SV Cygnet

This blog is sharing our love for sailing in the Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound and points beyond. Enjoy!

25 August 2010 | Bell Harbor to Port Townsend/Port Hudson
23 July 2010 | Blake Island to Bell Harbor
23 July 2010 | Boston Harbor to Blake Island
19 July 2010 | 47° 8'30.50"N/122°54'16.08"W
22 June 2010 | Dock Side, Olympia
15 June 2010 | Dock Side, Olympia
14 June 2010 | Dock Side, Olympia
12 June 2010 | 047.15.94N 122.44.730W
09 June 2010 | Dock Side Olympia
08 June 2010 | Tara Firma (AKA Home)
07 June 2010 | Dock Side Olympia, WA
25 April 2010 | Swantown Marina our slip

San Juan & Gulf Island departure date is set for the third of July.

14 June 2010 | Dock Side, Olympia
Well it looks like we have our travel dates pretty much set. July 3, 2010 is departure day. Return is July 18th, give or take a couple of days. Now the Itinerary is written in jell-o and looks like this:
July 3- Olympia to Boston Harbor, watch fireworks.
July 4- Boston Harbor to Gig Harbor or Tacoma or Quartermaster Harbor
July 5-Bell Harbor or some place in Seattle to pick up my daughter Katie
July 6- Port Hudson/Port Townsend
July 7-Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, find out where Andiamo is and meet up
July 8 - July 15th Island hopping San Juan and Gulf Islands with friends
July 15- July 18 Homeward bound
I'll fill in the banks as we travel. Most of our trips go something like this. We plan the major stops for fuel and provisions and the rest we'll tell you about it as it happens or when we get back.
Vessel Name: Cygnet
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau SunShine 36/38
Hailing Port: Olympia WA
Crew: Mark & Annette
This is a blog about the adventures of SV Cygnet and “The world according to Mark”. The Cygnet is a 1986 Jeanneau Sunshine 36/38. We the crew of Cygnet are; Skipper Mark, First Mistress Annette and Chloe the Sea Dog. [...]
Extra: I’m just an ordinary guy, living an extraordinary life! Life is good!


Who: Mark & Annette
Port: Olympia WA