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04 May 2021 | Kettering Marina
31 December 2020 | Iron Pot. Entrance to the Derwent.
29 December 2020
28 December 2020 | Approaching Wineglass
28 December 2020 | Off Scamander
28 December 2020
28 December 2020
24 November 2020
18 November 2020 | Wilson's Promontery
17 November 2020
17 November 2020
16 November 2020

A refugee in Refuge Bay

24 November 2020
Steve Leicester
Or so I have been told! I spent my first night here Friday in 50 knots wind bombs coming down off the mountain (the winds in which another solo sailor was lost in Bass Strait). In the absence of my diesel hopeful that my new anchor wouldn't drag!
And the rest of the time arse up, heads down adjusting engine mounts in the hope of enlightening Galatea's diesel.
Alas, to no avail. So on Monday I set off in an increasing Southwester sans diesel. Tacking into Corner Inlet and it's maze of channels in a now 25 to 30 knots breeze went surprisingly well with an incoming tide making it possible. But turning a sudden corner and hooking onto the boat ramp pontoon first time, was gold. (There could be no second time!).
Boat mechanic confirmed that coupling to shaft is stuffed. Which means either lift Galatea out of the water (impossible since the Welshpool slipway inoperable since 6 months ago) or lift the diesel off it's mounts and bring it forward to get to the shaft.
A new adventurelet within the grand adventure begins....
Vessel Name: Galatea
Vessel Make/Model: Clansman 30
Hailing Port: Brighton
Crew: Steve Leicester
About: A sailing tragic going all the way
Extra: 6.7 tonnes of solid glass, integrated lead keel in a classic design. Built like a brick sh*those. And the boat is similarly well built. What could possibly go wrong?
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Galateas maiden voyage enroute Tasmania
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