Dancing on the Edge

Costa Rica by Land

February 9-April 22, 2022
We traveled over mountains and through valleys to La Fortuna. We crossed many one lane bridges around the Lago Arenal shoreline. Lake Arenal Dam was built in 1979 as the first dam for hydroelectric power usage. It covers about 33 square miles. Water levels fall about 20 feet during the dry season. This hydroelectric plant produces enough electricity to power 12+% of the country. (Thank you Wikipedia.) Incredible!

Within the boundaries of the Arenal Volcano National Park the setting is stunning. The finca originally housed vulcanologists. A feeder attracted Montezuma Oropendolas. Trails passed pairs of Great Curassow and Crested Guan. (Thank you Google.) The red eyed tree frog and small viper caught our attention by the pond. We smiled as young coatimundis tumbled behind the adults. Hummingbirds in the heliconia entertained us at the hot springs. We slept under a blanket. About a mile from our door, the mile high volcano filled the clear skyline. Steam escaped fumaroles at the summit in the bright sunlight. Arenal Volcano glowed. Magical!