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04 September 2011 | Oriental, NC
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Update and future plans

03 May 2015 | Seaharbour Marina, Oriental NC
Big news is we are retiring and plan to live on the boat. We've sold the house and are living in temporary housing until our jobs end.

The first project is to replace the head and holding tank with a composting toilet. Jan likes the airhead model. It looks like it will fit.

The best result is we won't have to go to the pump out station and we get all the space under settle for ac/heat!!

Irene Update

04 September 2011 | Oriental, NC
We survived the storm pretty well. The worst part was some rubbing on the rub rail. The eye did go over Oriental. Just a week earlier I replaced the bilge pump and switch due to a leak in the heater. Overall we're in pretty good shape.

Following up from last week

28 April 2011
We took the boat to SailCraft in Oriental to have the bottom painted. Discovered lots of blisters so we'll plan on peeling the bottom in 1-2 years. Also discovered the zinc had grooves in it because the cutless bearing was worn. Replace the bearing and life was good. Motored into 17 kt winds back to Seaharbor.

On Monday we sailed and motored to River Dunnes Marina and spent the night. Very nice but the mosquitoes are huge. Tuesday we motored back to Seaharour directly back into the wind.

Wednesday was clean the boat day and Thursday was rest day.
Vessel Name: Checked Out
Vessel Make/Model: Morgan 33 OutIsland
Hailing Port: Oriental, NC
Crew: Matt and Jan Healy
About: We are just starting a new adventure with a new (old) boat. Our Morgan 33 OutIsland is just the start of our possibilities.
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