Cruising Mental Health

16 April 2014
16 April 2014

Actual Survey Questions

16 April 2014
Doc (Shirley)
Sailing Survey Questions
Captain or Crew
1. What was the biggest disagreement over while onboard? Who with?
2. What was the largest misunderstanding of communication? Who with?
3. What was the best communication you had with someone aboard?
4. How did you handle a volatile situation?
5. Rate yourself on a scale 1=bad to 10=great crew member (includes Captain) on a sailing vessel, when it comes to getting along?
6. On that same scale, generally what is the atmosphere onboard 1=bad to 10=great?
7. How do you handle a crew who is not playing well with others?
8. Do you have rules on your boat, that deal with interpersonal relationships and communication, or who is in charge?
9. Does your partner or significant other enjoy cruising?
10. Do you consider yourself a Benevolent Dictator?
Only fill out the below if you consent to it being used in a published article and/or book, by Dr. Shirley Johnson.

Home port:
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Survey Questions

16 April 2014
Doc (Shirley)
I am posting 10 survey questions that will be a part of my book: Cruising Mental Health: “Get me off this boat!”

I would appreciate as many are willing, to take a few minutes and answer the questions. This will give me better insight to the nature of my research. Be as thorough or brief as you like.

Comment or you may e-mail me your responses:

Only list your name, Sailing Vessel and Home Port if you don’t mind it being published!

Thanks, Doc

Vessel Name: Mama's Dream
Crew: Roy & Shirley
Shirley is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and was born with a love of sailing and the sea! After 38.5 years of marriage, it finally has rubbed off on her husband, Roy. [...]
Extra: I will be posting survey questions for those who would like to add their experiences to the book.
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Who: Roy & Shirley