S.V Condesa Del Mar

23 meter Herreshoff Schooner built in Wilmington Boat Yard California 1970 onwards. Fit out completed mid 1990's. Mark and Jenny Gaskell purchased Condesa November 2011 and crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2012.

17 September 2021 | Low Islet and Port Douglas
17 September 2021 | Low Islet and Port Douglas
10 September 2021 | Cairns
10 September 2021 | Cairns
03 September 2021 | Fitzroy Island
26 August 2021
19 August 2021 | Magnetic Island
13 August 2021 | Sailing north door Magnetic Island
04 August 2021 | Hayman Island
28 July 2021 | The Heart of the Reef
21 July 2021 | Whitsunday Islands
15 July 2021 | The Coral Sea Resort
11 July 2021 | The a Great Barrier Reef
07 July 2021 | The Barrier Reef
04 July 2021 | Middle Percy Island
30 June 2021 | Underway headed for Middle Percy Island
23 June 2021 | Coral Sea
18 June 2021
07 June 2021 | Gold Coast
25 July 2015 | The Yard Brisbane Ship Lifts Murarrie

When the Universe Speaks

07 June 2021 | Gold Coast
Jenny Gaskell

It has been a long time between blog uploads, not to mention long passages and offshore sailing for us here onboard Condesa.
We are still poised at Southport Yacht Club Marina, exactly one month after out predicted departure date due to a failed anchor winch and the installation of a new winch.
Long story short, this preparation for ‘Beyond the Barrier Reef’ rally 2021 has reminded me of our set up in Mexico to sail home to Australia in 2012, as it is vital to have all your ducks in a row to set sail offshore. To have Condesa fully self-sufficient at sea requires a list just as extensive as the Pacific crossing check list. A full page of pantry essentials, plus medically, mechanically, electronically, and obviously mentally, physically and emotionally ready. Then pair that with forecasts for the right weather window to depart and arrive at a notorious bar crossing and you can see how some ducks get out of line, or have their feathers ruffeled.
It is not a simple exercise and one that reminds you of how small you are in the big scheme of things. You can take nothing for granted and each step is timed to fall into place alongside the weather. I will not lie it does have you on an emotional hurdy-gurdy. Being ready to leave the security of friends, family and support systems that we are used to having at our fingertips for our daily existence is a big deal. And to have several on again / off again departure dates messes with your bio-rhythms.
I sense there has been intervention from a greater source as the patterns of unstable winds (which is unusual for this time of year), hampered our departure regardless of our anchor winch problem.
So, a reminder that we can all think we are in control of time for when, where and how this life unfolds but my experience is that the universe rules supreme. As soon as we untie the lines ‘time’ for one will become less relevant, as will the days of the week and the months.
We will eat and sleep when we feel the need not then the clock says. We will move with the wind and arrive when we get there, in a place the weather permits. Already I see where we went wrong with setting departure dates.
I feel I have everything ready from my end and the anchor winch is set for installation tomorrow. There is rain for Wednesday morning therefore my ducks are at this point getting in line. Now, whether they stay ‘in a row’ is yet to be revealed Wednesday afternoon.

Good night from mother duck.
Vessel Name: La Condesa Del Mar
Vessel Make/Model: Herreshoff Schooner 73 ft
Hailing Port: Southport Brisbane Australia
Crew: Mark & Jenny Gaskell
Boat and water lovers from the east coast of Queensland. Both Mark and Jenny enjoyed an upbringing holidaying on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast where the smell of the ocean is ingrained at a young age. The passion grew with each vessel large and small over the years. [...]
Extra: Having conquered the east coast of Queensland Australia the biggest challenge and adventure was crossing the Pacific ocean in 2012 just months after purchasing. Leaving La Paz Mexico in March 2012 reaching for Australian waters October 2012. We love the simplicity and beauty of being live-aboards.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/svcondesa
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