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It lasted this long.

11 May 2013 | Kingston
Close Knit is sold. Our time on her is now a memory. We are doing OK here in Kingston, the nice weather is helping to lift our spirits. Al continues to struggle with low grade urinary tract infections. This is likely to continue until his July surgery. The doctors are opting to only treat him with antibiotics if he becomes more symptomatic that includes fever and blood in his urine. We had a day in Emergency last week because of severe right leg and groin pain and an inability to stand or walk. Ct scan and leg ultrasound did not turn up a source so pain control with morphine is the short term treatment. It seems to be resolving and may well have been a pulled inguinal muscle from Al’s struggle to walk. I have resurrected my pre-stroke bike and plan to do some riding this year. Between knitting and getting a bit more physical with cycling I am managing to stay sane, barely some days. Life Line is being installed on Monday. This will allow me short stints way from Al while knowing help is nearby if needed. I will contemplate over the next while about whether to fold this blog. If I do I will continue another site that will focus more on Knitting as survival and to keep friends and family current with our situation. Stay Tuned.

"Haul" elujah

29 April 2013 | Kingston/Toronto

Yes I'm talking look at the "haul" I scored this weekend. In a spontaneous twist of events I got to go to Toronto to KNITTERS FROLIC. What an amazing time. I'm just barely starting to come out of the yarn coma I was in. I found out about this Thursday morning and was able to tee up Tonias arrival to coincide with a lift to Toronto, were I hooked up with other knitters and had a weekend in Utopia. Knitters Frolic is akin to the Annapolis boat show, but for knitters. Booth after booth of knitterly and near orgasmic woolly stuff. I'm still not down from the high. I fell off the yarn diet just for the weekend. I condensed the four shopping bags to two for show in tell to Al. I wanted to play down the amount of fun I had. Now the array of goodness was such that some of this score is for gifts for other dear knitter friends who did not attend. The tea mugs are adorable and have a notch on the back side for the tea string. I finally got the silk hankies I wanted to make a pair of mitts. I am told silk is 4 times warmer than wool. Hard to imagine. The colour is Morning Rainbow. Should be easy to identify of I ever lose one. At 66 bucks a pair I will not be letting those babies out of my sight.

One more week till week see Urology. I have a long list of questions. I'm hoping with all the recent infections, consideration might be given to an earlier surgery. We'll see.

I am having difficulty posting the "haul" photo so what you see is the Marketplace.


22 April 2013 | Inverary, Ontario
Happy Earth Day y'all.

I got a little Zen with this young fellow yesterday. A day in the country, some sunshine, it was glorious. I just finished "Unsaid" a great book about the meaningful relationships we can have with animals.

Calvin enjoyed the carrot as much as I loved giving it to him. He is young, enthusiastic yet very gentle. It was an interesting sensation to feel his breath on my hands as I fed him.


22 April 2013 | Kingston
Jennifer - improving
Al celebrated a birthday last Thursday. He shares his birthday with my brother in law, Chris and Chris' son Tim. The birthday boys had a nice night out. Chris is also celebrating retirement.

Its been a RIDE

17 April 2013 | Kingston

It was a year ago today I sent Al off to the doctor to get his eye checked out. Technically this is when our life started to take on a new look. The appointment a year ago was the start of discovering his brain tumor. I have questioned a million times if we should have declined the surgery. Dr. Wallace has reassured me what feels like a million times that without the surgery Al would most definitely have suffered a fatal stroke in time. Al has felt a bit perkier this week since finishing the most recent course of antibiotic. We are both heading to the University tomorrow afternoon to be part of a teaching session for physiotherapy students. I have been part of these sessions for the past 6 years and I enjoy it. I enjoy being part of a learning experience. It’s almost like being a Professor for a day. You get to talk about something you are expert in. I am hoping Alistair enjoys the interaction and sees that it is part of turning a shitty thing into something positive. We have sun here today and are finally into double digits.

April Fools MONTH

12 April 2013 | Kingston
Jennifer - freezing rain and miserable
This is NOT funny. Mother Nature is seriously SNAFU’d. Bridget was like Bambi on the ice and I struggled to not fall down.

Thanks Global Warming. What ever happened to April Showers. And how will this affect May Flowers?

A good day to knit, read, make cookies.
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