Charmar - 2008 Cairns - Darwin - Indonesia - Singapore -Malaysia, South China Sea, Borneo, Brunei, KK, Kudat, Miri, Singapore, Puteri, Langkawi.......

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11 October 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
27 July 2016 | Rebak, Telaga, Langkawi
03 April 2016 | Rebak
03 January 2016
31 December 2015
30 December 2015
29 December 2015
28 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Diving Day
27 December 2015 | Koh Lipe - Sunset beach
26 December 2015 | Koh Lipe
25 December 2015 | Rebak
22 December 2015 | Langkawi - touring around
22 December 2015 | Langkawi by Ski
21 December 2015 | Telaga
20 December 2015 | Telaga Harbour
18 December 2015 | Rebak
12 December 2015 | Rebak
07 November 2015 | Rebak Marina and Boat Yard
20 April 2015 | Langkawi - west Malaysia just a few miles from Thailand

This should be the last night on the trip to Sarawak

28 June 2009 | Indonesian Islands on the way to Sarawak
Chris White
It has been easy travelling if not exciting sailing. Last night the sea turned to an oily mirror that was as flat as it gets, of course, your right that means there was NO wind and of course we motored through the night and indeed that carried on today and as we go into the evening 1800 our time we are still motoring even though we had the Genoa out to try to seek a little breeze now from a very favourable direction but oh so week that the motor is pushing us faster than the wind.

With one motor we are cruising at 6 knots and earlier at 7 with a knot of tidal current boosting our passage. This is easy though as the motor is not working hard and we don't want to arrive until tomorrow morning to enter the river entrance in full delight, currently at this speed we should be at that waypoint at 0930 in the morning, but we still have to face tides and currents that could help or hinder!

Today? Dolphins, waterspouts, passing close by Indonesian Islands, and HOT very hot, so we sit on the scoop steps at the back and lean back holding onto a rope as the saltwater rushing past splashes all over and freshens us up a little. It is also good to have plenty of water for fresh showers and rinsing off............yesterday we made a stack of water. One of the by products of motoring is full batteries and watermaking ability! Plenty of this on this trip.

The Islands are typical Indonesian Islands although they sit between two area of Malaysia and we had fishing boats close by and they actually caught fish, but our trolling lines, two out now in desperation, one with a flying fish we found on deck as "extra bait" but as the miles continue to rack up the fish elude that temptation and the only satisfaction we have is losing a couple of lures, one of a brand new commercial trailing line which I can only guess was not well put together.

Have a brief phone service today as we passed the Indonesian Islands but lost quickly as we picked up a good little tidal run that pushed us through and back onto our passage east to Sarawak and Kuchin.

At Sarawak we should be able to get back onto broadband.

As we have all said in the group we are in "not great sailing, but still pleasant and sure beats getting flogged by strong winds" so all in all so far a good passage and we should arrive tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Charmar
Vessel Make/Model: Crowther Design 85
Hailing Port: Cairns Australia
Crew: Chris and Dianne White
About: Chris and Dianne, along with Aidan (now a Yachtmaster), Kirsty and Lachlan have sailed Charmar predominately around the east coast of Australia and through Indonesia to Malaysia - although she has been to Lord Howe and through Indonesia to Singapore and Malaysia
Dianne and Chris have been sailing through Indonesia with the Sail Indonesia Rally to Malaysia, Borneo, Back to Singapore, to Langkawi and Rebak VZN6971:: HAM VK4VCW:: SAILMAIL - LAND EMAIL - Skype: VZN6971:: SatPhone: 0011 8816 4140 [...]
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Charmar - 2008 Cairns Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South China Sea, Borneo, Singapore, Puteri, L

Who: Chris and Dianne White
Port: Cairns Australia

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