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The Cupboards Are Full

01 December 2018
Friday was our final big day of provisioning before heading to the Bahamas. Once again we were fortunate to have friends along the way to drive us around, this time it was Trinh Pham, a long time sailing aquainence from Montreal. Before we left home Trinh had said he would take us shopping if we stopped in Vero and we were glad we took him up on his offer. When he arrived in his Sprinter van we jokingly said it would take a lot to fill it. Well, as it turns out Trinh is a member at Sam's Club and it was a good thing we had the van. It took two loads in the dinghy to get everything to the boat and Bev had to hitch a ride in another dinghy.

It took us a couple of hours to sort and store our purchases, now the challenge is to remember where everything is. At times we think we're spending a lot but in the long run the savings will be huge. Once we were finished it was time to top up the spare water and fuel cans before calling it a day. I was quite surprised to discover that we can still see Dagny's waterline. We managed to store all the heavy items down low so our windward performance should be awesome.

Today was a day of light chores as we plan on leaving here tomorrow morning to work our way towards our jump off point. The weather dictates everything, so we'll see what the next few days bring; however, I expect we will get to at least Ft. Lauderdale before crossing the Gulf Stream. In the mean time we plan on heading into town for the Santa Claus parade later today, it sure will seem strange to see St. Nick surrounded by Palm Trees.

Today's picture is a shot of rush hour at the dinghy dock.
Vessel Name: Dagny
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 402
Hailing Port: South Lancaster On
Crew: Allan Gray and Bev Bethune
About: Allan is a retired Montreal Air Traffic Controller and Bev is a retired Elementary School Principal.
Extra: After many years of local cruising and Etchells racing we are living our dream of sailing to the Bahamas. Allan enjoys golfing, cycling and skiing. Bev is an active cyclist, runner, aerobics participant and cross country skier.

Who: Allan Gray and Bev Bethune
Port: South Lancaster On