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Vessel Name: Ondine
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 39 - 1968
Hailing Port: Wicomico Church, Virginia, USA
Crew: Jim Lamb, Shawn Lamb
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We waited at Hospital Point until the weather calmed down and it was safe to go. That was at 7:30 pm Sunday night. We had a 14 hour window between episodes of high winds. We used 11 of those hours.

10 April 2022

Hospital Point, VA

We traveled only about 12 miles from Great Bridge to Hospital Point. We are 0.2 miles from the termination of the Atlantic ICW. We have traveled 1019 miles on the ICW south and 1019 north, plus extensive travels in the Bahamas.

10 April 2022

Great Bridge, VA

We had a nice trip up the Currituck Sound and stopped at the free dock in Chesapeake, VA. The dock is next to the bridge and lock at Great Bridge. It is an excellent lace to get off the boat and walk in the park.

10 April 2022

Great Bridge, VA

We had a nice trip up the Currituck Sound and stopped at the free dock in Chesapeake, VA. The dock is next to the bridge and lock at Great Bridge. It is an excellent lace to get off the boat and walk in the park.

08 April 2022

Broad Creek

Another long day, over 12 hours from Dowry Creek, up the Pungo River, the Pungo River -Alligator River Canal, Alligator River and across the Albemarle Sound.

06 April 2022

Dowry Creek Marina near Belhaven

We left Beaufort at first light and motorsailed our way north. The day started calm and we fought the current up Adams Creek to the Neuse River. We passed Oriental, and kept on truckin'. The wind picked up a bit as we reached the mouth of the river. By the time we exited Goose Creek and entered the [...]

Our Nassau Arrival

23 February 2022
Jim Lamb
From our anchorage at Norman Cay to Nassau is 41 nautical miles (47.2 road miles to the landlubber!). We could talk on the phone when were were about 10 or 15 miles away from Nassau.

We spoke to Albert several times to coordinate where we would go if we anchored or if we went to a slip. The reports on anchoring in the harbour are unnerving, especially if you do not have an engine. The holding is poor. There is significant current, and little protection from the wind. We wanted a slip.

Shawn got on the phone and and found a towing service, Captain Cameo, at TOW BOAT Bahamas. They also made tentative arrangements for a slip.

We called Albert, unfortunately that marina would not let them work on the boat, so we needed another marina. Shawn got on the phone and called every single Nassau marina on the list. The last one she called was full but they gave us the name a newer marina that was not on her list. We called and they had room. Pointe Marina in Nassau.

We called Captain Cameo and changed our destination. We called Albert and told him where he could find us.

As we entered Nassau Harbour from the east. We called Captain Cameo to arrange a rendezvous at the harbour entrance. He arrived in a tour boat with 3 300 hp engines and a 200 ft tow line. We dropped the sails and went for a ride through Nassau Harbour. The marina is at the west end. We went through two fixed bridges, past several cruise ships and came to Pointe Marina.

We were tired and stressed by the end of journey. We tied up on the T of the dock. That was a bad choice with the waves and wind pounding us all night. We were loaned a large fender by Captain Brett on Cedar Island. That was a huge help. We did not sleep well, again. It was so bad that we called Captain Cameo to return in the morning to move us into a slip, so we could use the docklines to keep us off the pilings.

The next morning, Tuesday, at 8 am we had Captain Cameo back and Jason, Albert Marine's diesel mechanic arrive within minutes of each other. Albert began diagnosing the engine issue with Shawn helping him, while I negotiated with Captain Cameo and Howard (Pointe Marina Harbourmaster) about how and where to best put our boat.

Once we decided where to move her, Jason kept working on the engine while Ondine was relocated. Shawn was on deck handing the lines, Jim and Howard were on the dock walking the boat into the slip while Captain Cameo and his first mate handled the tow.

In the end we were tied safely and securely. Jason continued his diagnosis. He showed us that we were running on cylinders 1 and 2, but 3 and 4 were not firing. He also showed me substantial blowback in the intake. Air is supposed to go in there, not out! He removed the head. The head gasket was blown, with a 1/4 inch gap between cylinders 3 and 4, hence the lack of useful compression and the blowback. He left with the head for service and thinks we will be back in business this weekend.

We have been so fortunate to have so many people here that are capable and willing to help us. What a great place this is!!! Glad we came to Nassau.
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