Dancing on the Edge

Chiapas to La Cruz Continued

Oct. 30-Nov 1, 2022
Latitude 20* 44.9'N Longitude 105* 22.6'W

We resumed our passage to La Cruz after a layover in Zihuatanego. We departed with hopes for a smooth trip with only about 350NM to go! Yes!

Fishing lines...

Layover in Zihuatanego

October 27-29, 2022
17* 38.13N 101* 33.35W

We woke in a lovely setting with glorious sunshine, a beautiful Malecon--paper mache heads, and a La Catrina for Dios de los Muertos in Zihuatanego. Many fishing pangas lined the...


Maria Chiapas to Zihuatanego
Oct. 23-26, 2022 midnight

We rose to a beautiful sunrise at daybreak. The Military dog inspected Dancing on the Edge. By 6:45 am we’re off! The weather forecast was for calm, light winds, little chance of...

Summer in Marina Chiapas

May 17--October 23, 2022
Latitude 14* 41.64'N Longitude 092* 25.15W

Cyclone season is coming to the Pacific. We headed to the "hurricane hole" at Marina Chiapas located at Puerto Madero, in the "state" of Chiapas, Mexico. Marina...

Memories of El Salvador

May 9-17,2022
13.18.08N 088.53.5W

Bahia del Sol, El Salvador is about half way between Costa Rica and Mexico. Pacific cruisers often stop here to rest and enjoy the bay. One must cross "The Costa Rica Bar"--not that kind. This is a...

Adios Costa Rica Buenos Dias El Salvador Hola Mexico

May 7-19, 2022
14..41.44 N 092.26.3W

In May we began travel planning. The "H" season or "lightning season" will arrive quickly. We decided to lay up in Puerto Madero, Mexico. Marina Chiapas is about 500 NM from Northern Costa Rica. Since...