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A Good Traveler Has No Fixed Plans and Is Not Intent Upon Arriving! (tao)

27 March 2018 | Currently in Tailand
07 February 2018 | Queenstown
31 January 2018
26 January 2018 | New Zealand
29 December 2017 | New Bern
16 June 2017 | Wrightsville Beach, NC
06 June 2017 | On the Intercoastal Waterway
27 March 2017
13 March 2017
08 January 2017 | Ortega river marina
25 September 2016 | Mull Island
01 May 2016
28 February 2016 | Galapagos
18 January 2016 | Near the equator!
18 September 2015 | Halifax, Nova Scotia
08 September 2015 | Newfoundland
23 August 2015 | Bar Harbor, ME
22 August 2015 | Newfoundland
24 July 2015 | Cuttingsville, VT

World cruise

27 March 2018 | Currently in Tailand
Humid and hot
What an amazing cruise we are having! Learning so much from geography to Tai Chi to energy healing. Not to mention all the different cultures we are visiting and witnessing the problems of the world. We feel so humbled and fortunate to be from America, even with our own county’s problems that seem minuscule in comparison.
Let the pictures tell the story. View in the gallery.

Sculptures of the day

07 February 2018 | Queenstown
Sunny and cool
Another great hike in Queenstown around Lake Wakatipu. Beautiful houses on one side and the lake on the other, and in between a trail with sculptures interspersed along the way.

Queenstown, New Zealand

31 January 2018
Oh my, I think this is one of the most beautiful places we have been. The pictures speak for themselves! Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them while in the gallery.

New Zealand

26 January 2018 | New Zealand
Sunny and warm
City of Sails

The epic journey begins with landfall in Aukland, New Zealand. The flat was perfectly located, although albeit at the top of a steep hill. We discovered too late that fans were available at the reception desk. A bit warm during the day, air conditioning is at a premium. A fan would have been nice at night. Other than that, what a gorgeous, clean, young city. Sun block is a must, apparently the ozone layer is very thin here. We have walked, tramped, biked and bused all over Aukland. Now off to Queenstown on the South Island where the mountains drop into the sea making for spectacular scenery. Enjoy the photos in the gallery.

New Bern

29 December 2017 | New Bern
Arrived in NC this past summer to work on the tree farm where we had planted ten thousand long leaf pines five years ago. They needed bush hogging to keep the invasive species from taking over including the loblolly pines which had reseeded themselves and were as large or larger than the long leaf. After four months of clearing, bush hogging and burning we were exhausted. Moved the boat to New Bern to enjoy the city and all the Christmas cheer. However it is cold here, our first winter in years. Not sure we will do this again. But only a couple of weeks left as we have planned an epic journey by plane, train and cruise boats to circle the world. Plan to keep the blog better updated with pictures of the trip. So join us on our journey of hiking across New Zealand, swimming the Great Barrier Reef, to the fiords of Norway. Click on the gallery setting above to view pictures.

Black Skimmers and Lesser Terns

16 June 2017 | Wrightsville Beach, NC
Summer breezes
Stopped in Wrightsville Beach and on a long walk around the point to Mason Inlet we were pleasantly surprised to find the Black Skimmers and Lesser Terns by the hundreds in a brooding cycle. The Skimmers migrate from Central and South America to breed. What fun to see the hatchlings, our timing was perfect. For hours we were captivated watching their behavior of cooling off by opening their beaks, feeding the chicks, and skimming across the water to catch fish. It is hard to tell from a profile that their beaks are knife thin. The lower bill is longer than the top which is used to catch the fish by feel and not sight.

Nesting amongst the Skimmers were the lesser terns. Their hatchlings playing along with the Skimmer hatchlings.
Vessel Name: Will-O-The-Wisp
Vessel Make/Model: 1970 Banjer Motor Sailor Ketch rig
Hailing Port: Carthage North Carolina
Crew: Honoree & Walt Cooper
About: Just a couple of free spirits seeing the world!
Extra: We will continue until it isn't fun any longer.....
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Joined the cruise ship in Sydney, Australia after spending about a month in New Zealand. Have landed in China, Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Komodo Island.
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Along the trail around Lake Wakatipu
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Aukland and beyond
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From July to December
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A brooding colony in Wrightsville Beach near the inlet.
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The wildlife and waterway through south Florida
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Bow thruster, sail bags, upholstering the settee, curtains, replacing teak, just an overall facelift to our 1970 Banjer Motorsailer.
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The sights of Wales, Scotland and England
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Living in a small resort town of Los Posidas just south of Mancora. It's beautiful beaches, fine resorts and restaurants attract the well to do Peruvians from Lima.
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Diving, snorkeling, hiking, site seeing !
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Botanical garden and teleferico
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Arriving in Cannes, Monaco, and the villages of Grasse & Capris. Taking the 747 and not Will-O-the-Wisp[
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Visibility 75 to 100; water temp 84; corals and creatures the best.
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Leaving Panama headed to Honduras
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Zip lining, Boquete, and hiking in Bocas Del Toro
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40th Exeter High School Reunion
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Our Boat!
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