Sail Away with Second Wind..

15 October 2009 | Avalon, Catalina
12 October 2009 | Avalon, Catalina Island
10 October 2009 | Oceanside, CA
06 June 2009 | San Diego
19 February 2009 | San Diego, CA
13 January 2009 | San Diego, CA
07 September 2008 | Two Harbors, Catalina
15 August 2008 | San Diego, CA
02 August 2008 | 9:30pm, moored at Two Harbors
22 July 2008 | San Diego, CA
19 July 2008 | San Diego, CA
31 May 2008 | On our way to San Diego
29 May 2008 | San Diego, CA
28 May 2008 | San Diego, CA
26 May 2008 | 1:30pm, docked at Marina Coral
25 May 2008 | 9:00pm, anchored at Puerto Santo Tomas
24 May 2008 | 2:00pm, anchored at San Quintin
24 May 2008 | 3:30pm, underway to San Quintin
22 May 2008 | 5:00pm, at anchor in Turtle Bay
21 May 2008 | 7:00pm, at anchor in Turtle Bay

Sunny Skies Again

15 October 2009 | Avalon, Catalina
It was a PERFECT day in Avalon today.. bright sunny skies and mid-70s! Oh it was feeling like summer on this perfect little island. Most of all, this little weekend get-away got us feeling like cruisers again!! We love life at sea.

The first interesing thing of the morning was there was a photo shoot happening this morning on our dinghy dock for Nautica apparel. We pulled up to a side of the dinghy dock where there weren't any boats parked and then realized...duh, those guys with the cameras probably don't want our little dingy in the background (as cute as she is you know). So, we parked on the other side of the dock and got on our merry way.

We hiked up to the top of the hill Avalon bay for some pictures. It's a nice walk and some good uphill exersise.. (think stairmaster). What an awesome view! The afternoon was lots of just hanging out, walking around town, getting to know the neighbors, and of course... a run for ice cream.

Making the most of overcast skies..

12 October 2009 | Avalon, Catalina Island
Even though the last few days have been overcast and scattered showers, we've had a great couple of days on the boat.

After Oceanside, we popped in Newport for a night mooring off Balboa Island. I love Balboa island and Newport just for strolling around and dinghy cruising. There's a lot to see, do, and nice place to relax on the boat while seeing lots of stuff happening on shore.

We left Newport just in time to catch a small amount of sprinkles with some ominous dark coulds overhead. Actually, I think we just missed the downpour. It got rather windy (27 kts at 8am) so we though we'd be in for quite a ride over to Catalina. Lucky for us, the wind died down a bit and Catalina greeted us with sunny skies in the distance.

There she is!

10 October 2009 | Oceanside, CA
We sailed up to Oceanside on Saturday, and as we were taking a stroll around the marina guess what we saw....?

Our old boat! Yes, Gail Force is alive and well and now stored in-water! She was a great little boat for us so we were excited to see that her new owner has taken great care of her!

Vessel Name: Second Wind
Vessel Make/Model: 2000 Beneteau 331
Hailing Port: San Diego
Crew: Cory & Melissa
If you've considered cruising, but never had the ability to cut the ties to land, contemplate this quote from Mark Twain....."Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. [...]
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