Who: Connie, Caity, Elana, and Robyn
Port: Columbus, MS
23 October 2010 | Caledonia Ms
22 October 2010 | Caledonia Ms

Here we get started

22 October 2010 | Caledonia Ms
For my first post I am at a loss for words,or to be more exact I have a multitude of words that I can't decide which would be best to use. I hope this gets easier as I go along.

Basically I have been doing everything that has been expected of me for the past 15 years. I have been holding down a steady good paying job, paying for a house, cars, cellphones, you know all the things that most people normally strive for. In doing so I have had to work night shift to make the most money I could to provide all these things for my family, and in doing so I have missed quite a lot.

The past year though, I have had this feeling that I cannot shake. After much reading and researching I have had this idea, I'd almost hazard to say an epiphany, instead of trying to give my family things, I will instead give them my time, and hopefully along the way show them the world.

I have a lot to get done, it will be a long, and more than likely, slow journey, but I hope you will join along for the bumpy ride.
Vessel Name: Still Deciding
Hailing Port: Columbus, MS
Crew: Connie, Caity, Elana, and Robyn
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Who: Connie, Caity, Elana, and Robyn
Port: Columbus, MS