Dancing on the Edge

The Spice Island--Grenada

June 2 to September 2, 2021

Grenadian tour guides comment that “No one has to go hungry on Grenada. They just have to walk in the bush to find edible fruit, vegetables and spices.”

One finds many common fruits (coconuts,...


June 2-September 2, 2021

Sean brought a huge soursop from his yard. I had to use it. Caribbean websites and a Grenadian cookbook pointed me in the right direction. Soursop is also known as custard apple or guanabana. The juice of this odd...

Bahama Blues -- The Water

March 24 -- May 5, 2021
Big Majors Cay is
Bahama Blues aka the water, and Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Nasty territorial pigs
New—a zoo of big power yachts

Great Exuma Cay is
Bahama Blues aka the water,...

Bahama Blues -- The Water

March 24 -- May 5, 2021
The Exuma Land and Sea Park is
Bahama Blues aka the water, the iconic hook, easy snorkeling and hiking
Almost impossible connectivity
New—smaller jewels of Wardwick Wells

The Exuma Land and...

Bahama Blues -- The Water

March 24 – May 5, 2021

The Berries are
Bahama Blues aka the water, long walks and fabulous dinghy tour of shark river
A pesky strong frontal passage for days
New – spectacular anchorages at Hoffman Cay

Marathon Memories

Jan 25-March 24
24 42.9 N 081 05.4 W

These are my final comments about COVID 19. For some reason Dan is rolling his eyes. After several calls from Tallahassee offering us an appointment within 6 hours, we parked Dancing on the Edge at...

Bouncing around Biscayne Bay

January 5 – 23, 2021

We miss breeze coming through the hatches as the bow orients to the wind. We miss gentle rocking to sleep. We miss launching the dinghy for trips ashore. We miss the independence of living on the hook. It seems...

It's Time

Oct. 8-29,2020

We were ready. Boy, were we ready to depart. We yearned for a different anchorage, a different temperature, an adventure. We bid goodbye to Annapolis and our friends. We practiced COVID precautions as we socialized with long...

Summer in the Chesapeake Bay

July-September 2020

It’s summertime--heat, windy squalls, no wind, hotter, tropical storm activity, no wind, hot—and it is humid.
Long time friends, known as the Holiday Hookers, met us for a socially distanced picnic. We laughed and...

A New Boat, Boatyards, and The Bay

January 23-June 18, 2020

What a year! We bought a different Island Packet, sold our other IP, and spent the winter in freezing temperatures. Just to keep it lively, we endured COVID. Hurry up 2021. I’m totally done with 2020!