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Harbor Island

20 February 2018 | Harbor Island
Mr. Pinder takes us to ferry number 2 for the day to head for Harbor Island after our tour of Preachers Cave. We enjoy the BIG boats, shops, Pink Sand Beach, Restaurants (but, not Sip-Sip...our favorite is closed), and return after a very enjoyable day. JoAnne with main drag behind her in photo.

Preachers Cave

20 February 2018 | Preachers Cave - Eluthera
We asked for a tour of Preachers Cave as part of our ferry service. Gurney Pinder (shown with JoAnne) takes us out to the beach where the original white descendants ran aground in the 1600’s. They had left Bermuda after leaving Europe for religious persecutions reasons. Now they find themselves washed ashore and looking for a place to leave. The Cave nearby, resembles a church. Pulpit and everything.

Gurney Pinder...One of the Stars of Spanish Wells

20 February 2018 | Spanish Wells
JoAnne and i have really grown fond of the wonderful people in Spanish Wells. proud, close immunity, religious values, descendants of the shipwreck in the 1600's from those being persecuted for Religious beliefs. Gurney Pinder, Pictured, owns the grocery with his brothers, a cab and ferry service and will also give you a tour of the Eluthera area where the original descendants arrived. Shown here, he is just off on the Ferry service toward Harbor Island. His brother is at the helm.

Pete’ pub...on the way south

17 February 2018 | Toby
Jack and Cheryl get their taste of Pete’s Pub (Little Harbor), the typical staging place to head to the Eluthera’s. We anchor just outside the entrance and Dingy in for some Fried Conch. It’s a flat and beeeutiful day. Of course everyone made the trip. We run into Arron Knowles from Hope town Inn and Marine, probably cooling down after last nights songwriters festival, on Lee and Cheryl’s Fleming. We check out the bronzes, ultimately decide to buy one for three new condo, find out the grills closed and down a few beers. Then back to Comocean to move it to a no swell location just north of the Pub (Lynyard Cay).

Fire Fly night...Styling in Vacay Style

16 February 2018 | Fire Fly - Elbow Cay
Toby Hynes
Jack and Cheryl fly into Marsh and meet us in Hope Town. It’s the annual Songwriters festival and we will do one or two days before heading down to the Eluthera’s. A little sunset action (Best bar in Abacos for sunset), and back to see songwriters at Hope Town Inn and Marina. Girls both styling in Vacay Style clothing by Elizabeth Hynes!

Waiting on BTC

18 January 2018 | Green Turtle, BTC office
Once you start cruising, your electronic world goes to a new level...empty! Not a bad thing. But, you need weather information,so, you are always in search of the best and least expensive. Chris Parker sends out a daily E-Mail. He broadcasts on SSB Radio (I have...but he is on early, Cruiser time but not Toby time). I have applications that pull down the data. Grib files on the Satellite Phone are always available, but the satellites like to come in and out. There is a daily VHF broadcast on CH 68 from Hope Town, that starts with weather. However, VHF is max 12 miles and gets scratchy. Bahamas Telelphone gives you a good signal 60% of the time. You can’t make reservations, download weather and some APPs supply excellent information (Windy now the best AP). THE PHONE IS IMPORTANT!
Pictured is a group waiting in Green Turtle for the BTC rep to show up. What you say? They haven’t been here this month? They are still coming. Picture shows Joe and Paula Fey, great boat friends for four years, joining us in the golf cart for our wait. OK another $50 golf cart trip to nowhere!

ALiv to save the day

17 January 2018
So how come I am finally posting Sail Blogs. In the absence of good communication, the fine new government of the Bahamas has added competition. I solved the phone problem in Great Guana. The grocery store. Yes Grocery stlore had phone cards that could be activated. Then to Hope town with the new phone card when we learn about aLiv, a new phone service. God Bless competition! They offer a full boat phone based wifi system, developed by Alcatel. Now 15 people can get on the system at once. And, so far (probably since dudes people know about it), it's ON FIRE!

Off The Boat

28 December 2017 | Vero Beach
So, last May, we decided to make things easier. We bought a home in Vero Beach to dock Comocean. No more trips north and south. Whoops...three hurricanes, a sold Houston house, a thousand mile Penske Truck drive, remodeling and a great decorating job by JoAnne and friend Phyliss and we are ready for Christmas with the kids. IN VERO...they never came to Houston. Off to Bahamas in January from our new dock in Vero.

Why we went down ICW

24 October 2017 | View of Hatteras weather
Toby Hynes
Photo says it all

Norfolk...passing the Aircraft Carrier Gerald Ford

24 October 2017 | Norfolk
Toby Hynes
The stage is set for our seventh southbound trip. Crew mates Norm Weill (trip 7), Mark Peters, Rick Baker and Tom Bittenbender and I have decided to avoid the Gale off Hatteras, the 13 foot south pointing seas and travel instead on the 200 miles of the Intercoastal Waterway from Norfolk to Beaufort, NC. We are now passing the Gerald R Ford and the rest of the Norfolk fleet. VERY impressive. Closing in on mile marker

And the Winner IS????

02 May 2017 | Ft. Pierce, FL
Time with Rick and Kate was great. Friends from the early days of Gross Pointe and working for Ford, Raising similar aged children in a great community, occasionally hearing from each other as we moved all over the country (and, in their case Asia Andy Africa), IT IS GREAT TO STILL BE FRIENDS. After a tough crossing, with unexpected higher winds, and learning about the transition into the Gulf Stream north of Great Sale Cay, we arrived Fort Pierce. For a final night aboard, wer needed to complete the heated Mexican Train contest. And the winner....Rick Baker

Great Guana Cay with Rick and Kate Baker

26 April 2017 | Great Guana
Toby Hynes
Open Ocean Crew mate Rick Baker and his wife Kate joined us to bring Comocean back to the U.S. The plan included time to shop in Hope Town, play in Great Guana, cross the Whale. Dinner at Green Turtle Inn and Marina then out to Spanish Cay to prepare for “the crossing’. Shown here, the group on Great Guana beach.

Not a gust

23 March 2017 | Hope Town Inn and Marina
Weather in Hope Town at the dock

Bittenbenders arrive to brave the weather

23 March 2017 | Hope Town Inn and Marina
Toby Hynes
Tom and Gael Bittenbender joined us once more to enjoy the Abacos. They are even our idol for retirement and enjoying life. Gael, having had a little hip issue from the last boat trip never stopped. They are just back from skiing in Colorado. They arrive to great weather. The strongest North winds of the season. Here, we see the girls prepared for the weather. Is this really the Abacos in March?

Bill and Joanne...Cyphers last boat meal

17 February 2017 | Spanish Wells
Toby Hynes
Bill had shown JoAnne how to cook Lobster. In Spanish wells, the home source for lobster for Red Lobster restaurants, we of course finished off our trip with a Lobster dinner. Halve the Lobster tail with a knife. Pan sear with Butter, 5 minutes and then you remove the Lobster from the Tail. Finish in the butter until perfect. Whooola!

Highbourne to Spanish Wells with Cyphers

17 February 2017 | Entering Eluthera
Toby Hynes
One of our favorites, Highbourne Cay, gives us access to Nassau or Spanish Wells. Bill and Martha have opted to fly out of Nassau but lined up rooms to vacation at Harbor Island. Highbourne is the easy way to hide from weather and position yourself for the 60 mile leg to Spanish Wells and then North. We get a great weather window and head north. Along the way, Bill tries a little fishing. Barracuda of course! Hard not to catch one.

Dinner off Wardrick Wells

14 February 2017
Having enjoyed a great sail up the islands on the Exuma's Bank, Joanne put us on the mooring in one pass in the "fishhook" or Wardrick Wells North Harbor. A sailboat from St Marteen, having taken our assigned mooring, we picked up another and cleared in with the park ranger. Over VHF 9, we heard the Quattro between the Ranger and the boat on our Ball. That vessel will never get another mooring in WW. We walked the island, climbed the hill, took pictures and walked the beach. Dinner was great, with sunset on the water behind us.

Staniel Cay Yacht Club

12 February 2017 | Staniel Cay
Toby Hynes
After a great crossing to Eluthera, Super Bowl at Highbourne Cay for the third year (GO PATS!!!), and a short trip down the Exuma's to Staniel Cay, we met our friends Bill and Martha Cyphers in Staniel Cay after their Flamingo airlines flight. Martha commented on the facts she had not seen an ashtray in an airplane in quite a few years. Sounded like a need for a drink, we went for Mud Slides and Umbrella drinks at the best bar in the Exuma's.

Little Harbor...Pete's Pub

25 January 2017 | Little Harbor, Abacos
Toby Hynes
We had our first experience going down to Pete's Pub. The entry is a high tide only entrance. After a great sail, Sue, John, Joanne and I dinged into the channel. The sculpture garden is fabulous, the Bar, a real beach bar. Up the hill is the old lighthouse site. Deserted ruin, but great view of the Abacos (photo)

Bochi Ball

22 January 2017 | Hope Town
Toby Hynes
Locked in to Hope Town for weather and fun, john was introduced to the game of Jungle Bochi Ball. Minus 3 points for breaking a light bulb, minus 2 for hitting the furniture, stand on one leg and don't go over the line. Toss the Pea Ball where no one can see it. The game is close to playing the basketball game "HORSE", of our youth. Old, unemployed, men seem to revert to their youth.
Vessel Name: Comocean
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 426
Hailing Port: Osterville, Ma
Crew: JoAnne and Toby Hynes
JoAnne and Toby are enjoying their early retirement years following in the footsteps of their children. Seth at 32 led the way when he and his new bride, Elizabeth, sailed their Lagoon 380 from Hampton, Va. to Sydney, Australia. [...]
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