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06 November 2016
Seth Hynes
Hello all.

Just spoke to my dad via satellite phone. All is well onboard. They are currently in the middle of the gulf-stream with fairly calm seas and 10 kn of wind from the north. The crew are in "incredibly good health and have even started growing hair again," says my dad. It's just not on their heads, it's on their faces. Aside from no fish, it couldn't be going better.

They should exit the Gulfstream in the next couple of hours and then receive a favorable eddy current all the way to their destination. Winds are ideal between 15 and 20 kn from the Northeast. And then dying on Wednesday morning as they arrive in the Bahamas.

The only concern is a strong 50 kn weather system east of Delaware causing 1 to 2 m swells. Although the winds will be ideal, there could be too much swell to enter their preferred waypoint on Wednesday. We will keep an eye on it and they will have to evaluate at the time of entry.

That's it for now.
Vessel Name: Comocean
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 426
Hailing Port: Osterville, Ma
Crew: JoAnne and Toby Hynes
JoAnne and Toby are enjoying their early retirement years following in the footsteps of their children. Seth at 32 led the way when he and his new bride, Elizabeth, sailed their Lagoon 380 from Hampton, Va. to Sydney, Australia. [...]
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Here are some of the first pictures of Toby and JoAnne on their new boat, Comocean. Seth, Elizabeth and Hale joined them!
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