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Re Provisioning Time

05 January 2023
Allan Gray
It had been more then 2 weeks since we had last been able to find a good selection of fresh produce so we decided it was time to head to Georgetown and restock. We spent a relaxing News Years day on the beach before heading out on January 2nd for the 25 mile sail to Georgetown. Monday's wind forecast was for 15-18 knots out of the east which would be perfect for a nice quick sail to our destination. We were off the hook by 10:00 a.m. and picked our way across a couple of shallow spots on our way out of Rat Cay Cut, fortunately we never had less than a foot under the keel. Once we popped out of the cut we set a reefed main and partially reefed genny sailed close hauled right to Georgetown averaging 7 knots. We elected to anchor in Kidde Cove which is close to the town Center, although this shallow anchorage isn't the best one in the harbour it provides easy dinghy access to Lake Victoria.

Since we had arrived earlier then expected we decided to get a jump on our to do list which consisted of filling water, diesel, and gas tanks, food shopping and of course the mandatory trip to the laundry mat. Although some stores were closed for New Years we managed to get some food and did two loads of water before calling it a day. We were up and at it early Tuesday with hopes of getting all our chores done early, but with 140 boats in the anchorage we weren't the only ones with the same idea. However, after dropping Bev at the laundry mat I continued my Sherpa imitation and by mid morning had loaded 85 gallons of water, 20 gallons of diesel and 5 gallons of gas into Dagny's tanks. Everything is transported in 5 gallon Jerry cans, needless to say I was happy when the tanks were full. It’s times like this that we certainly miss “Driftaway” coming alongside and Jimmy and Debbie filling our water tanks. Once Bev finished the laundry and the last of the groceries it was time for a relaxing lunch at the Exuma Yacht Club with our friends from Sandbox. After double checking our list and wandering around town it was time to relax aboard and plan our Wednesday morning return to Williams Bay.

We had planned on leaving mid morning to head back north, low tide was at noon and we barely had 6 inches under the keel so we wanted to get moving. However, during breakfast Bev commented on how long the kettle was taking to boil, you guessed it, out of propane. We carry 2 tanks for the stove and this was the first one we had used since Charleston so we weren't in dire straits, however one thing we have learned here is re stock whenever you can. A propane run here is an experience of it's own. A one mile dinghy ride took us to a beach front resort where we anchored the dinghy in thigh deep water and waded ashore, tank in hand. The 15 minute walk to the depot includes a walk through the restaurant terrace, out the front door of the resort and up the hill to the depot. The return trip was a little shorter courtesy of a local who gave us a lift. He was proud to be able to tell us his two kids studied medicine in Canada, one is a doctor and the other a dentist. After a rather wet dinghy ride back we quickly prepared Dagny for our return trip north

The north bound sail was just as nice as our trip to Georgetown except the 15 knot breeze was right behind us. With the sails set wing on wing we steamed north under beautiful sunny skies and arrived off Rat Cay Cut at 4 p.m. Once again we had a nice easy passage through the cut on a rising tide and dropped the hook back in Williams Bay just in time for HH on a neighbouring boat. We were a little tired after a busy couple of days but happy with how everything worked out except Bev struck out again, must be the new lure.

Today's picture is of me from NewYears Eve enjoying the music from the "On Y Va" blues band. It reminded me of the days in the tavern listening to Claude, Peter and Serge.
Vessel Name: Dagny
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 402
Hailing Port: South Lancaster On
Crew: Allan Gray and Bev Bethune
About: Allan is a retired Montreal Air Traffic Controller and Bev is a retired Elementary School Principal.
Extra: After many years of local cruising and Etchells racing we are living our dream of sailing to the Bahamas. Allan enjoys golfing, cycling and skiing. Bev is an active cyclist, runner, aerobics participant and cross country skier.

Who: Allan Gray and Bev Bethune
Port: South Lancaster On