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One Step Forward, Two Back

27 February 2013 | Kingston

I think I’m a lousy care giver. Under my watch late Thursday, Al had a fall. On Friday he finally wanted to have his extremely painful arm/shoulder looked at. We spent 5 hours in Emergency to learn he had fractured his right upper shoulder (his affected side). He was sent home wearing a sling to immobilize the shoulder. This is an unfortunate setback because he was doing some great things with his physiotherapist in terms of seeing some arm movement. Nothing stellar but movement all the same. For the next few weeks working on leg strength and endurance will be the focus. Al has been waiting over 30 years to walk his eldest daughter down the isle, so gaining balance and strength is important for this mid June wedding.

We saw Urology Monday and it will be at least mid July before Al can have surgery. In a couple weeks though Al has been granted a trial of the catheter being removed to see how he does. It would be nice if he could have this removed if only for a bit. Time will tell.

My eldest bro John has offered to drive me to Florida to get the contents from Closeknit that have been put into storage by friends. So we plan to head out this Sunday. It will be a working trip but it will be nice to have a break and maybe see some sun and feel the warmth. Al’s youngest daughter has arranged with her work to work remotely so she will stay with her dad while I am gone. This is a wonderful thing.
Vessel Name: Close Knit
Vessel Make/Model: Marine Trader Double Cabin
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario
Crew: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
About: Ex sailboat couple from S/V Ruth. Continuing our trip down south, in a little more comfort (& alot more work!)
Alistair and Jennifer are a couple who met in 2007 after Jennifer survived a stroke in early 2006 and lost her husband to cancer the same year. Al had been a life long sailor and after dating several months Al suggested a lifestyle on a boat, cruising. Jennifer had no sailing experience and was [...]
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Who: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
Port: Kingston, Ontario