Charmar - 2008 Cairns - Darwin - Indonesia - Singapore -Malaysia, South China Sea, Borneo, Brunei, KK, Kudat, Miri, Singapore, Puteri, Langkawi.......

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11 October 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
27 July 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
03 April 2016 | Rebak
03 January 2016
31 December 2015
30 December 2015
29 December 2015
28 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Diving Day
27 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Sunset beach
26 December 2015 | Koh Lipe
25 December 2015 | Rebak
22 December 2015 | Langkawi - touring around
22 December 2015 | Langkawi by Ski
21 December 2015 | Telaga
20 December 2015 | Telaga Harbour
18 December 2015 | Rebak
12 December 2015 | Rebak
07 November 2015 | Rebak Marina and Boat Yard
20 April 2015 | Langkawi - west Malaysia just a few miles from Thailand

New Year's Eve

31 December 2015
Up early to get away before the breeze comes in but before we are under way it is starting to build.

Raise the anchor and depart through the north east channel much to Dianne's chagrin as we strike tide against wind and water breaking over the bows.

Zig zagging out between the rocks and islets we find water of 14 metres down to 8 metres but of course the bombies look much closer through the clear and clean water!

One kit surfer out doing amazing speeds and of course the ever present longtail or two.

As we get clear and set for Telaga the wind has piped in to 15 -20 and progressively builds. As the tide turns and wind comes around gusting to 25 we pick ups 7 - 8 knots just under the Genoa sailing close hauled. It is very pleasant and we sail then right through to Telaga.

We motor in and Aidan competently and patiently takes us to the fuel dock only to find out (after being asked how much fuel we wanted and did we have a booking) that the fuel dock was "broken" - despite it filling up a couple of power boats with petrol a little later. Fortunately two gerry's totally refilled the tanks.

We take the opportunity to clear customs and immigration, the Harbour Master had 'retired' for the day. We then go to the outer harbour where we anchor up and have a quiet drink and plan for the evening events.

This takes us to Telaga Tapas bar for a juice and some Tapas plates and we intend to go to Cenang Beach to eat the main meal. We taxi to Cenang which is getting busy and head for the beach which is full of activity with parties, groups and entertainment. Fireworks, bonfires set up and tissue balloons floated off under the heat and glow of fireblocks. Ours crash landed as it had a small hole burnt in the side by the expert we bought it off in trying to get it going!

We enjoy the beach from one end to the other, never did have that dinner, and wound up at an "oldies" function at one end with live band and reasonable drinks.

Dianne and Chris packed it in at about 1:30am and Aidan stayed on to go back to the party bar he had been at earlier. We headed off but getting the munchies stopped for a kebab before getting a cab. Eventually getting back to Charmar at about 4:30am.

Aidan called as pre-arranged at about 5:30am as he was in a cab on the way to the dock. We collected him in the dinghy and he had self admittedly "overserved himself" but had a great time. As went back past the anchored boats we encouraged him not to continue to blow the paper hooter he had collected along the way!

So a good New Year's Eve was had by all. We all crashed back into bed, some for longer than others!
Vessel Name: Charmar
Vessel Make/Model: Crowther Design 85
Hailing Port: Cairns Australia
Crew: Chris and Dianne White
About: Chris and Dianne, along with Aidan (now a Yachtmaster), Kirsty and Lachlan have sailed Charmar predominately around the east coast of Australia and through Indonesia to Malaysia - although she has been to Lord Howe and through Indonesia to Singapore and Malaysia
Dianne and Chris have been sailing through Indonesia with the Sail Indonesia Rally to Malaysia, Borneo, Back to Singapore, to Langkawi and Rebak VZN6971:: HAM VK4VCW:: SAILMAIL - LAND EMAIL - Skype: VZN6971:: SatPhone: 0011 8816 4140 [...]
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Charmar at Dunk
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Charmar - 2008 Cairns Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South China Sea, Borneo, Singapore, Puteri, L

Who: Chris and Dianne White
Port: Cairns Australia

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