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Solo gunkholing anywhere.

12 November 2020
10 November 2020
09 November 2020
08 November 2020 | Sorrento
08 November 2020 | Brighton Victoria

A week on the Hard at Kettering

04 May 2021 | Kettering Marina
Steve Leicester
And hard it was indeed.
Antifoul and lopsided 2 packed (to cover the residual embarrassment from the Strait.

D'encastrau channel reroute Cygnet

17 March 2021
Steve Leicester
Left near Nirvana Kettering for Cygnet where and when the populace are reputedly more Bohemian and their development processes less draconian.

Heading South towards Antarctica

09 March 2021
Steve Leicester | Sunny. F'all wind.
Been in Hobart too long and I will be back here when it gets cold.
Have always wanted to go to Antarctica and it occurs to me that Hobart's roaring forties latitude puts me halfway there.
I have not fitted my diesel heater as yet but I do want to see that newly called iceberg that is supposed to be half the size of Tasmania.
Anybody who thinks this idea is a tad ordinary by all means leave comments.

Derwent's start, Journeys end (Iron Pot)

31 December 2020 | Iron Pot. Entrance to the Derwent.
Steve Leicester
So good to have arrived at last.

29 December 2020
Steve Leicester
What an eerily brilliant day. Northeaster started as I left St Helens, died as I arrived at Wine glass ahead of time. No problems, no issues, no breakdowns (I sometimes lack confidence in Galatea but not nearly as much as she lacks confidence in me!)
Looking forward to tonight's full moon.

1.5 hours out of Wineglass

28 December 2020 | Approaching Wineglass
Steve Leicester
Will probably soon be out of mobile range.
Quick pleasant run averaging almost 6 knots. Not bad for a Clansman
Vessel Name: Galatea
Vessel Make/Model: Clansman 30
Hailing Port: Brighton
Crew: Steve Leicester
About: A sailing tragic going all the way
Extra: 6.7 tonnes of solid glass, integrated lead keel in a classic design. Built like a brick sh*those. And the boat is similarly well built. What could possibly go wrong?
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