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We meet Foxy

14 March 2012 | Jost Van Dyke, BVI's
Toby Hynes
As we begin our third trip into the BVI's, we arrive to a boat that has just had the floors sanded out and new semi- loss varnish added. For future Sabre owners: I learned that a Sabre is delivered to the owner or boat dealer with a 50\50 coat of varnish and thinner and then a second 75\25 coat. They generally expect the owner to decide on the final coats. Ours was showing grain and needed help. What a difference. We thank Miles and Ann Poor for their diligent oversight on this project. It makes an incredible difference, and now stays significantly cleaner.
The next day we high tailed it, after repairing a loose water hose to the hot water heater, straight to Beef Island to pick up Helen, Toby's sister, for a one week stay. The plans called for a trip, virtually around Tortola, with our first visit at Jost Van Dyke. Helen has pretty good sea legs and quickly settled in to the sailing. We had a robust trip with the winds down to Norman Island. Joanne and I love Norman Island. The Pirates Bight Restaurant is always a favorite and getting a mooring is almost certain... accept, as we found out, during Spring Break. Although we picked a mooring up, there were well over one hundred boats in the harbor. We decided on a 7:00 reservation and learned that you go early, or wait, when spring break also overlaps Commonwealth Weekend in Tortola. The food was still good.
Having learned from yesterday, we knew moorings would be a premium at Jost Van Dyke (JVD). We left early and had a fabulous sail, on a beam reach, straight across to JVD. Great Harbour, at noon, had a number of open moorings. This is a great anchorage. Foxy's has a large dingy dock. The town is very welcoming and there are plenty of stores, especially for an island community of 225 people. We lunched at Foxy's and enjoyed it enough to make dinner reservations. Helen ran into Foxy who was holding court outside in a hammock in front of the restaurant. A woman was talking to Foxy and asked him what kind of breed his dog was. Foxy informed her that, "He's an island dog. He'll take a hand out anytime, doesn't do any work, doesn't know who is daddy is, and doesn't know how many pups he has". The women retorted and said she was little offended by the remarks. He said, "I don't care what you think, I'm not in need of your approval. My grandparents came here on a merchant ship with square sails and they worked their way out of slavery and I'm proud of my heritage". Foxy's is a very typical, upscale, Palapa. The floor is not sand and the tables are plywood with varnish. The chairs weren't even plastic.
As the afternoon continued, the boats kept streaming in. Lots of spring break boats with collections of younger adults. The favorite seems to be a four bedroom catamaran with 8 men and women aboard. They also raft up in twos and fours. If you ever get a four nearby, think about moving. Although we made it up until 11:00, their party didn't start until 11:30. LOUD music, drink chug-a-lug, drink chug-a lug... you get it. Still at it at 3:00, but I still slept well. Helen was able to read more of her Patterson book a few times over the evening. Joanne never seemed to blink.
Vessel Name: Comocean
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 426
Hailing Port: Osterville, Ma
Crew: JoAnne and Toby Hynes
JoAnne and Toby are enjoying their early retirement years following in the footsteps of their children. Seth at 32 led the way when he and his new bride, Elizabeth, sailed their Lagoon 380 from Hampton, Va. to Sydney, Australia. [...]
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