportunity to tour the island to get an overview in a "tuk tuk" or motorscooter with a side car taxi. Visited all the highlights and got the "lie of the land" in our hour long tour.

As a ferry had come in and moored quite close Dianne and myself went back to Charmar to check on things and Aidan stayed on the beach. It was some time before we got back as we moved and re-anchored Charmar and there was a strong breeze and fast flowing currents so we wanted to make sure she was pegged down before going back to the beach. A quick meal on the beach and back to Charmar.

Christmas at Rebak

25 December 2015 | Rebak
Last minute change of plans brought about the the holidays here, the Customs and Harbour Master at Telaga were closed for the holidays, being the full moon, and we could not clear out. So yesterday, Christmas Eve we returned to Rebak Marina and washed Charmar down and joined the Christmas Eve dock party.

Followed this up with Christmas lunch at the resort and after all having eaten too much rested a while, took a swim, went back for 'happy hour' and yachties music session and dinner.

Well and truly ready for bed after a great day.

Tomorrow into Kuah to see the Harbour Master, Quarantine and Harbour Master!

Change of Pace for Charmar crew

22 December 2015 | Langkawi - touring around
For a change of pace today we set out for the special iced coffee at "the Loaf" at Telaga and then to Cenang Beach where we took a four hour jet ski tour around Langkawi to the Pregnant Maiden Lake, various islands including skiing through a Cave, Eagle watching, Snorkelling etc etc. A full on afternoon but a lot of fun and saw a lot of "new" features of Langkawi and surrounding Island of which there are about 95.

Jetski-ing around Langkawi

22 December 2015 | Langkawi by Ski
The best way to see the sights of Langakai in the shortest time........

See photo album Langkawi

Around Telaga Harbour

21 December 2015 | Telaga
Good weather and beautiful in Telaga Bay.

We go to Monkey Beach and hire two scooters one for Dianne and myself and one for Aidan. Dianne returns the tender to the Marina and we collect her there and set off.

We did the Skyrail and Aerobridge walk which was good and looks out over Telaga Bay where we can see Charmar from the highest peaks.

We spent some time at Oriental Village and fed the elephant, visited the Tiger and other activities.

Followed up with Tapas - but they were very busy and slow so a bit disappointed this time.

To Telaga Harbour

20 December 2015 | Telaga Harbour
Sunday afternoon and we were debating whether to wait in the Marina for Aidan and to go to Telaga. Fortunately we decided to go to Telaga as his flight was delayed and we would have missed the last ferry to Rebak going back.

As it was we pre-booked a dinner for 1100 pm at Telaga and fortunately made it in time. All somewhat tired but returned, fed, for a good night sleep on anchor.

Back to Rebak

18 December 2015 | Rebak
Back at Rebak and a week has gone already. Caught up with some cruising friend from the past including Panthalasa and enjoyed some hospitality at the restaurants and on board. Fitted a new solar panel that has rather incredible output and general tidying up but all is good on board and so nice to return to a clean and tidy boat - only short stay away so the usual washing and polishing has not been required.

Ventured onto the mainland only once and preparing now to go to Thai waters for a few days or a week. A little overcast today (just so that I can't keep going on about how good the solar panel is!).

Back to Rebak

12 December 2015 | Rebak
After anti-fouling in November, servicing, cleaning and polishing Charmar is looking foward to some December sailing, maybe north, and is keen to go.

Back at Rebak -

07 November 2015 | Rebak Marina and Boat Yard
End of the wet season
Charmar crew are back at Rebak, this time it was from Perth to Singapore to Langkawi by plane arrive Saturday last week, and Monday up on the hard for a well overdue anti-fouling! Nearly 2.5 years this time and there were a few shells and even a couple of green lipped mussels, all duly scraped off, washed and sanded and a coat of black then blue antifouling.

Helped well by a couple of really good workers from the yard the job was done between showers, downpours and trips to Kuah to get more paint.

This time I took it a bit easy but still ended up with plenty of paint on my hands and arms and some on the boat! Just need a polish now and then back into the water maybe on Monday.

Rebak and Langkawi - great anchorage at Kampung Teluk Burau

20 April 2015 | Langkawi - west Malaysia just a few miles from Thailand
Many great anchorages and places around Langkawi

check Charmar's bottom out and wash off black streaks

07 April 2015 | Perdana Quay
Up early to catch the office team meeting 7am Malay time 9am Aus time. Waste of time that was as we couldn't connect at all, tried different aerial boosters, tried rebooting computers, ipads - nothing. Chris had internet ok last night but nothing today - strange as we had really good coverage last time we were here but I had a faint recollection of there being some issue to begin with but couldn't think what. After much frustration decided to give it a miss and take a look at the hulls under the waterline. We had a coulpe of boys clean the hulls last week but were disappointed that they turned up without scubba gear and just free dived, not so good for cleaning right underneath, but at least they got the worst off. I had been in a couple of days earlier to clear the toilet inlet and outlets after Chris fitted a new pump but still not working. The boat was a carpet of soft corals, crabs, barnicals, oysters , snails etc but it did brush off easily. Chris attacked the growth way under that they boys had missed and I chipped away at barnacles and remains of shell up higher. After a good hour our fingers were completely water logged and very prune like so time to take a break. After lunch we set about cleanng the black streaks off the port hull using the dinghy to get around the sides. One holding on to the boat while the other sponged black streak remover on the stains and then the other sponged off with soapy water. Finished the port side, enough work for one day time to get cleaned up and head ashore to visit some of our old haunts from 6 months ago.
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