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17 May 2009 | Portsmouth, NH
12 May 2009 | Point Judith, RI
30 April 2009 | Cohansey River, NJ
30 April 2009 | Dismal Swamp Canal, NC
30 April 2009
16 April 2009 | Beaufort, NC
09 April 2009 | Hilton Head, SC
03 April 2009 | Titusville, FL
03 April 2009
03 April 2009 | Great Harbor Cay
03 April 2009 | Nassau-Berry Islands
10 March 2009
10 March 2009
10 March 2009
07 March 2009 | Rock Sound, Eluthera
26 February 2009
24 February 2009
24 February 2009
24 February 2009

Fog Rain Homeward

17 May 2009 | Portsmouth, NH
Would we really feel like we were back in New England if we didn't have a couple of days of fog so thick we could hardly see the front of the boat --- and thats not very far away at all. Needless to say Corning, we did not see the Volvo Ocean Race leave Boston Harbor, but I think we were a couple hours late anyway...
We had a great day in New Bedford, spent a long time in the Whaling Museum, which is a really incredible place. We also saw the Ernestina, recently back in New Bedford after a major refit in Boothbay! It was great to meet the people who were in charge and see all the progress made in restoring this beautiful vessel.
Through the Cape Cod Canal in the thick fog, but it cleared in the afternoon when the wind picked up a bit. We arrived in Gloucester in the evening, and wished we could have spent a whole day there. Its just gorgeous.
Today was kind of stop-and-start. We left Gloucester early and then as the front moved over us it got really snotty, so we ran into Rockport, on the other side of Cape Ann. We waited a few hours there, warmed up a bit, and then set out again. We're now in Portsmouth, NH.
Looks like we'll be home Tuesday at some point. Tomorrow the weather looks good to have a long run and make most of the 77ish miles home. We can't really believe it.

Rhode Island

12 May 2009 | Point Judith, RI
Already to Rhode Island! It did take us a week to get up the Jersey shore, waiting in Cape May and then 2 nights in Atlantic City, where Willy gambled his first 5 bucks (the photo is him in the casino) and lost it really fast, and then another 2 nights in Manasquan Inlet, but it still feels like time is flying by. When we finally made it to New York Harbor, we had a free and easy run, with the wind behind us and the sun shining. Such a nice change from the last time we were there... We picked up one of the free Port Washington town moorings that night in Manhasset Bay, at the beginning of Long Island.

Spent 2 more days in Manhasset, oh how the wind did blow. Someone said it was gusting up to 40 and we were very very glad we weren't out in the Sound. Instead, we went sightseeing! We took the Long Island Railroad into the big city for the day. I've never been there, so I wandered around absolutely googly-eyed over everything--all the different stores, how they repeated themselves, all the people and their clothing, just everything. I really felt like a little kid. It gave me the bug though, and now I'm itching to go back and see more.
I did get in touch with an old friend who I haven't seen in a couple years, and we met up with her for a few hours in the afternoon. Wonderful to see her.
The next day it was still howling, so we spent the day in Port Washington. Willy's Dad and brother stopped by on their way home from DC. Unfortunately it was Mother's Day so the traffic was horrendous and the visit was brief. But, we'll see them again soon.

Last night was spent at Duck Island Roads, CT, then up early early this morning to catch the current here to Point Judith. There was thick thick fog and thunderstorms passing by, but now we're calmly anchored while all the fishing boats come in.
Looks like only another week and then we'll be home. Too crazy.

Engine Fun and Cape May

30 April 2009 | Cohansey River, NJ
Well, what would a trip be without the engine making your heart beat accelerate and your adrenaline pump every now and again? We got to have our fun last night, but it was a gorgeous place and absolutely worth a stop with a great anchorage, especially up near the town of Greenwich. The engine decided to act up, basically not turn on for a while last night and this morning. We poured over Nigel Caulder and called Dad about 14 thousand times so he could be our sounding board. And, finally we fixed it! The alternator belt needed to be tightened and the wiring harness had corroded. Bleh. So, we fixed it! It was quite the feeling to put everything back together and turn the key and have her start right up. We both kind of just looked at each other wide eyed like "did we really do that??" Very cool.

And so we came down to Cape May today. Pushed against the wind and current and got in around 6pm. The weather isn't looking great to do the Jersey shore for the next couple of days, so we may get to hang here, enjoy the sights of the town and do boat projects. There's supposed to be a West Marine around, so maybe we'll go see how much money we can spend.


30 April 2009 | Dismal Swamp Canal, NC
Calm morning.

Hatteras Lighthouses

30 April 2009
Lighthouse and handstands.

End of the ICW and Beyond

30 April 2009
We did rent a car with Nancy, as I mentioned in the previous blog, and had one of the greatest days seeing the Outer Banks. We first took a ferry to Ocracoke and wandered around for a bit there. Nancy and Willy had a great time reminiscing--they took a trip there waaay back in the day, when Willy was a little boy. The beach was great too, with lots of great shells.
Then on a ferry again over to Hatteras. It is just gorgeous--beautiful houses and lighthouses. We visited one of the old life saving museums, where men used to go out whenever a boat ran aground on the sandbanks nearby, these men would row out to the rescue. Their motto was "You have to go out, but you don't have to come back" which was pretty sobering.

In the following few days we ran up to Norfolk via the ICW. Willy had a nice 21st birthday beginning in Elizabeth City and ending in the Dismal Swamp, where we finally met in person (we'd spoken a lot on the radio) Dave and Peggy on "Destiny". They were wonderful and even lent their oven for cake baking! And then Dave brought over some Black Strap Rum (yum?) for Willly on his big day.
Spent a couple days in Norfolk waiting for weather, Nancy bid us farewell, and then we were off up the Chesapeake. We had a great little reunion in Annapolis; my cousin Jeff came up from St. Mary's College, a friend who we'd met in the Bahamas just happened to be there racing, as were 4 Maine Maritime friends of Willy! So a great big loud dinner was had, and it was just really great to see everyone. We spent another day there, fixing the masthead light which had decided to not work (just a dead bulb) and we walked around the city. Beautiful old houses and streets, we could both spend more time there, but onward onward!
Vessel Name: Daisy
Vessel Make/Model: 1969 Bristol 30'
Hailing Port: Cosy Harbor, Maine
Crew: Willy Leathers and Sarah Nutt
Willy has just completed his second year at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine and this summer is working towards getting his 200 Ton Mates License. Sarah is just finishing her first year at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. She is focusing on experiential high school english education. [...]
Our plan is to depart the coast of Maine this October and make our way down the East Coast. We plan on spending time exploring the Chesapeake Bay and will take the intracoastal waterway to Florida. From there we will head over to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and hopefully as far as the Dominican [...]
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Who: Willy Leathers and Sarah Nutt
Port: Cosy Harbor, Maine