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The perfect anchorage (sort of)

21 July 2015

It was a Saturday morning and we arrived at a beautiful anchorage in Ria Arousa the afternoon before. The anchorage is fairly compact just off a pretty beach and surrounded by large, smooth boulders and a few isolated rocks closer to shore lurking just below the water surface. We were the only boat there. I commented to Pam that I wondered why there aren't more boats here - it was just so pretty. Romantic were her words ... The forecast was for afternoon winds of 15 - 20 knots out of the North west, in which we would be fairly well protected. The morning dawned bright and calm - zero wind. We lazed aboard Déjà Vu and contemplated putting the dinghy together, but decided a nap sounded more appropriate. At lunch (noonish) we were still the only boat. As if someone turned a tap, when the clock hit 1400, powerboats large and small descended on our little slice of nirvana. It's funny, but power boaters seem to want to get just inches from the beach. In true fashion, all of them blaze past us and proceed to drop a pile of chain on the bottom, turn off the motor and then crack the first beer. Pam counted 14 boats between us and the beach! I was ok as they were still quite far from us until a couple in an older, mid-size sailboat pulled up literally 30 feet to the north of us and proceeded to drop a pile of chain. They weren't interested in beer however. Typically macho, he was accompanied by a topless female companion in a string bikini. Each felt the need for a quick dip off the back of the boat and, quite obviously, a more intimate liaison down below. With my worst case scenario of a sailboat dragging down on us playing out, I was uncomfortable and concerned, but not alarmed - yet. The afternoon was filled with loud Spanish families enjoying the water, jet skis zipping about and, thankfully, no detectable sound from the boat parked on top of us. At its peak, We counted 17 boats surrounding us in this formerly peaceful anchorage! We surmised all would likely go back to where they came from by nightfall and we'll have a peaceful anchorage once again. Well, we had a little help from Mother Nature in the form of a north easterly that picked-up from nothing to 20 knots in the space of about 10 minutes. With the wind from that direction, everyone was uncomfortable, including us. Fortunately, Our closest neighbors had left earlier and, as quickly as they came, the power boaters left en masse. We ended up leaving as well as I felt the holding was not good and the rocks, now the lee shore, seemed bigger. So we really aren't true pioneers discovering a virgin anchorage; it's just the Spanish have yet to wake up from siesta!
Vessel Name: Deja Vu
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 361
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA USA
Crew: Pam and Roger
We've spent the last 13 years working towards our goal of retirement. Learning to sail later in life, we jumped in willingly and took our first sailing lessons at the Learn to Sail program at Vallejo Yacht Club. Pam went on to take some classes at Tradewinds Sailing School in Richmond, Ca. [...]
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Just a few shots from our visit.
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Random pics of our dolphin encounters
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Pictures taken along the north coast of Spain.
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Roger and I took a day and travled to visit this unbelievable monastery.
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Our days at the marina before leaving
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Livin' the dream

Who: Pam and Roger
Port: San Francisco, CA USA