Voyages of Sailing Vessel C Whisper I

25 March 2016
25 March 2016
25 March 2016 | Bay of Islands Yacht Club, Corner Brook, Nl
25 March 2016 | Goose Arm, Bay of Islands, Newfoundland
25 March 2016


25 March 2016
We are really having difficulty in deciding whether we take our beautiful but very energetic 4 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel called Duke with us on this journey. While he is an excellent sailing dog he is not the best listener and gets easily distracted and jumps off the boat when at the dock... We will have to decide...

The Preparation

25 March 2016
We are preparing to set sail to Bahamas in September 2016 (we hope if I can be relieved at work). We are getting things ready for the boat in the meantime. The boat is now Transport Canada registered and able to set sail!!!! Thus far we have updated with new sails, bought 25Kg Rocna and Fortress FX 37, all new running rigging, AIS, EPIRB, PLB’s, SPOT….
So many things left to do:
• Get the water maker working,
• Buy and install solar panels (will let you know if we go with flexible or rigid in future post),
• Buy portable freezer (recommendations welcome)
• Possibly buy a drogue (mixed reviews on their value)
• Buy a whisker pole (should it be stored on the deck or mast??)
• …

In Waiting

25 March 2016 | Bay of Islands Yacht Club, Corner Brook, Nl
C Whisper I is presently nestled under her grey winter cover in Corner Brook, Nl (her home port) with many feet of snow around her. We are eagerly waiting for the snow to disappear and for the bay to be ice-free for her to get back into the water so we can enjoy the peaceful and harmonious love of our life; sailing.

Beautiful Goose Arm

25 March 2016 | Goose Arm, Bay of Islands, Newfoundland

Testing the Waters and SKILLS

25 March 2016
C Whisper I had a great summer getting Paula and Byron ready for their upcoming sail south. To test the sailors they sailed to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The journey over to Nova Scotia, although cool, was an exciting adventure with winds less than 20 knots and seas ~ 2-3m on our stern quarter. The sail was broken up with overnight stays in ports along the way. Crossing the Cabot Strait was daunting initially but was not as bad as anticipated (Thank God). The return trip was much more adventuresome with our first overnight sail. 23hr from Souris, PEI to Codroy, Nl. The winds were less than 20 knots and the seas were 3-4m behind us most of the way with the boat reaching 9.3knots!!!!!!! What a thrill.

C Whisper I

25 March 2016
Home port in Bay of Islands, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
Vessel Name: C Whisper I
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 400
Hailing Port: Corner Brook, Nl
Crew: Byron and Paula
After 25 years of being married, my husband decides to tell his water-phobic wife that he wants to get a sailboat and learn to sail. I thought he was crazy!!!!! To support him like he has always supported me I thought okay we will go to Florida rent a boat with a captain and try to learn to sail.... [...]
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Who: Byron and Paula
Port: Corner Brook, Nl