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16 May 2017 | Lanzarote Canary Islands
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28 February 2011

Middle Percy Island

07 June 2010 | Middle Percy Island
Randy Repass

Turquoise water, palm tree lined white sand beach. Boatie shack with name boards from hundred's of Aussie and world cruising boats and telltale evidence of many parties. Inner lagoon with narrow, shallow entrance, cruising catamaran careened on beach having bottom painted.

The seas settled, the wind backed to well aft of the port beam swinging to South at about 17 knots pushing us along at 9 knots on a sunny and absolutely beautiful day. Middle Percy was our destination.

Diane's French Toast, and ever popular veggie burgers kept us smiling.

We arrived at Percy about 2 PM, anchored, dinghied in to the lagoon then to the beach and the shack where we fashioned a sign board for Convergence made from a piece of sheet metal that fell out of the steering pedestal! The anchorage is an open roadstead with quite a bit of swell so even though Middle Percy Island is a charming place we decided to head 100 miles further North overnight through a series of coastal islands to the Whitsunday Islands for some snorkeling, a break from the passage and a night on the anchor.

Vessel Name: Convergence
Vessel Make/Model: Wylie 65
Hailing Port: Santa Cruz, California
Crew: Sally-Christine Rodgers, Kent-Harris Repass, Randy Repass
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