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WD 40

13 March 2013 | Kingston
Al is doing a light fitness plan with his physiotherapist. Tonia brought him this foot peddler that he can do with the PCA a couple times a week It was rather squeaky so I got Al some WD40 and he seemed to delight in a bit of “manly” maintenance. Today is the trial catheter removal. I hope it is successful. Tomorrow we attend the Fracture Clinic. The radiologist’s could not agree on the extent of the fracture. We are hoping for good news so Al can continue with some arm action and weight bearing. We had a lovely bloom on the hibiscus yesterday, and we enjoyed a bit of indoor spring.

While Al puttered with his peddler I did some sewing. I’m a bit rusty, but I enjoyed the change of pace from knitting.
Vessel Name: Close Knit
Vessel Make/Model: Marine Trader Double Cabin
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario
Crew: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
About: Ex sailboat couple from S/V Ruth. Continuing our trip down south, in a little more comfort (& alot more work!)
Alistair and Jennifer are a couple who met in 2007 after Jennifer survived a stroke in early 2006 and lost her husband to cancer the same year. Al had been a life long sailor and after dating several months Al suggested a lifestyle on a boat, cruising. Jennifer had no sailing experience and was [...]
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Who: Al, Jennifer & Bridget.
Port: Kingston, Ontario