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Cell phone troubles

29 July 2016 | Rockland Harbor
It was foggy when I got up on Friday morning but it lifted around 10. So far it has been a sunny Maine, with very little fog. The Seaclearlies left early this morning bound for Bucks Harbor up in the Eggemoggin Reach. I left around 1030 for the short trip to Rockland. I had to pick up prescription medications at the local Rite Aid pharmacy that I had my doctor's office in Philadelphia call in earlier.

I anchored in Rockland at 1350 and went to the Rite Aid later that afternoon. After I picked up my medications I briefly checked the shopping list that I keep on my cellphone. Then I put the cellphone on a shelf to check that I had received the correct medications before I wandered further into the drugstore to see if there was anything else I needed. Fifteen minutes later, just after I had left the store, I realized that I had left my cellphone on that shelf. I rushed back; phone gone. A person who stood in line for the pharmacy said that someone had picked it up to take it to the main check out counter near the exit. Well, someone walked out with it. Stole it. Fortunately I keep the phone protected with a pin code. Later on board I reactivated an old 3G phone and called Verizon to report the phone stolen. They can remotely do a factory reset and wipe out all the data on the phone, but that does not include data that you have on an SD card. I have nothing on there that is sensitive, just pictures that I also have on my laptop. Tomorrow I'll go to the local Verizon store to buy a new phone. The spare phone's battery is almost dead and won't hold a charge for much longer than an hour.
Vessel Name: Curlew
Vessel Make/Model: Cabo Rico 42 cutter
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Thierry Danz
About: Hometown: Philadelphia, PA - Members SSCA, Cruising Association (London, UK)
CURLEW is a Cabo Rico 42, built in 2003. LOA 46' 10" 14.25 m LOD 42' 6" 12.95 m Beam 12' 8" 3.85 m Draft 5' 10" 1.80 m Displ 32,000 lbs. 14,500 k Mast height 58' 17.7 m Sail area (100%) 931 ft2 86.5 m2 Sail area (total) [...]
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