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Journey of 1000 miles

16 September 2011
Tomorrow at 0800 hours we set off the Canterbury to deliver one daughter to Uni. On the way we plan to visit my son, his wife and the new three week old grandson. They live in Portsmouth, and next door is Southamton and the annual boat show. How could we resist that combination.

I had written a load of stuff here but it got timed out and I didnt copy it so this is much shorter than the original.

The prime reason for the trip though is to deliver said daughter and stuff to her new life as a university student. This is a small, no a big miracle. She is twenty five and for the last ten years has been lost to the world of eating disorders and low self esteem. Clawing her way back to this moment has been a monumental journey for us all and at long last this very bright girl has finally found a way forward, although for a long time we thought she was a lost cause. She has hardly done a days work in all that time and seemed destined for the scrap heap. Then a couple of years ago we took her out to our hideaway in the Dominican republic for two weeks and some veil fell from her eyes. She seemed to suddenly wake up seeing the poverty ,deprivation and a wholly new culture.
So Tomorrow she begins her own journey, she is going to study social anthropology. We could end up here with a daughter with an ology. So that is what this journey is all about.. She's finally broke the bonds and tomorrow, hopefully is the start of her metamorphosis, from caterpillar to butterfly
Vessel Name: Picaroon
Vessel Make/Model: Hardin Sea Wolf (Formosa 41)
Hailing Port: Luperon Dominican Republic
Crew: Jackie and Colin Williams
About: We had never sailed until September 09 when we went on a RYA Start yachting course in Largs in Scotland. We have this plan to learn how to sail a 36ft boat around the Caribbean, in about 2 years time. 2011/12 now updated to August 2013
We moved out of the UK in September 2013 and bought ourselves a boat, she's a Hardin Sea Wolf and we have been fixing her in Salinas in Puerto Rico. In May we set sail for the Dominican Republic where well be for the summer of 14 then next November we set sail for new horizons. It's adventure [...]
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