COOLING DOWN with Darren & Haruka

Come and join in our adventure. Sailing our new Catamaran (Cool Cat) home from Mexico to Cairns. We look forward to having you all onboard. Please visit us and/or follow our travels here.

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Cairns Again

30 July 2012
Have not posted for a long time , dont really feel the need or want anymore.
Home life is home life , and being on the water is just something else very special to me.
To be back on the water these days, I have made a couple of trips into Cairns from Deeral/ Mulgrave river where I normally moore Cool Cat.
I can still park the truck close by and do quotes for work, when and if any.
Being on the boat is great. I love the earlly mornings and even better the sunset happy hour drinks. I get a good look at what the boat requires for ongoing maintanance , and there is lots of going maintanance.
What a great way to do nothing and be able to watch the Olympics.
This trip I have had John and Eunice for happy hour , they are always a reliable sourse of great entertainmant and fun.
Also had a visit for lunch from my Uncle Donny and Aunty Carol who I have been liking to catch up with since my return to Aus. Thanks for the effort, great to see you .
My mate Miro always comes through with his generosity , allowing the use of his home and tools etc as required, even bringing out a nice spicy pizza from his wife Sabines work one nite , Yum.
Haruka has not stayed onboard accept for nights off, so pretty quiet without her around and Bertie of cousre.
Oh , nearlly forgot the quick trip to Michaelmas Cay with Ian , Jenny , Natallie and Heath overnight. All neighbours from Fishery Falls. The wind was up and so was the swell making for quite a brisk sail and lumpy conditions. Not the best for thier first trip , but no complaints and they were all great to have aboard. I think they enjoyed it and could see just how beautiful it would be in better conditions. We will do it again soon. Jenny however , was a bit sick, but never complained and held her dignity high.
The pick is from my phone one afternoon walking along the Esplanade. Cool Cat is one of the first boats you can see.
Better go do something , check out the games.

A Quick Trip into Cairns

04 May 2012
Recently we decided to go for a sail and stay in Cairns Harbour for a week or so.
We sailed to Fitzroy Ils , stayed a night there and sailed on to Cairns the following day. Great sailing with the wind and swell , giving us some fast average speeds.
What else is there to do in the city , ( I call Cairns the city) other than try out some fine dining .
We often walked the boardwalk of the Pier and checked out the menu , more importantaly , the specials. Most having quite reasonable lunch time specials.
We tried out a few , but couldnt quite get past the happy hour drinks at Bela Vista , where you can get a $5 pizza .
We had a few visitors , being Jon and Unis for drinks , Marty and Robyn came in and we had a take away Indian meal on the boat , nice, and lets not forget HOADY, who instantly found the Court House Hotel had $4 Coronas , all day. Dont think he thoroughly enjoyed the next days sail back home to Deeral with me. Coronas and AFL, appears to be a potent mixture .
Miro always comes through and helped us by looking after Bertie when required and also allowing me to leave my truck at his place. Thanks mate.
Bertie did require a walk every morning and afternoon for , well you probably know. Cant believe I actually carried around little black plastic bags.
Bernard and Annie are successfully now running Bernies Jaz Bar and were able to give us a long term parking key for the pier, not to mention many happy hour drinks there as well . Bertie even enjoyed the attention at the Jaz bar. Thanks Guys.
Harukas early morning starts allowed myself to fully enjoy my morning coffe ,watching the sun rise . Quite nice. Also our happy hour drinks as the sun went down and the city lights brightened up the harbour where always refreshing. Didnt think to take any pictures.
We both agreed we would do this again.
Cheers Darren

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road

14 April 2012
Im still threatening myself to sort out all my pictures from the trip.
One day , when I have plenty of time (like now) I may do just this.
I do look back at them now and again and found this one.
It did give me a giggle, not a laugh , but a giggle.

One night on the water .

06 March 2012
One night on the water is worth at least 10 nights at home, I just love it.

Haruka and I had decided to sail to Fitzroy Island, about 3-4 hours sail away.
On the way we pulled in this Tuna and were eating with soy and wasabi before I even finnished filliting.
We then made our way to a mooring where we tied up , dropped the tinny in the water and made our way to the rsort for a look around. There was work being done on the pool ,so no swimming , but the snorkling off the back of the boat was a nicer option anyway.
4.30pm happy hour saw us tied up to the jetty and having a beer and champayne looking out at the boat and the pristine waters around us.
By 6 we were back on the boat toasting to a great day with a G & T.
We then sat down to our tea of fresh cooked tuna , rib eye steak and salad.
I really dont know how I keep doing this , but such litlle effort , I think ill do it again soon.
Once home again , Haruka made some tuna sushi and another raw fish mixture
Not so bad once you get used to the raw part.
Come see us on the water , I hope you will enjoy it as much as us.

Moving forward

29 February 2012
Well finally I finnished what was of sorts my first job , woopee.
Great , more money to spend on the boat.
The scary part was when I was on the roof , cutting some flashing , in a complete dream. My thought was not on the job ,AT ALL. This to me felt like I had never left , and I certainly had no worries about forgetting what or how to do my job. Bugger.

Oh , my thoughts however , were cruising between Airlie Beach and Cairns , trying to work out a reasonable cost to charge backpackers, where it is worth my while and reasonable enough to get them on board. Why catch the bus?

Then home and looking at pictures of anchorages like this pic above (Mekemo Atoll , Tuamotus ), and I truely would do just about anything to be back out there.
I have constant thoughts of renting the house, selling the truck, even just moving along the coast and looking for work as I go.
Out there it is just bliss, your whole being is simply up to you , how clean , how safe , how much maintanance , the list of thoughts of why, instead of why not , fill my head. It is only a matter of time and mon- mon- money(a little bit of reality kicked in , someone please slap me fast).

ps , dont forget to VOTE ! think I will be sick in bed that day. My honesty brings me to a hard place when told I have to chose something that all sounds so wrong. Notice I didnt call them thieves or liers.

Whats New

09 February 2012
Now home , its back to the same old routine.
Get the ph /int connected. Try find the best deal.
Get a job , sorry for swearing.
Boring , Boring , Boring.

The boat on the other hand keeps me well and truely occupied. With cleaning constantly , trying to keep off the land grime/ dust .
One motor has now given me more trouble than on the whole passage, I now have the injector pump out. Money money money.

Haruka is working hard back in her old job at St Johns Young Lifestyle Care.
Basically looking after people who can no longer look after themsleves.
Never thought she would do this work but seems to at least accept it , and Im told does an exceptional job. She is worth more money.

On my side of things , I have had a niggle about mine work.
I did a job(patio and deck ) for a guy who is in mining recruiting. He suggested I send in my resume and he will do what he can . We will see.
Hmm, patios , with all the rediculous legistlations telling me when where how !
Mine , get up go , put in effort , go home sleep , make good money.
Sail on time off. Im tempted.
Vessel Name: COOL CAT
Vessel Make/Model: Leopard 38 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Cairns Nth Qld Australia
Crew: Darren & Haruka
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Who: Darren & Haruka
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