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13 April 2024
06 April 2024 | St Augustine, Captain's Log Day 6
04 March 2018 | Daytona - Halifax Harbor Marina
20 April 2017 | St. Pete, FL

Leaving St Mary's inlet

13 April 2024
Dawn Mericle
We sailed to St Mary's Inlet last Sunday and stayed in the area until this morning.
Julie drove up to meet us and spent two nights with us anchored out.
Monday (eclipse day) we sailed out in the ocean and watched the partial eclipse. The amount of sunshine definitely changed, but it seemed more like a stormy day, with no rain, than anything else.
On our way out of the Inlet, we were stopped by the Coast Guard because they were moving a Navy sub through the channel. It delayed our sail, but was interesting to watch.
On or way in, we anchored off Cumberland Island and went in for a hike. We enjoyed the beauty of the dunes, oak trees and wild horses on the beach and throughout the island.
We motored back to St Mary's and brought Julie in to town on Tuesday morning.
The wind and the waves were rough throughout the week so John used the time to get some work done. He officially ended vacation and started logging his part time this week.
Friday morning we moved over to Fernandina and anchored near the marina. We dinghied in through some crazy waves and wind and made a day of it.
We did laundy, shopped, ate and bar hopped. We drank a round at the Palace Saloon which touts being the oldest, continuously run Saloon in Florida.
This morning we headed north to Brunswick. We are officially on a new adventure because St Mary's Inlet is the farthest North we had ever sailed the boat before this trip. New inlets and New towns lie ahead.

I will add photos to the gallery when I have better internet tonight.

Week 1

06 April 2024 | St Augustine, Captain's Log Day 6
Dawn Mericle
Our first week has been a fun adventure.
We sailed to Ponce Inlet on Monday, 4/1 and anchored just south of the inlet.
On Tuesday morning, as we went to lift the anchor, the motor died :(.
We called Sea Tow, got towed to a marina in Ponce Inlet, and spent the day troubleshooting. A loose wire connection and not enough gas were the culprits of our problem. Everything is fixed and we are back up and running.
Tuesday night we had dinner with Elizabeth, Sam and Sam's brother Dave.
Wednesday morning we walked down to the beach and past the lighthouse then made it back to the boat before the afternoon rain.
Thursday we dinghied over to Disappearing Island and took a walk. In the afternoon we picked up Beth Harper and her friend Ken for dinner on the boat. It was a great visit.
Friday we sailed all day, in gusty wind, to St Augustine.
Nicole met us on Saturday for a day of exploring in the city.
Tomorrow we plan to sail to St. Mary's, GA

Look in the gallery for photos from the week.

The Journey Begins - The Maine Goal adventure has arrived!!

01 April 2024 | Captain's Log Day 1
Dawn Mericle
We left Port Canaveral this morning to begin our journey north. We motored most of the day and came into Ponce Inlet around 6:15pm. Overall day of travel was 60.22Nm.
We saw dolphin, had beautiful weather and watched our first sunset on the trip.
We had a bit of trouble with the windlass and had to manually set the anchor.

Renaming Ceremony

04 March 2018 | Daytona - Halifax Harbor Marina
Dawn Mericle

A Look Back

20 April 2017 | St. Pete, FL
Dawn Mericle
We purchase our boat in St. Pete, FL in 2017. We spent 6 weeks driving across the state every weekend to get comfortable sailing it in Tampa Bay and learning how to live on it.
Vessel Name: Closer To Fine
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau/473
Hailing Port: Port Canaveral Fl
Crew: Dawn and John
About: Both very cool
Closer To Fine's Photos - Main
We spent the week in and around St Mary's, GA. 4/7 - 4/13
21 Photos
Created 13 April 2024
Port Canaveral to Ponce to St Augustine.
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Created 6 April 2024
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Created 1 April 2024
Everyone joined us at Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona Beach, FL to participate in our renaming ceremony. Nicole ended the event playing Closer to Fine.
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Created 14 January 2024
After purchasing Kanaloa in St Pete, we spent 6 weeks commuting from Deltona every weekend to aquant ourselves with our new vessel.
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Created 13 January 2024