S.V Condesa Del Mar

23 meter Herreshoff Schooner built in Wilmington Boat Yard California 1970 onwards. Fit out completed mid 1990's. Mark and Jenny Gaskell purchased Condesa November 2011 and crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2012.

24 September 2021 | Crystalbrooke Marina Port Douglas
17 September 2021 | Low Islet and Port Douglas
17 September 2021 | Low Islet and Port Douglas
10 September 2021 | Cairns
10 September 2021 | Cairns
03 September 2021 | Fitzroy Island
26 August 2021
19 August 2021 | Magnetic Island
13 August 2021 | Sailing north door Magnetic Island
04 August 2021 | Hayman Island
28 July 2021 | The Heart of the Reef
21 July 2021 | Whitsunday Islands
15 July 2021 | The Coral Sea Resort
11 July 2021 | The a Great Barrier Reef
07 July 2021 | The Barrier Reef
04 July 2021 | Middle Percy Island
30 June 2021 | Underway headed for Middle Percy Island
23 June 2021 | Coral Sea
18 June 2021
07 June 2021 | Gold Coast

Whale of a Time

11 July 2014 | Middle Percy Island
The saying 'Whale of a time'- I have never really thought much about the phrase until we were out in ocean sailing along with these beautiful big mammals who were also moving themselves slowly into warmer waters. They have performed on cue daily making sure we see their joy as we drift our way up the east coast of Queensland too.
As soon as we had cleared Tangalooma and headed for Lady Musgrave we were entertained daily by them.
It was obvious that they were having a "whale of a time". One whale in particular chose to do head stands and hold his tale out of the water for some time. Despite my lame focus with the camera he had actually had given me enough time to focus first and then shoot. Unfortunately, my excitement along with the movement of the boat blurred my pics. His migrating buddy at the time chose to slap the water over and over possibly in hysterical laughter while Mr Headstand continued to perfect his synchronized position just for us. Once we had passed his location they sunk deep into the ocean and continued their journey north.

The days of "winter" out here are far from the chill we hear has hit Brisbane. The skies are crystal clear and the waters are perfect temperature for swimming (sorry anyone south of here). When He Who Hums said to me that we might overnight at "Pearl Bay" it too conjured up visions of loveliness, and it was! The clear teal waters, the rough pinnacles of craggy rocks with emerald pine trees that grew tall withstanding the trade winds that constantly blow in from the south east and that have flattened the surrounding shrubs. The small islands dotted within Pearl Bay were quite the get-away. I spotted sunny caves as we approached and felt one could take up residence here and live life simply. I thought it the perfect place to lose the tax man should you be thinking that way at this time of year. We landed our dingy on the sandy shores of the small Treasure Island that sat opposite Pearl Bay. As we hauled the dingy up the beach I was shocked to see footprints both large and small in the sand. Whilst they appeared to look human I wondered if the squealing I had heard was in fact bird calling or had a recluse family who had beaten me to living within the scenic rocky cliffs. I peered skyward contemplating our planned climb as that was the only option. If they had hairy bodies I was out of there!
He Who Hums scampered to the top and engulfed the magic of his own discovery. Well, he's no Edmund Hillary but there he was beating his chest (OK, that was his heart rate). When I made it to his side I could see why. Far below we could see the depths of a turtle haven and a few short steps across to the other side of the crested mound the sun glittered across the waters with Condesa just a silhouette with the shimmer on the water.
The return trip back down the steep cliff face needed our total attention as to not lose our footing. I wanted to look at massive eagle that needed to feed her complaining chicks. She swooped down and caught - not one, but two fish in her big claws first go! She dropped one as she sped back to home base to the hungry nesters. Somehow I felt she achieved her review of the fish just by feel and dropped the lesser of the two on purpose. As for us, we too were headed home for dinner with the hope that our trawling behind the dingy back might land us something equally large and fresh. We are never really disappointed when we reel in the coloured lure with nothing to show. Firstly we hate to kill when the freezer is still choc a block of meals and secondly - filleting.......well that is all that needs to be said. Even though fishing is a sport it is not one He Who Hums is known for. Oh but yes he has many fishing tale of he and his dad's prowess's from yesteryear. I am beginning to wonder if they might have been told to lure me as I have not seen any haul as yet. Let's just say when it comes time to knock one of God's creatures on the head we prefer to lose the fight. The day will come when we need to catch us a sweet Spanish Mackerel for dinner the thought is not too far away. We have logged Tangalooma to Lady Musgrave; Roslyn Bay to Great Keppel and now we can tick Pearl Bay to Huxem to The Middle Percy's and now in wifi land Mackay. Day hops from here to the Whitsundays should return us to a normal sleeping pattern but we are having a whale of a time so the rough nights are par for the course.
Condesa loves the Queensland coastline, the two of us back enjoying our roles onboard the "working" vessel. The discovery of the outer islands is being achieved along the way both of us are stunned at the beauty right on our doorstep every day.
Vessel Name: La Condesa Del Mar
Vessel Make/Model: Herreshoff Schooner 73 ft
Hailing Port: Southport Brisbane Australia
Crew: Mark & Jenny Gaskell
Boat and water lovers from the east coast of Queensland. Both Mark and Jenny enjoyed an upbringing holidaying on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast where the smell of the ocean is ingrained at a young age. The passion grew with each vessel large and small over the years. [...]
Extra: Having conquered the east coast of Queensland Australia the biggest challenge and adventure was crossing the Pacific ocean in 2012 just months after purchasing. Leaving La Paz Mexico in March 2012 reaching for Australian waters October 2012. We love the simplicity and beauty of being live-aboards.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/svcondesa
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