Cruisin South

21 January 2014 | Miami
21 December 2013 | ICW channel mile marker 18
20 December 2013 | Tampa, FL
16 December 2013 | Panama City, FL
13 December 2013 | Panama City, FL
03 December 2013 | Florida Panhandle

Heading to Bimini Sat. Jan. 25th

21 January 2014 | Miami
Traci/ 68 and rainy
Looking for anybody sailing to to Bimini from Miami this weekend. Leaving from No Name Harbour in the a.m. Putting together floatilla.

Don't break down just before the Holidays, you can't get parts.

29 December 2013 | Placida, FL
Traci/ 75
Well, the day before Christmas Eve, Randy diagnosed the engine and discovered we dropped a valve on the piston. Where are you going to get parts for a Yanmar, all dealers in Southeast are closed until Jan. 6th, 2014. We called every Yanmar parts place in Florida. No parts? We did find an upgrade replacement motor for sale. Randy installed it 2 days after Christmas. Call us impatient, the motor is in and running. We are heading South tomorrow to Fort Myers Beach.

Broke down in the middle of channel

21 December 2013 | ICW channel mile marker 18
Traci/ 76
Great day on the water until the sun started going down. Engine started making a clanking noise so we had to shut it down. Shallow on both sides of channel so we are right in the middle. Called Seatow. They are going to tow us to Gasperilla Marina.

Weather predictions Huh!!!

20 December 2013 | Tampa, FL
Traci/ 65
Well we headed out of Panama City into the Gulf on the 17th. Beautiful with 3 mile per hour wind, so we motored all day. Around 7 pm wind picked up between 14- 24 mph, waves kicked up to 6 to 8. It only got worse through the night. The next day, the same thing. We all got beat up pretty good. 45 hours later we arrive at Tampa Bay, 5:45 in the am. Threw the anchor, slept a couple hours and did laundry in the bucket, ate burgers and passed out for 13 hours. The dogs look alot more rested and relaxed.

Lots of wind coming the next few days, going to stay in the intercoastal down to Fort Myers. Any advise on the waterway as we are 63'6" tall & 35' wide?

Looking for info

16 December 2013 | Panama City, FL
Traci/ 32
Yeah! We are finally leaving tomorrow at sun up. The wind and waves are supposed to be as perfect as they can be for this time of year. We are headed to the Keys , Miami and then jumping over to Bimini.
Looking forward to warmer weather, tan skin and a Bahama Mama.

Looking for good anchoring locations and fun stops along the way

Waiting for an open window

13 December 2013 | Panama City, FL
Traci/ 36 degrees
Still waiting for a good time to leave. Weather here has been rainy then cold. Seas are very unpredictable. Supposed to head out early Sunday, headed for Tampa area, expecting a little a.m. rain but seas look good for now.

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Vessel Name: dsr
Vessel Make/Model: Cross trimaran
Hailing Port: Florida Panhandle
Crew: Randy Traci Chopper & Sandi
About: We are sailing South on a new journey to seek out adventure.
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Who: Randy Traci Chopper & Sandi
Port: Florida Panhandle